5 Elements of a good mattress

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We know sleep is potent yet we deprive ourselves of it, anyway. It’s something all of us are guilty of – even some doctors know very little about sleep!

Uratex Hydragel technologyThis pillow from Uratex keeps your neck cool – it absorbs heat from your body through the Hydragel technology.

You might have read about my chat with Dindo Medina, corporate sales director of Uratex, about the technology behind the perfect mattress. It’s now time we focused on the different elements of a good mattress.


5 elements of a great mattress

Hey, we all want to sleep like kings and queens, even if we can’t afford to live like them.


1. Good support and comfort

“We deem something comfortable if it follows the contours of our body. For instance, jeggings provide far more comfort than regular jeans. For a mattress to be comfortable, it should allow a person to sleep the way he stands.”

Aside from molding to your body, comfortable mattress options also give your bed (and your skin) some much-needed air. “Look for beds that use spacer fabrics – for instance, those that feel like jersey material – that allow the mattress to breathe.”


2. Durability

“A good mattress stays the way it is for a long time.” When a mattress is durable, it makes every penny count.


3. Freedom from dust mites

Take note: Not all dust-mite guarantees are made equal.

“It’s not just the surface of the mattress that needs to be treated. The foam also needs treatment against dust mites.” Medina says it’s what they do at Uratex.


4. Versatile

A sofa-bed can be quite a lifesaver for people living in studio units. It’s the answer to small-space living, which is why people who want to purchase mattresses should think of versatility as a factor.

“In the city, condo living is a way of life. People who live in tight spaces need small mattresses with multiple uses.”


5. Responsibility

In a nutshell: Choose a mattress with a mission!

Medina assures that every purchase you make at Uratex contributes to society. “We help educate the public. We have mattress exhibits and mobile sleep solutions. We bring the X-Sensor machines to show people what comfortable sleep should look like.”

“We are gifted with the trust of consumers. As a commitment to them, we will not destroy that trust.”

Striking a balance

The five elements I mentioned are important, but there’s one other thing you should remember: your preference. There should be balance between what you want and what you need.

I can tell you that this or that mattress is best for you but if you don’t like it, you probably won’t sleep soundly on it. “It’s like choosing a boyfriend. Regardless of what’s good for you, you like what you like.”


Choosing the right brand

You know how to choose the right mattress. Should choosing the right brand matter as much?

If you want the best value for your money, then yes.

“A lot of brands say they’re orthopedic beds but only our brand has the seal of approval from the Philippine Orthopaedic Association. We are the biggest [mattress brand] in the country and we are recognized globally.”

In the past, Filipinos relied on foreign brands for quality products. Nowadays, the Philippines can boast of brands that provide quality. “We started as a value company with people swearing that our mattresses were durable. We will then continue to create value for Filipinos.

“We follow global trends and use state-of-the-art gels and other cutting-edge materials. We use bedding technology. We affiliate ourselves with medical societies. We are in the phase of constant improvement.”


By the way, does your doctor understand your sleep needs?

Despite the low level of understanding of sleep medicine among doctors, there has been some improvement. “Slowly, doctors from other specialties such as cardiology and neurology are recognizing the role of sleep in patient care. They are realizing that [sleep disorders play a big role in] heart attacks, hypertension they can’t control, and stroke. They are starting to understand obstructive sleep apnea.”

In the past, doctors were unaware that they could refer to sleep specialists. This trend is changing.

Find out how much doctors in the Philippines really know about sleep. If you tell your doctor that you’re snoring and he shrugs it off, ask for a referral to a sleep specialist.

After all, it’s your health we’re talking about. Nobody – especially your doctor – should sleep on it.

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