U.S. Health Budget Cuts: How to Help

Friday, January 17, 2014 Stef dela Cruz, MD 0 Comments

Even as public hospitals in the Philippines clamor for a piece of the Sin Tax pie (which they’re doing so rightfully), the U.S. is also experiencing their own health budget dilemma. If you’re an American citizen and you want your hospitals to serve you better, this is one blog post you shouldn’t pass up.

If you care about American healthcare, lend me your ears.

According to the new budget act that President Obama signed in December 2013, community hospitals serving indigents will be suffering from budget reductions. If you’re not a fan of Obamacare, you might not like this, either.

No to Health Budget Cuts? Here’s How You Can Help

For community hospitals to give the best care, they need the budget. In my country, that’s certainly true: Our public hospitals can’t even cater to the poor because of budget deficits.

In the U.S., community hospitals will soon be experiencing budget cuts as well. If this is something you don’t agree with, here is your chance to speak out.

It’s not too late yet. Any wise president will listen to his country. Now is not the time to “let others do it”. After all, all you have to do is lend your voice – find out how when you scroll down.

American Health Care: Make Your Voice Heard

American healthcare doesn’t have to go down the drain. Protect your hospitals now – and do you know what you have to do? Very simple: take action by clicking on the photo below and signing the petition.

Let your voice be heard. You are not “just one person”; together, all small voices make a lot of noise.

And don’t just stop there! Ask your friends to sign the petition, too. Surprise, surprise: It’s not just for selfies (although that can be fun)! It’s time that you put your social networks to good use, yes? Share this article on Facebook.

Once in a while, you know you have to stand up for what you believe in. Let that time be right now.

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