6 Unexpected Reasons You’re Unhappy + Shu Uemura Giveaway!

Wednesday, September 03, 2014 Stef dela Cruz, MD 2 Comments

Does today (and yesterday, and the day before that) feel a little too blah? Before you self-diagnose and blame it on depression, it's time you checked out these six unexpected reasons you're unhappy.

love and happinessShu Uemura makeup artistsSpoiler: I'm giving away a Shu Uemura loot bag - feeling better already?

It's normal to have an "off" day. I have it, you have it, even Mother Teresa had it. But there are things we do – bad, naughty habits, I tell you – that betray our physiology and make us feel blue!

6 Unexpected Reasons You're Not Happy and Loving Life

Loving life is not a simple choice. It's  actually a series of choices made over a period of time!

To cultivate an attitude of positivity all day, observe your habits, starting in the morning and up until nighttime. (Take a look at how you sleep, too!)

That’s what I learned during the Go Love Life feel-good makeover party organized by Sangobion on August 16, 2014 at Crowne Plaza Hotel. Take a look at how many women that day had their photos taken to make this beautiful Instax collage.

Go Love Life

That said, let's see how many of these five reasons for your unhappiness don't catch you by surprise. Ready?

#1: You keep eating junk food.

Let's stick to one simple reason junk food makes you unhappy: iron-deficiency anemia.

You might think that's a big leap, but it isn't. Junk food is low in Vitamin C - that's the vitamin that improves iron absorption in the gut.

The more you feast on those empty calories, the more you're getting full without actually getting the nutrients you need. You might even be suffering from these 5 unexpected signs you're anemic (see number 2 in that list – I’m almost sure you have it)!


#2: You don’t pamper yourself.

Maybe you feel like you don't have time. Maybe you think it's a waste of money. Guess what? Maybe you're wrong.

You will eventually waste more money and time trying to get better when you get sick from all the stress and sadness you're feeling! Oh, yes, it's just a matter of time unless you make changes, pronto.

Allow yourself to take a break once in a while, like these lucky ladies who are getting the makeover of their lives during the Sangobion Makeover Party held at Crowne Plaza on August 16, 2014.

Blo Blowdry Bar made sure all makeover participants had awesome hair, while Shu Uemura and L’Oreal artists took care of makeup. When you look good, you tend to feel good, yes?

Blo BarBlo Blow Dry BarMakeover event by Sangobionmakeup artistsSangobion GoLoveLifePatti Laurel hosts Sangobion eventPatti Laurel and Jenni EppersonSangobion Makeover EventShu Uemura for SangobionShu Uemura makeover event


#3: You're eating less yet gaining weight.

You're probably trying to eat less now that you want to lose weight. But did you know that eating an unhealthy diet and following those slimming diet fads might make you gain weight?

If you don't have enough energy to exercise because of the awful diet you're on, then you can't burn calories and increase muscle mass. Make sure your diet is rich in iron, for instance.

Iron keeps your body fueled by enough oxygen so that you don't end up tired after just a few seconds of jogging! If you feel you're not getting enough iron in your food, talk to your doctor about iron supplementation.

Sangobion capsuleHere's an interesting iron supplement that uses organic iron: Sangobion. It doesn't cause as much tummy ache and is absorbed better than other iron preparations!


#4: You keep blaming your face.

Hold on! Are you telling me you're sad because you think you're ugly?

Don't allow your self-esteem to take a beating! Besides, that's why makeup was invented!

Speaking of makeup, I'm giving away a Shu Uemura loot bag! It’s got different samplers, including one for foundation and anti-wrinkle emulsion, plus a bottle of Phyto Black Lift bottle, and also two gift certificates for a makeover and brow styling!

Shu UemuraWant that Shu Uemura bag all to yourself? Simply follow the instructions below!


#5: You give your work your all but save nothing for home.

Did I press a button there? If you're a workaholic, you're probably spending a lot of time working. But how about your loved ones at home, are they impressed by how you're never there with them?

Maybe you're too tired when you get home that you would rather sleep than spend time with your family. That better change, and soon!

Jenni Epperson"When you get home, you want to [have energy for other things] and if there's a medication that can help you it's Sangobion," said Jenni Epperson during Sangobion's Go Love Life event.


#6: You love others more than you love yourself.

Although that seems like the stuff an awe-inspiring hero is made of, it's more like a mantra recited specifically by foolish martyrs. After all the love you share with others has to come from somewhere! And if you don't have enough of it in you, what is it exactly that you're giving away?

Patti LaurelLoving and respecting yourself is your responsibility. "There is no excuse not to take care of yourself," Patti Laurel said while hosting Go Love Life.

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Okay, here's the thing: I have six more unexpected (and infamous) reasons that might explain your unhappiness. Check it out and see which reasons make sense to you.

Do you think someone close to you is unhappy because of any of the reasons listed above? Really, you know what to do: Share this on your Facebook timeline and tag your friend, for crying out loud! Let's do something so that our Facebook newsfeed is full of people who go love life (even when they have no love life)! Ciao!

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