Ballet in Manila: Dancing on toes, gaining a foothold

Sunday, August 21, 2016 Stef dela Cruz, MD 0 Comments

They say you either love or hate ballet and perhaps they were right: I knew exactly which performances I wanted to watch after I saw a preview by Ballet Manila – The Swan, The Fairy, and The Princess, to be exact!

Getting invited to the preview of Revenge of the Classics was such a treat for me. After all, Ballet Manila, the name we all remember when we talk about a Philippine ballet, has been giving us great performances for twenty-one seasons (and counting).

“I am proud to say that Ballet Manila does not simplify the choreography for classical ballet. We stay true to the original choreography from a hundred years ago,” said Macuja-Elizalde during the press preview.

“It is hard to cheat in classical ballet. If you make a mistake, everyone will see it.”

Swan Lake[2]
When Miss Lisa Macuja-Elizalde said Ballet Manila didn't do away with the difficult parts of known acts, I knew what she meant. I had goosebumps all over when I saw Princess Odette, the white swan (of Swan Lake), dancing onstage!

But as much as I enjoyed watching ballet, would I have enjoyed it as much if I had to dance it?

To help answer my question, I asked Miss Macuja-Elizalde what she had to say about her injuries, how to dance ballet safely, and what injuries she dreaded the most.


Free classes at Ballet Manila for one month!

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2. Use the hashtag #HaveFloorMustDance

Through the efforts of Macuja-Elizalde and Osias Barroso, Ballet Manila has been promoting ballet in the Philippines since 1995. Their goal is to connect ballet to the people – to dance wherever they can.

In other words, #HaveFloorMustDance!


3. Entries are welcome until end of September

You have more than a month to come up with an answer! Be as creative as you want.

Remember that ballet is an art, a form of dance and expression. So you can use art, do a little dancing, or express yourself in a creative way.

It doesn't have to be too complicated! I'm not looking for the best dancer out there. Newbies are very much welcome.

Remember, guys: The entry with the most “heart” wins. I think that with most things in life, that should be the case, anyway.


Oh, and Ballet Manila's 21st performance season has already started!

Revenge-of-the-Classics[6]This performance season is called Revenge of the Classics. Swan Lake, here I come! (Pardon the photobomber – he had nothing better to do at the moment. Oh, well, that’s okay – I at least get him to share my blog post with his 290,000 fans on Facebook, right?)

Visit Ballet Manila for their season program. Buy tickets for more than two shows and you get really big discounts – up to half off if you watch all four shows!

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