5 Reasons You and Your Cat Should Join the Sunday Park Day Gang

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Paging all self-confessed cat people: You really should join us – we’ve nicknamed ourselves the Sunday Park Day gang – at Ayala Triangle Park in Makati!

Every Sunday, cats and their respective fur-dads and meowmies convene at the park. It’s all good fun! There’s cat talk, a little gossip, and lunch afterward at a nearby spot where cats and other pets are welcome.

5 Reasons to Celebrate Sunday Park Day with Us

In case you haven’t seen us at the Ayala Triangle Park yet, we’ve been going there for about a year now! Yes, we celebrated our first anniversary on September 27, 2015. (I’m still a greenhorn, so to speak – I’ve been joining the gang for less than a year.)

Sunday Park Day[6]

I know you might be having second thoughts about joining us, so I hope these photos convince you.


Reason #1:

You will meet people who won’t think you’re a crazy cat lady

Afraid your love of cats will put you in a bad light? Here’s your chance to finally fit in! We are all crazy cat ladies (and gents), anyway.

Sunday Park Day Gang[2]At least one of us is insane about cats. (Well, there’s a big chance there’s more than one.)


Reason #2:
If you’re no good at small talk, you can always rant about your cat

Does your cat keep waking you up at night? Do you think your cat is a devious animal manipulating you into becoming his slave?

Join the club.

black cat Merlin[2]Meet Merlin. I am his slave, which is why I write about him a lot in my cat column, Fur the Win, in Animal Scene Magazine.

With the Sunday Park Day people, you can talk about your cat all you want. We don’t ever get tired talking about felines… including that weird thing someone just found in some other cat’s poop.


Reason #3:
Your cat will make new (neutered/ spayed/ vaccinated) friends

Parents can be so protective of their children! As the meowmy of a six-year-old black cat, I understand why.

It’s so easy to tell other people about the benefits of neutering, spaying, and vaccinating cats, but actions speak louder than words. Because we bring our cats with us, you will see the benefits firsthand.

neutered animals[2]These cats (and dog) – all Sunday Park Day goers – are proof that #NeuterIsCuter!

If you’re having second thoughts about having your cat spayed or neutered, no worries! Come anyway and ask us questions. We will be happy to share with you why it’s the best thing you can ever do for your beloved cat.


Reason #4:
You will realize (and change the fact that) you know close to nothing about your cat

Coco crumble, chicken feed, diatomaceous earth… do these terms ring any bells? No?

The first time I heard them, I was clueless, too. But a few Sunday Park Days with us and you’ll realize they have something to do with your cat.

cat eating wheatgrass[2]After you attend Sunday Park Day several times, wheat grass will be more than “that fad power drink that costs more than it should”.

I’m not going to explain why these things are important to your furry friend because it’s better (and much more fun!) for you to find out by joining us!


Reason #5:
Aling Shawn

This is hilariously self-explanatory – to the Sunday Park Day people, that is. Let me give you a briefing if you are still uninitiated.

Aling Shawn[2]Meet Aling Shawn, the official mascot of Sunday Park Day!

If you join us on Sundays at the Ayala Triangle Park, you will finally enjoy the privilege of hobnobbing with the spirited Aling Shawn! She is arguably the most colorful cat in the group, literally and figuratively. Every meow of hers is (angst-filled) music to our ears.

And if she doesn’t like you, prepare to get any of these two freebies: a love bite or a Shawn-trademarked scratch. What a treat!


Join the Sunday Park Day gang every Sunday!

So, should we be expecting you this coming Sunday? We’re easy to find – we will be lounging under the trees by the grass, away from foot traffic. If you see us, just holler.

Wanna celebrate Sunday Park Day with us? Join us at Ayala Triangle Park every Sunday morning! Some of us come as early as 7 AM. We usually stay until lunch.

Anyone with a feline friend, purebred or puspin, is welcome to join. #AdoptDontShop

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