5 Reasons Smart Guys Take Their Valentine's Dates to Banzai Japanese Buffet

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It's February once again, which means we’ll be witnessing an interesting Valentine’s Day phenomenon very soon: that of the semi-confused, semi-anxious, flower-toting men. If you're one of these men, I'll let you in on a secret: smart guys take their Valentine's dates to Banzai, the famed Teppanyaki theater and Japanese buffet restaurant!

Valentine's Day at BanzaiGood man, your search for the perfect restaurant this Valentine’s is over.

Find out why it’s a super-smart move to bring your date to Banzai on Valentine’s Day! (You can thank me later.)

Banzai Japanese Buffet: 5 Reasons You Should Celebrate Valentine's Day at the Great Teppanyaki Theater

Expect men to flood the streets, looking half-happy for having scored the date they want on the day of hearts, yet half-embarrassed for having to participate in a ritual that their friends will tease them for in the days to come. If you're part of the clueless statistic and you don't know which restaurant to choose for the perfect romantic experience (minus the gag factor of excessive pukey pink Valentine's decor, of course), I'm happy to put you out of your misery.

That is, I'm willing to tell you where exactly you can bring your date! On February 14, head over to Banzai, the Great Teppanyaki Theater and Japanese Buffet. Here's why it's going to be worth it.

1. Going to Banzai this Valentine's will give you and your date something new to experience together.

Have you ever had chefs juggling knives right in front of you? No? How about people in elaborate costumes entertaining you with a Kabuki performance, which happens to be a traditional Japanese sing-and-dance show? No?

Well, you can always opt to watch a movie together, but you can't really look each other in the eye and talk out loud in the cinemas, can you? Banzai brings you the best of both worlds: theatrics plus the chance to bond and chat!

Tell me, isn’t this teppanyaki theater a great icebreaker? Watch the video and just imagine how your date will react to it when she watches it with you this Valentine’s!

An "it's meant to be" spoiler: This year, Valentine's Day actually falls on a Saturday - that means you get to enjoy the teppanyaki theater! (It's available only during weekends.) You might say it's a lucky coincidence; I say it's a sign.

2. You can finally pull off saying this cheesy line: "The Japanese food we are about to eat is authentic… and so is my love for you!"

God knows it’s the corniest line you’ll ever tell a girl, but it just might make her laugh all the same.

At Banzai, you get to enjoy Japanese food the way it's supposed to be enjoyed: Prepared and cooked right in front of you and served right away.

That's what makes teppanyaki so much fun. Using an iron girdle called a teppan, a chef makes a ceremony out of the whole cooking process, flipping and tossing food up in the air like a bartender who prefers juggling knives over bottles. It's how the Japanese enjoy their teppanyaki - it's time you and your special date do, too.

palitawAfter feasting on authentic Japanese food, you can always have something truly Pinoy for dessert, such as the all-time favorite palitao topped with grated coconuts. Yum!

3. At Banzai have the perfect excuse to stuff your face, even when you're supposed to be acting like the perfect gentleman.

Hey, it's buffet. Going back to the buffet table for seconds (and thirds and fourths) is expected of you!

Banzai Japanese buffetAdmit it: Eating all the food you want like you've been starved by your parents isn't something you can’t pull off in a fine dining restaurant. But at Banzai, you can eat all the sushi and sashimi you want – knock yourself out.

4. At banzai, you can take pictures together – and they don’t have to look cheesy.

I'm not talking about the usual couple selfies here. There's actually a special room with Japanese murals where you can don different costumes. My favorite is the sumo wrestler, complete with a topknot hairpiece!

You can even check your reflection in the conveniently-positioned mirrors. Just ask someone from the staff take your photo for posterity's sake.

japanese muralsWith a backdrop like this ninja mural, it’s alright to be as silly as I was in this picture! Besides, wouldn’t this have been a really fun photo if I had it taken with my date?

It's the perfect time to get silly with your date! Here's a plus: There will be no awkward moments because you don't need to orchestrate the whole couple selfie thing!

5. Given the food choices at Banzai, your date will come to one inevitable conclusion: You have undeniably great taste.

Yes, the food matters. (Duh, of course it does!) Is it good? Will she crave for more? At Banzai, here's the answer to both questions: yes.

Here's how all the good food works in your favor: When she goes back to Banzai in the future, she will remember how you were the one who took her there on Valentine's Day.

Stef and StanleyTo her, you "own" her first special Banzai moment. *Kilig!*
Product placement: The unbelievably tongue-in-cheek shirt my date is wearing is from Suplado Shirts and it’s worth PhP350. Wear it with caution! (In our case, it’s ironic because we’ve been together four years now).

You will officially become a milestone in her life. Who knows? She might ask you to take her there over and over!

Valentine's date at Banzai? Get a discount!

Just in case you're actually a health buff (and you hate putting on weight just after one visit to an all-you-can-eat resto), here's how you can still eat healthy at the buffet.

adobo riceHate Japanese food? Try Banzai’s Italian and Filipino offerings, like this mouthwatering adobo rice with salted egg!

Oh, and if your date absolutely loves Japanese food but, er, you don't, take note of their Italian and Filipino offerings. They serve adobo rice (loved tasting the occasional salted egg), kare-kare, and even popular Pinoy desserts like bibingka, palitaw, and puto bumbong! There's pizza and pasta, too.

How to avail of a 15 percent discount

Here’s the good news: You can get a discount this Valentine’s Day! Avail of their early bird promo and get up to 15 percent off whatever you spend. Just book a reservation for two starting today until February 13 if you want to avail of your discount on Valentine’s Day! 

Find Banzai at SM Mall of Asia (MOA) By the Bay Leisure Park, Building J, Seaside Boulevard. When it comes to making an impression, having a good time, and enjoying authentic Japanese cuisine this Valentine's, think Banzai!

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