Automatic Pet Feeder: Get P700 cashback + P3000 savings using BPI ShopBack!

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Good news to every fur-parent out there! I just figured out how to solve a common problem we all have whenever we leave our cats and dogs alone at home. It involves a purchase you get on a discount, plus you get a fraction of your cash back!

Caveat: The deal is available only until March 18, 2016, so hurry!!!

automatic pet feeder

I’m talking about this automatic pet feeder. I’m about to teach you how to get it for just over P1000! Compared to its original price tag of PhP4,000, it’s definitely a bargain.

Automatic Pet Feeder: Why I want one

Whenever I leave home, I always worry about how my fur-babies (that’s how we call cats and dogs, to those not familiar with the lingo) could eat on time. There’s free-feeding – you leave more than the usual amount of food in their bowls so that they don’t go hungry – but it’s not really a recommended practice.

And then there’s the automatic pet feeder, a solution that’s both healthy and convenient. It’s a nifty tool that uses a timer to dispense food.

automatic pet food dispenser

Here are four good reasons I want one of these digital pet feeders.

1. The automatic pet feeder dispenses up to six meals.
2. The automatic pet feeder lets you specify how often you want to feed your cat or dog.
3. You can also control the portions – with variations among portions if you wish – because you have to manually fill the container.
4. It also has a microphone that lets you record a six-second message for your cat or dog!

Problem is, it costs about PhP5,000 (USD108). Ouch, that’s some major damage we’re talking about!

The good news is that you can get it for about P1000 only .


Get the Automatic Pet Feeder for ~P1000!

I found a workaround that will help you get an automatic pet meal dispenser at just over P2000 – you even get more than PhP700 deposited back to your Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) account!

Imagine spending just over P1000 for this neat little gadget:

automatic pet meal dispenser

I so needed this automatic meal dispenser! I got it for just over P1000 despite its original PhP4,000 price tag. Read on if you want to know how I did it.

All you need is a BPI credit card (because that’s how you sign up for rebates). Follow the steps below and you’ll get your pet feeder at a discounted price.

Important: Once you click on the links, don’t open new windows or the rebates won’t work!  They use cookies that track your purchases and credit your rebates back to your account.

1. Go to Lazada. Sign in or register for a new account.

2. Sign up for an account at ShopBack. You need your 16-digit BPI customer number when signing up, so have that ready. (NOTE: Your BPI customer number is not your credit card number. You can check your old statements or go online to find out what your customer number is.)

3. Click on the Lazada coupons. You can also click on any Lazada banner. This opens a pop-up window that will bring you to the Lazada website. It will look like this:

ShopBack LazadaClick on the SHOP NOW button to go to Lazada.

3. On Lazada, search for “6 Meal LCD Digital Automatic Pet Feeder Meal Dispenser Bowls”. You will then see several automatic pet feeders in the search results. Simply choose which one you want as they come in several colors.

digital automatic pet feeder

These automatic pet feeders cost anything from PhP4,000 to PhP7,000. However, they’re currently on sale so you can get them for P2289.60 only! Oh, and the overall cost will be so much less than that since you’re getting rebates which will be credited to your account.

Again, in case you didn’t read my warning above, do not open a new tab or window. Stick to the tab that just opened so that your purchase gets credited by ShopBack.

Lazada coupon

Want an extra P200 shaved off your purchase? Enter the Lazada coupon code 10LZDBDAY! This promo coupon code is available today only (March 16, 2016).

4. Complete your purchase! You will get your digital automatic pet feeder at a great discount. Additionally, you will see these ShopBack rebates in increments:

- P200 credited immediately as “BPI Signup Bonus” to your ShopBack account
- P100 credited as “Shop Perks” to your ShopBack account within 2 days
- P200 credited as “First ShopBack Order Bonus: March Madness 15-18 March” to your ShopBack account within 2 months
- 8 percent ShopBack cashback on your Lazada purchase within 2 days.

Save up to almost PhP3,000!

If you purchase your digital automatic pet feeder/ meal dispenser at Lazada using your ShopBack account, you will save almost PhP3,000.

P200 (Lazada coupon code) + P200 (BPI signup bonus on ShopBack) + P100 (Shop Perks on ShopBack) + P200 (first ShopBack order bonus) + P1765 (pet feeder Lazada sale) + P208.96 (ShopBack purchase cashback)

= Total savings worth PhP2,673.96


Of the above savings, PhP708.96 gets credited to your ShopBack account. You can then redeem these ShopBack rebates to your BPI credit card. Check out the complete terms and conditions of the ShopBack promo for BPI.

It’s as if you bought the digital pet meal dispenser for just P1300! Fellow kuripots, rejoice!

What are you waiting for? You know you want – no, need – that automatic pet feeder. I know mine is arriving in 30 days and I can’t wait! Happy shopping for your fur-babies!

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