Taters Cheetos Snack Fest comes to town!

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I love Cheetos. I love Taters. So, imagine my glee when I found out that both snack giants have partnered up to bring us the Taters Cheetos Snack Fest, available at Taters outlets!

CheetosSee this cute orange guy named Chester? He’s the mascot of Cheetos… and quite possibly my spirit animal.

Cheetos + Taters = a moviegoer’s dream come true

Taters has always been my go-to snack bar whenever it’s movie time – I particularly love their sour cream tortilla chips and lemonade. Cheetos, on the other hand, has also been a guilty pleasure of mine, especially if it comes in jalapeno flavor!

Taters Cheetos Snack FestThis month, I got my cheese fix from the Taters Cheetos Snack Fest launch at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati. It just makes sense for a fan of both Cheetos and Taters to receive an invite, yes?

During the launch, there were lots of things going on – free drinks and snacks for those with VIP passes, free activities (plus prizes if you win), and a program that included several celebs having fun both onstage and off!

Taters Snack FestWhat fun to be a sumo wrestler for a day after enjoying unli-Cheetofied Taters snacks!


5 Cheetofied Taters Snacks – which one’s your fave?

In case you’re wondering what the Snack Fest is, it’s a collaboration between Cheetos and Taters to bring us five different snacks, available at all Taters outlets:


Cheetofied Taters snack no. 1:

Cheetos Barbecue Crunch Dog

Cheetos BBQ Crunch DogDawg, where you been all my life? You were the snack I never knew I always wanted!

Have you ever thought of combining Cheetos and a hotdog sandwich? Well, Taters and Cheetos did!

This treat consists of a beef hotdog on a bun with some barbecue and Coney Island sauce, Cheetos dressing, and some Cheetos right on top. It comes with free Cheetos-flavored Tater chips on the side!


Cheetofied Taters snack no. 2:

Crunch ‘N Pop

Crunch-'N-PopPopcorn and Cheetos. ‘Nuff said!

Popcorn is a movie must-have… especially when you combine it with some crunchy, finger-staining Cheetos. Yum!

Tater’s Super Pop just got a major upgrade, what with Cheetos joining in the fray. If you like your snacks crunchy and crispy, this is exactly the movie snack for you.


Cheetofied Taters snack no. 3:

Cheetos Fish ‘N Chips

Cheetos Fish 'N ChipsNotice the cheesy Cheetos dip? *drool*

Here’s another protein-packed snack you might like, in case you’d rather go for seafood than beef! It’s your usual fish ‘n chips, with a twist – a Cheetofied one, that is.

Aside from the fish fillet and Cheetos, you also get Cheetos Tater chips. Last but not the least, it’s one of only two Cheetofied Taters snacks that comes with a cheesy Cheetos dip! (If you’re wondering what the other one is, you’re about to find out.)


Cheetofied Taters snack no. 4:

Cheetos Chik-A-Chips

Cheetos Chik-A-ChipsChicken fingers just got cheesier… in a good way, of course!

Just swap the fish fillet with chicken fingers and you have Cheetos Chik-A-Chips! You get your usual crunchy Cheetos and cheesy Tater chips, aside from the chicken fingers.

Make sure to enjoy it with the Cheetos dip – it might just be the cheese fix you need.


Cheetofied Taters snack no. 5:

Crunchy Overload

Crunchy-OverloadNow, here comes my favorite Cheetofied Taters snack: Cheetos and Tater Chips!

It’s corn and cheese in one good serving of chips and Cheetos – it really can’t get any better. I don’t know which one I want more. Do you?


Warning: #WalangForever

Just like love and many other good things in life, the Cheetofied Taters experience won’t last forever. So, if you want to be a part of the Taters Cheetos Snack Fest, make sure you do so before May 15, 2017!


Oh, no, my #Cheetofied Taters snack is almost gone! Good thing we have until May 15 to get more!

For more good things from Taters, follow them on Instagram: @TatersSnackLeague and you just might win Chester dolls (just like mine!), VIP passes, and many other goodies! #iLoveTaters

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