5 Ways Smart People Eat Healthy to Lose Weight

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Whenever someone tries to peddle a weight loss diet that involves extreme deprivation or starvation, I balk. I’ve never been one to punish myself by putting my health at risk for vanity’s sake!

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But I don’t want to be all preachy – pardon me for my brief bitch fit – so let’s move forward with 5 smart ways to eat healthy and lose weight. (Again, they’re supposed to go hand in hand every single time, but because our society doesn’t always think so, I have to append them to each other.)

5 Smart Ways to Lose Weight by Eating Healthy

Whenever I make a health-related choice, I don’t just think of the outcome. I also have to think of whether it’s a habit I can keep.

One of the things I always share with my friends: It’s not about getting a 24-inch waistline; it’s about developing the right habits to get there! Aim for health, not vanity.

It’s going to be tough for me to share every single tenet of healthy eating, so let’s start with five.


Smart tip number 1:

Start small and scale out

“We don't do [Baron method] full-blown. We do it slowly. Otherwise, people will say they won't do it. That's why the program takes six months,” said Harvie de Baron, who got his Sports Nutrition diploma via an online course from Oxford Learning College. (Check out Baron method – find out if it’s for you and contact them here.)

Eizza de Baron“Learn gradually, research, and grow your own treasure chest of recipes,” advised his wife, Eizza.

Contrary to popular belief, the couple doesn’t buy difficult-to-find ingredients. “We buy from the grocery.” Start with the supermarket nearest you and look for healthy alternatives to food items you usually buy!


Smart tip number 2:

Empower yourself with a new skill set

“Prior to getting married, I had no knowledge of the kitchen,” Eizza confessed. “I would cook something instant and it would end up hilaw (raw).” But instead of paying for healthy food delivery services, she learned to cook and shop for food wisely.

I know that healthy food deliveries are a great way to keep eating healthy and prevent overeating, but how long do you intend to use their services? What happens afterward? These are questions you have to ask yourself.

Harvie and Eizza de Baron“I'm absolutely against food deliveries. That goes against my aim of empowering you,” Harvie said.

“Using our recipes, you teach yourself how to be healthy. You're empowered, as opposed to being dependent on delivery. What we want to do is help you so that you don't spend on anyone except on yourself.”


Smart tip number 3:

Do (and eat) in moderation

Going extreme with your diet is, well, extreme. The couple said moderation worked better.

oatscaldoThinking of eliminating carbs, such as this healthy oat version of arroz caldo, from your diet altogether? Think again. It may be the fastest way to lose weight, but it’s also the fastest way to faint!

In another post, I said smart people don’t go on extreme fad diets. Read about the 4 things smart people know about weight loss diets and you’ll know what I mean.


Smart tip number 4:


We metabolize food differently. I used to finish a whole pizza and spaghetti in my college years and I was just a hundred pounds! Things are different now – I’m in my thirties.

And things will also be different when we compare your metabolism with mine, or with your best friend, or with your mom. We are so unique that even the way our body processes food is equally unique!

frozen popsI might completely burn off the calories I get from these healthy frozen mango and berry pops, but with you, the story might be a little different. To each his own!

That’s something Harvie also emphasized during their cooking demo. Personalizing any health regimen can’t be ignored. There is no one-size-fits-all.

“I can't generalize. [The only generalization I can] say is, stay away from bad food.”


Smart tip number 5:


Knowing what to do but not being able to do it because of its sheer complexity defeats the purpose of instituting change. “It's in our best interest to keep cooking as simple as possible,” Harvie said.

de Baron coupleThe de Baron couple admits that it takes time to change your eating habits and lifestyle, but if you keep things as simple as possible, it’s definitely doable and sustainable.

Cooking in the kitchen doesn’t have to be so difficult. Find ways to cook your favorite dishes the easy way, without compromising on taste or health benefits.

Heads up: Food is not the enemy

Stop thinking of food as the enemy! Healthy food is your friend.

Healthy food energizes you so that you’re always in the mood to move about and live an active life. Healthy food helps your tummy digest more effectively so that you get all the micro- and macronutrients you need!

Food becomes the enemy once you do something to it to make it unhealthy. From now on, promise yourself that the only food that you eat should be healthy and delicious. You deserve it!

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