Blogging: 5 Reasons Your Blog Isn't Earning

Saturday, March 22, 2014 Stef dela Cruz, MD 0 Comments

There are many reasons you don't earn from blogging, but these five are at the top of the list. Spoiler alert: You might get butt-hurt.

You have a blog and you spend day after day trying to get people to read it. So far, your efforts have been futile - and this list tells you why. (Of course, I may be wrong. After all, who am I to tell you how to blog? Keep reading and be the judge.)


When I started blogging almost 10 years ago, I never thought it would be a major source of income. Like many other bloggers, I just wanted an online space where I could air my opinions. I realized years later that there was money online.

Of course, I didn't earn much from blogging back then. I had just graduated from medical school and maintaining a blog, more so earning from it, was not on my list of priorities.

5 Reasons Your Blog Isn't Earning

Things are different now. It has been about a decade since I first signed up for a blog and I have learned a lot about how the cogs and wheels of blogging work. I developed my own blogging standards and tried to stick to them as much as possible. Looking back, here are the five reasons my blog wasn't earning in the past.

Let's see if these are also reasons your blog is broke! Ready?

Reason #1:
You don't care much about your grammar because you claim you have a "personal blog".

I'm actually not a grammar nazi - skim through my blog and you are bound to find a grammar faux-pas or two. But not knowing grammar is different from not wanting to learn it.

If your blog is a personal one and you have no intention of earning from it or of having others read it, why not make it a private blog? If it's a public blog, it means one thing: You want people to read it. Yes, you do.

If you have and Adsense account running on your blog, it also means you are actually hoping that people visit your blog, like what they read, and hopefully come back in the future. Sorry, but that's not a symptom of a "personal blog".

The bad grammar is just a symptom of a bigger problem. It points to your unwillingness to step back, admit your shortcomings, and improve on them.

Before you turn up your nose and act all butt-hurt, please remember this: In blogging, and in just about anything in life, the desire to learn and improve is half the battle. When we remain stubborn, we get stuck.

And we don't earn from blogging.

Reason #2:
When it comes to fighting for your blog's value, you don't have a spine.

There are occasions when we blog for free. Helping out a friend, developing a relationship with a company, and supporting an advocacy are three examples. But your blog shouldn't come cheap, and you shouldn't be a pushover.

When an international company contacts asks you to publish a press release on your blog, it means they believe in your blog's capacity to spread the word. Please, do not hesitate to give them your rate card!

If you're just blogging as a hobby, remember that even hobbyists get remuneration if they are asked to rend a service. Try not to listen too much to people who tell you to blog for free all the time; it's one of the 5 myths of blogging they want you to believe. Believe me, they're either working in PR (and they get the ultimate benefit if you blog for them for free), or they're trying to get into PR.

Disclaimer: Not all people in PR are evil. But it's always better not to be a pushover, whomever you're talking to.

Up next: Three more reasons, including why selfies may be detrimental to your earnings.

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