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“Erwan who?” asked an ignorant voice in my head the first time I heard of him. It’s Erwan Heussaff, I found out, feeling like a complete dud. And if you’re as much of an ignoramus as me when it comes to ridiculously famous people, let me tell you a little bit about Erwan, the man who cooked for me – I mean, for all of us who came to the dinner he hosted.

Philips asked Erwan to cook for 15 guests – yours truly included – to highlight the healthy and energy-saving features of their Home Living appliance line. Serving and cooking on the spot a five-course meal, Erwan also answered questions while juggling pans, pots, mashed squash, and just about everything there is to juggle while cooking for 15 guests.

Erwan Heussaff

No, he’s not just another pretty face. Erwan Heussaff took a hospitality & business management course in Paris-based Centre Management Hotelier (CMH) International Hospitality Management School. The founder of The Mothership F&B Group, he also takes care of the restaurant operations and creative growth of seven different establishments, one of which is The Red Light, which happens to be his.


Erwan Heussaff: The man behind the apron

I kept wondering why everyone was sweating – there was no air-conditioning and it was sweltering inside – while he literally kept his cool. Was there a drop of sweat on his handsome face? Nooo.

I asked him a few questions and he answered graciously. Here’s what went down.

Would he ever go vegan? “No. I love my vegetables. But you don't have to be vegan to appreciate vegetables,” he said.


What was the worst injury he’s ever had while cooking? “Burns. Let me tell you, cuts are fine. But burns are not fun.”

Of all the dishes his mom taught him to cook, which one was his favorite? “My mom didn’t teach me to cook anything! But it was my mom who taught me how to accept criticism. She's the one person who tells me my food isn't good.”

The Red LightSmitten members of the media stared at Erwan while he cooked for me. I mean, for all of us – sorry.

What food did he love to eat but hate to cook? “Dessert. It's the most annoying thing to cook.” His all-time favorite dessert, by the way, is a good ol’ doughnut. “I enjoy a good doughnut but I’d never make one.”

Did Erwan ever eat fastfood? After a short pause, he said, “If the question is, ‘Do I eat burgers?’ Then, yes. But fastfood in general, no. If I have to indulge, it has to be with the best.”


How about the Paleo diet, was he a believer? “Yes and no. I believe in the idea that you have to eat a lot of veggies when following Paleo, but I don't believe in the excessive things [you need to do while on it].”

Asked what a guy should cook to impress a girl without getting a nosebleed, he said, “[Cook] pasta from scratch. It’s probably one of the easiest things to do.”

Healthy food is a pillar of weight management. What would he say to someone who asks him for tips on losing weight? “Eat veggies, fruits, and meat, and cook it as naturally as possible,” he advised. “Man used to cook over a fire. How do we translate that in modern times? We cook on a pan, but we don't deep fry.”


If not deep-fried, then what?

Well, there’s a healthier alternative, and it’s something Erwan himself used in the kitchen when he made dinner for me – I mean, us. Darn, what’s wrong with me?

Time to read the facts. Here you go:

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