Nomi from Deuter: The Perfect Backpack!

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I’m now the happy owner of a Nomi backpack from Deuter Philippines! (It won’t hurt your back like other backpacks and it’s not as expensive, either.) It met all the five criteria of a perfect backpack that I mentioned in another blog post.

No, you don’t pronounce “Deuter” the same way you do the word “neuter”.

It’s a good thing Deuter now has a flagship store at SM Mall of Asia! (Oh, and if you’re looking for a discount, I have a tip for you below.)

Deuter Nomi daypackHere’s my Nomi backpack from Deuter. Pretty and comfy!

But before I gush about the wonderful backpacks Deuter has to offer, let’s go back to my “perfect backpack” criteria and see if my new backpack really meets all of them. (And keep reading if you want a discount from Deuter!)

  1. The perfect backpack must be of the perfect size. Yes, my Deuter bag is neither too big nor too small! It is smaller than the average backpack but roomy enough to carry not just my daily essentials, but also a change of clothes and a small umbrella!
  2. The perfect backpack will look as dainty and pretty as the owner. Would you believe that Deuter actually has the blue bag with light green highlights I’ve been wishing for? And yes, my bag definitely does not look like a camping bag!
  3. The perfect daypack will have compartments for all the important things one must carry. Yes, my Deuter daypack has mesh pockets on the side for my water bottle, a front compartment for all my small thingamajigs, a separate compartment for my small laptop or tablet, and a roomy interior for whatever else I want to carry with me!
  4. The perfect daypack will not make a person suffer. Right before I purchased my Deuter bag, I was actually using a backpack, too. It gave me red marks on my upper arms because the straps rubbed against them.

    I was then surprised when I transferred all my stuff to my new Deuter daypack. For some reason, it felt lighter! It must be the comfort design – the way the bag’s straps were designed for women; the way the straps hugged the torso.

    Another plus: My Deuter bag made me sweat less because it had a special back design that allowed air to move freely through my back.

    Deuter Airstripes
    The design of my Deuter “Nomi” backpack boasts of “Airstripes” – visible spaces in the foam where air can pass through to ventilate my back.
  5. The perfect daypack does not cost an arm and a leg. Would you believe me if I told you my Deuter bag cost me just PhP1,995? I know! It’s time to boycott all the bad backpacks we’ve ever used!

My Deuter Picks

Thank you, Deuter, for existing. You have changed the way I think about backpacks. Finally, I can wear one that still makes me look like a lady. Finally, I have a daypack that doesn’t give me backaches. Finally, I have a daypack that does such an awesome job of doing what it was meant to do: Carrying my stuff for me as conveniently as possible.

Deuter Futura backpackOn second thought, I should have bought this backpack. Deym.

Take a look at the other awesome bags I found at Deuter’s concept store. They all look drool-worthy, don’t they?

Deuter PhilippinesCan someone just buy me all of these so we can get it over with?

Deuter Nomi daypackThis is the bag I got: the Nomi daypack! It’s worth PhP1,995 but you get a 10 percent discount using Mastercard credit cards when you buy it online at Lazada.

Deuter messenger bagLoving this messenger-slash-shoulder bag! By the way, the straps are adjustable.

Deuter RaceX backpackThis RaceX bag is too cute! Look at its turtleback shape! It’s worth PhP2,860.

Deuter Gogo backpackI’m also crushing on this Deuter Gogo backpack – I just love blue and neon green!

Deuter Trendline duffel bagA girl’s gotta have a cute gym bag, yes? Try this duffel bag for only PhP2,200! You can get it at 10 percent off when you buy it online using any Mastercard credit card.

Deuter Kikki for kidsSuch a cute bag for kids! This Kikki design is worth PhP2,095 – get it at a discounted price online.

Deuter schmusebar for kidsAnother cute one for your child: The Schmusebar bag! It’s only PhP1,890 and comes with a teddy bear.

Deuter kids backpacksLook at these kid-friendly Deuter bags priced at PhP1,990. I so love the colors!

Deuter backpack for womenThis is a hiking bag, so it’s pricier than the daypacks at PhP5,565. Buy it here for a possible discount, but you might not get the cute flower – aw.

Deuter external pocketNotice that cute little bag attached to the strap? How nifty! I don’t see it online, so you’re going to have to buy from the Deuter store at SM Mall of Asia.

Deuter raincoverWant your bag to be waterproof? Buy a raincover for it, like this neon yellow one, for just PhP620!

Deuter AircomfortDeuter AircontactI mentioned how my bag had Airstripes. Other Deuter bags have Aircomfort and Aircontact technology, too!

bag compartmentsIt’s all about compartments, baby. If you don’t want your bag to look like a trash bin, go for a bag with lots of compartments, like this one!

Get your Deuter – you won’t regret it! (Plus how to get a discount)

It’s time you discovered what I’m talking about. Take one look at the Deuter collection at SM Mall of Asia and you’ll see what I mean. But if you live nowhere near Pasay, you can find Deuter bags in Chris North outlets, too (I heard you can find those in all SM malls).

Wondering how to get a discount?
I’m revealing a few tips below!

It’s almost Christmas, so consider buying your loved ones their very own Deuter bags as a Christmas gift! Even your kids, nieces, nephews, and inaanaks can have their very own Deuter backpacks. Look for the Kikki design because they’re just adorable! Oh, and the Schmusebar design actually comes with a little teddy bear!

Deuter Bag Prices

Take a look at the bags and their prices via the Deuter website. A more complete list of daypacks is on the main Deuter site, but you won’t see their prices there. You can also try browsing for Deuter bags via an online store – that’s where you can buy the bags online and get a discount.

Deuter discount tip:

If you want extra savings, you can get a discount when you buy Deuter bags online using your Mastercard credit card. But please try your best to windowshop in actual stores before you go online because the website photos don’t do any justice to the bags! (By the way, you get an extra PhP200 off if it’s your first time to sign up online.)

And before I wrap things up, let me make one last statement:

“I wasn’t a parent… until I had a Deuter.”

Hahaha! I know, kill me now. But don’t worry; the bags you’ll find over at Deuter are nowhere near as corny as my joke.


Deuter Philippines is on Facebook, Instagram (@deuter_ph), and Twitter (@deuterph), just in case you like stalking good brands online like I do. I’m waiting for them to announce a major sale before I go gung-ho inside their store!

Want your special someone to buy you a Deuter bag? Share this on your Facebook timeline, tag them, and pray that they get the hint. Good luck!

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