Life and Fever: Now a Pinoy Lifestyle Blog!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 Stef dela Cruz, MD 0 Comments

It’s official: My old personal blog,, is now a Filipino lifestyle blog! It’s about time, actually. We’ve done a few things to usher in the transformation. (We also have a little something prepared for both bloggers and readers!)

Life and Fever blogHere’s how the old blog looked like.
Which look do you like better, this or the revamped template?

Life and Fever used to be a personal blog. As of today, you can still see the seven topics I used to write about, including pets, clothes, and personal musings. But it’s time I moved on to a more reader-friendly blog, thus the change to a lifestyle blog!

“Hot” Lifestyle Blog: Life and Fever

I know that lifestyle blogs are a dime a dozen, but it’s not like I’m trying to compete, so it’s okay. (Weird; I just wrote about the three reasons your blog is broke!) I just feel that, given the tasks I’ve been taking on, shifting to a lifestyle blog is just about right.

But how exactly does one make the shift? I started with a rebrand, of course! Thankfully, the name “Life and Fever” already has the word “life” in it. All I had to do was say it was the hot lifestyle blog and voila!

Old Blog, New Tricks

But that’s not all. It’s an old blog (circa 2008), but there it’s not like it doesn’t have something new up its sleeve!

We also changed the overall feel, including the color template and the images. Have you noticed the new and much simpler header?

Life and Fever: Filipino lifestyle blog
Here are the old header and the new one. What do you feel about the change?

Have you also noticed the new greeting on the right side of the screen? It’s now warmer and friendlier, don’t you think?

blog transformation

Here are the old and new blogger profiles, side by side. Which one do you prefer?

We also designed our own icons! I’m loving how they’re all in the same cool aqua color.

We also updated the social sharing buttons at the top of each blog post. We know that’s not enough, so we added an encouraging note at the end of each article, just in case you want to share what you’ve just read.

The rest of the transformation will mostly be up to me now. I will be changing all tags, screening old posts, and possibly featuring other lifestyle blogs in the future! Do you know of any excellent lifestyle blogs? Hold on – I need your opinion.


How else do you want this blog to change? Do you have any suggestions? I want to know, since you’re the ones who have to read it! Smile

I’m open to suggestions. You can send me a message – my information is on the contact page. You can also leave a comment if you wish; whatever rocks your boat.

I’ll feature the best suggestions!
Let’s get the ball rolling!

The best suggestions will also be featured here, of course! I want to engage with you as much as possible, so don’t be afraid to give your suggestions.

Featuring Filipino Lifestyle Blogs Soon!

I don’t mind mentioning other blogs on my own. So if you want to see your favorite lifestyle blogs here on Life and Fever, just let me know and I’ll put them on the list! Mention your favorite lifestyle blogs in the comments section.

Oh, and in case you’re addicted to social networks, I’m on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – I use the same name everywhere: @stefdelacruzmd. Find me and mention where you saw me so that I can add you up! (No kidding; I’m looking to follow more people.)
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