Panadol – Different from Other Paracetamol Brands in the Philippines?

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In case you haven’t heard yet, Panadol is now available in the Philippines. Its generic name may be Paracetamol, but GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) claims that Panadol is different from other types of Paracetamol.

Is it, really?


You’re probably wondering why they said that in the first place. But before I go into what GSK discussed regarding Panadol’s bragging rights, let me first show you what happened when I attended Panadol’s press launch at The Peninsula Manila in January 24, 2014.

Pardon me for leaving things hanging a bit, but I’m a sucker for suspense. But if you’re anything like me, then you’re going to like the ride.

Panadol – GSK Introduces New Paracetamol to the Philippines

Yesterday, I went to The Peninsula Manila to attend the media launch of Panadol, arguably the world’s most popular Paracetamol brand. But in the Philippines, a country familiar with brands like Tempra and Biogesic, Panadol is practically unheard of.

GSK is a giant company. Wait – sorry, but the way I said that was rather inelegant. Let me rephrase. GSK is more than big. They’re an international name, a major provider of health products and pharmaceutical brands. They can buy you, your friends, and this blog! (Not that they would.)

Anyway, the fact that their Paracetamol tablet is an unknown in the Philippines is rather odd. It makes sense that they finally decided to launch Panadol in the Philippines. And when I checked out the invite, it said that Panadol was better than other types of Paracetamol.

Hm. Consider my curiosity piqued.

Panadol: “Painful” Questions, Answered

I came armed with my trusty camera (because my photographer, none other than the hate-him-or-love-him FHM columnist Stanley Chi, was too busy frolicking in Hongkong). Unfortunately, the camera battery I charged while I slept the night before didn’t actually charge.

Yeah, bad things happen to those who sleep! I know. Thank God I had my Royqueen tablet with me – I took photos like an amateur (that is, with a tablet **cry**), but the photos were decent enough for a blog post.

But I digress. So, back to Panadol. Here are a few of the photos I took that day. Pardon the blurry photos. (But seriously, aren’t they good enough, given how they were taken with a tablet and in a dark room? Hurray, Royqueen!)

Dr Magpantay for PanadolDr. Lyde Magpantay talks about Panadol and pain relief

GlaxoSmithKline introduces Panadol to PH
Mr John Sayers, Mr Jeoffrey Yulo, and Mr Ambati Venu of GlaxoSmithKline pose with a larger-than-life mockup of Panadol

Members of the press whip out their cameras to capture the dissolution test of Panadol versus other brands

Panadol versus other Paracetamol
At the Panadol booth, we get a demo of how fast Panadol is dissolved compared to another Paracetamol tablet

Now, get ready to understand Panadol better. Yes, it dissolves faster, but does it relieve pain faster? (That’s not necessarily true, just in case you didn’t know.)

Now comes the good part:
Is Panadol faster, better?

Overall, is it really a better Paracetamol? I will attempt to answer that in the next Panadol blog post aptly entitled, Panadol: Optizorb in paracetamol, explained.

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