How to Save on Rugs and Paintings

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So you’ve learned to shop for second-hand furniture and you know what to do with your expensive rug. Let’s continue with the third tip on saving money while furnishing and decorating the living room!

Tip #3: Want your floor to look expensive but you’re on a budget? Layer your rugs!

If having a rug is a must for you (as it is for me), buy two (or more!) affordable rugs and layer them, instead of purchasing one expensive shag rug!

Initially, I wanted an expensive long-pile rug, but I knew it would break the bank. I bought my sisal rug for PhP4,500 and decided to buy a smaller (read: cheaper) shaggy rug, which I layered on top of the sisal. I didn’t have to sell my kidney but I got my soft, shaggy carpet!

Tip #4: If you’re looking for a small shag rug, try the bathroom section.

I found my soft, long-pile rug in the bathroom section of the department store! It’s made of microfiber so it’s really soft underfoot.

two layered center table[8]
See that soft rug? Believe it or not, it cost me just over PhP700!

It costs much less than a shag rug you might find in the carpet section, but it accomplishes the same effect. My 26” x 45” microfiber rug cost me just about PhP700 (I got it at 10 percent off), a far cry from the PhP2,500 you’re likely to spend on a carpet of the same size!

Tip #5: Instead of buying one big painting, make a collage of smaller ones instead.

A big painting will cost me PhP10,000. Installing that heavy painting will require labor and fixtures that can damage the walls, requiring repairs if I leave this house one day. It’s obvious that I had to go with a more practical option: a wall collage.

wall art collage[2]To make a collage on my wall, I first laid out on the floor the items I wanted on the wall. Scroll down and check out what they look on my wall now!

I measured my wall and headed to the mall to look for mirrors, frames, and works of art that didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. I laid them out on the floor, to the mild distress of the sales crew, and did an initial layout right then and there.

When I was happy with the collection of frames, art, and mirrors, I made my purchase. I spent just PhP2,100 instead of the projected PhP10,000!

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