3 Reasons Your Blog is Broke

Saturday, March 22, 2014 Stef dela Cruz 2 Comments

Want to know the reasons your blog is broke? You have probably read about the first two reasons your blog isn’t earning. Here, we continue the list – and I’ll tell you why posting your selfies all over the place just might backfire on your blog.

Reason #3:
Your idea of earning from blogging revolves around - surprise, surprise - your own blog only.

Did you know that you can also earn from other people's blogs? Oh, you did? How come you haven't gone down that road yet?

There are websites who pay guest bloggers for excellent content. You don't always have to get paid for guest posts, but if you can get paid, why not?

If you haven't Googled for paid blogging opportunities yet, then you're not really serious about earning from blogging. Oh, you are? Then prove it; look for a blogging job, pronto!

FYI: I hate to rub it in, but websites will not hire you if your grammar sucks. Scroll up and see reason number 1.

Reason #4:
Your impression of social networks boils down to selfies and food porn.


Okay, maybe the food photos make sense if you're a food blogger and the incessant stream of selfies are priceless among fashion bloggers. But if all you do on Facebook and Instagram is take one unoriginal selfie after another, then you're not maximizing the potential of social media.

That's a pity, because bloggers need social networks to get ahead. I'm not just talking about getting noticed; I'm also talking about search engines warming up to you. Every plus one you get on Google makes a difference. Every share, tweet, and like will help you become visible on Google search, too.

Reason #5:
You are just plain lazy.

You are probably one of the few bloggers who actually know a lot about social networking, SEO, good content, and yes, even grammar. But for some reason, you can't seem to write a kick-ass blog post.

I'm sure you can find at least one alibi. "I'm busy doing other stuff," or "I'm not in the mood to write right now." But you and I know the truth: You're procrastinating. Because you're getting lazy.

Being a blog sloth is a common infliction. Here are things you can do if you're in a blogging rut. There's no better day than today to start spewing blog posts, baby!

Other reasons you're not earning from blogging?

So, did you get butt-hurt? Don't say I didn't warn you. I wrote this piece to help out, actually. I wanted to shake you out of your nonsense so that you can realize your full potential as a blogger.

There are many reasons you don't earn enough from blogging. But if you know what they are, then you have the power to do something about it!

Find out which reason in the list above actually made you feel butt-hurt the most. Believe me, that's probably the issue you need to work on.

Do you have other reasons for not earning enough from blogging and writing? What are they?
Share your insights - nothing will happen to them if they remain stagnant in your head. Write a comment below and share your thoughts. If anything, you might get inspired into writing a full blog post. Hey, if that happens, you might even earn a buck (or much more) from it!

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