Sensodyne: Why Filipinos Say NO! [Breaking News]

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News flash: Filipinos are saying "No!" after GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and the Philippine Dental Association (PDA) announced their partnership. But it's not exactly a bad thing.

But before I go further into details, here's some good news: Sensodyne toothpaste is now available at your favorite sari-sari store!

Spoiler: Vigorous toothbrushing might actually lead to tooth sensitivity! More myths debunked later.

"Sensodyne is too expensive." Does that sound familiar? I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say that. Too many people believe Sensodyne toothpaste is something they can't (or won't) afford to buy.

Sensodyne sachet
Little did we know that GSK has been listening to us all along. They now join the "tingi" bandwagon, giving us Sensodyne in sachets. Every sachet of Sensodyne has a suggested retail price of  PhP10.

Sensitive Teeth: You Probably Have It

About nine out of every ten people living in the Philippines actually suffer from symptoms of dentin sensitivity. (It's also what we all know as pangingilo.)

But people still don't put a primer on proper oral care because they think it's not as important as, say, exercising regularly or eating a balanced meal. (That's a myth, of course; dental caries have been linked to serious heart disease. But I digress.)

Yes, all you get from using Sensodyne may simply be relief from pain due to dentin sensitivity. But mind you, do not underestimate this pain!

Tooth sensitivity involves branches of the trigeminal nerve. Trigeminal nerve disease has been known to lead to severe pain syndromes. (You probably know what I mean if you experience ngilo while you enjoy your halo-halo this summer.)

Luis Manzano
Are you suffering from ngilo, even if brush your teeth regularly? I won't judge you. Actually, even the charming Luis Manzano confesses to a few oral blunders himself.

Luis Manzano: Ngilo Confessions

Making this sound like a showbiz blurb is farthest from my mind, believe me. But what celebrity Luis Manzano said during the advocacy conference on dentin sensitivity merits mention.

Luis Manzano for Sensodyne"We usually do something when we experience ngilo, and it's a bad word: tiis," Manzano shared.

When you feel pain, it's usually a sign your body sends out to help you troubleshoot. And tolerating pain, just like Luis pointed out, is tantamount to ignoring the red flags.

Filipinos Saying NO: The "Tooth" Hurts

Caring for your teeth and addressing pain from tooth sensitivity is your way of respecting your body. "It is not really adding years to your life, but it does add to the quality of your life," said Angel Jacob, who hosted the conference held at Makati ShangriLa on March 27, 2014.

Angel JacobAngel Jacob talks about how addressing tooth sensitivity can improve one’s quality of life.

Jeoffrey Yulo, general manager of GSK, proudly announced that Sensodyne is now available in ten-peso sachets in sari-sari stores. "We have the right product and the right partner," he said, referring to Sensodyne and PDA, respectively, "but we are not communicating the right message."

Jeoffrey Yulo of GSK

Jeoffrey Yulo, general manager of GSK Philippines, talks about partnering with PDA for the oral health advocacy.

That's why GSK partnered with the Philippine Dental Association (PDA), to continue their advocacy on oral health. This year, they dub their campaign, "Say No to Ngilo!"

Say No to Ngilo: Oral Health Advocacy

Last year, the GSK-PDA alliance led to the repair and protect mission. Hundreds flocked to SM Mall of Asia to participate in the advocacy. The mission actually aimed to increase professional awareness regarding the seriousness of dentine hypersensitivity and its effect on orthodontic health.

Say No to Ngilo
This year, the Department of Health, Department of Education, and Watsons Pharmacy join in the mission. This time, the campaign aims to encourage the public to be more pro-active in fighting oral problems, including ngilo.

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With more allies fighting the battle against sensitive teeth, let's hope we see less ngilo and more happy smiles... without the dental caries or bad breath, of course.

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