Make Your Own Havaianas 2013 in Pangasinan!

Sunday, October 06, 2013 Stef dela Cruz, MD 0 Comments

Fellow Pangasinenses, heads up! If you love flip-flops, you’re gonna love what Havaianas has cooked up for you this 2013. You can now make your own Havaianas! For the first time in Pangasinan, the flip-flop fiasco was launched. Hurry, coz the promo ends today, October 6, 2013!

You can get your Havaianas flip-flops at their usual rates! Even their most expensive design for #MYOH2013 , the first ever designed by a Filipino (Dan Matutina), costs only PhP995. Not bad for a custom-made pair, huh?

Make Your Own Havaianas 2013: First Ever in Pangasinan

It’s easy to make your own Havaianas! Here’s how I made three Havaianas.

First, I chose the color of my flip-flop’s sole. I chose a violet sole for my pair. (You can choose from either the slim or the regular size.)

Then, I chose the color of my Havaianas strap. I chose a green strap – the shade of the strap complements the violet sole beautifully. (For my brother’s green-soled slippers, we went for brown straps. For my boyfriend’s brown Havaianas, we picked blue straps that brought out the flip-flop’s chocolate color.)

Lastly, I chose two pins. You can choose just one if you wish. I personally like balance, so I chose two! I picked out the alien pins – their green and black color went perfectly with the straps.

The Havaianas staff made my flip-flops as I watched. If you want to see how they put in the straps and the pins, you can check out the Havaianas coverage by TechEnvy – there’s a video there showing how each pair is custom-made from scratch!

This is the end result. I like my new Havaianas! I also enjoyed making my own pair.

Thank you, Havaianas! You bet I’m gonna walk down the beautiful beaches of my hometown with pride in my new Havs!

Don’t forget: You can make your own Havaianas only until October 6, 2013 – that’s today! So, hurry! Have fun choosing your very own soles, straps, and pins! You can even specify where they put in your pins. Get as many as pins as you wish!

Your Havaianas will be as unique as you can make it. Chances are, no other flip-flop will look like yours if you get your custom-made Havaianas today! After that, it’s back to regular flip-flops – don’t miss out on this Havaianas milestone! You can also follow Havaianas Philippines on Twitter and Instagram (@HavaianasPhils).

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