Water Leaks at Home: Why They're Worse Than You Think

Sunday, April 26, 2015 Stef dela Cruz, MD 0 Comments

You may feel secure inside your house, but how well do you really know this place you call home? Scary as it sounds, there are things we just never thought of asking about our home and our neighborhood.

About a week ago, I received a Viber message from my neighbor (we have a Viber group for emergency purposes) about how children are playing beside our water meter because it was leaking. My neighbor was wrong.

It wasn’t just leaking. It was spraying huge amounts of water, with the water forming a mini-bath a few feet high. It explained why the kids loved showering under it like it was the best thing that ever happened to them ever since DOTA.

leaking water pipeAlin ang naiba? The pipe with a different color was recently repaired – it burst a few days ago.

Things about my house that I’m finding out just now

How convenient. Just two weeks ago, we started experiencing leaks in the ceiling of our laundry room. The leak soon spread to the ceiling of our bathroom.

The ugly watermarks are the tip of the iceberg. The leak ruined the ceiling of our bathroom, making the wood and paint crack.

leak ceilingImagine having to sit on the toilet bowl, with some unidentified brown water dripping on your head! See the water stains? Oh, yes, I’m not making this up.

And two months before that, there was a leak (and a clog!) in the pipes under our sink. We had to call in plumbers who used this noisy, smelly machine that sucked out whatever was clogging the pipes.

It was unfortunate because my home was relatively a catch. It had marble floors. It had two bedrooms occupying more than 80 square meters – yet rent cost less than a one-bedroom condo unit. Neighbors were friendly (they would Viber to tell you about a leaking pipe). And there was always cheap but delicious home-cooked food sold in every block (I stopped ordering fast food since I moved in).

To be honest, if I knew my home had this many leaks, I probably would have looked for another place to rent.

Forget the marble floors! Forget the really big space! Forget the fact that there is not just one, but two sleep-friendly bedrooms! If the pipes aren’t working right, the thought of wasted water – and wasted money – will keep you up at night.

There are three things about pipes which I learned the hard way. Don’t learn them the same way I did!

Allow me to share with you the 3 smart decisions you can make about your home.

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