JuiceBoxx Portable Charger for Nomophobes Like You!

Saturday, October 26, 2013 Stef dela Cruz, MD 0 Comments

When I first heard about the JuiceBoxx portable charger, it was when I realized that they now have a name for us gadget addicts: nomophobes. And before you say you’re not one of us, hear me out first.

You can look at nomophobia as a fear associated with separation anxiety – of the tech kind, that is. Whenever you forget your phone at home, do you feel like you forgot to take your soul with you? Do you freak out when you see the low batt warning on your phone? Well, you’re a nomophobe, too!

Good thing there are gadgets that help us keep the fear at bay. For instance, there’s JuiceBoxx! JuiceBoxx is a portable smartphone and tablet charger which you can keep in your bag, in case your gadgets are running low on power.

JuiceBoxx portable charger

Isn’t it kind of weird that the cure for nomophobia, a fear associated with gadgets, is another gadget? Okay, full disclosure: it’s not exactly a cure. It just enables our addiction to gadgets, hehe!

JuiceBoxx Portable Charger: Where’s Yours?

JuiceBoxx comes in two varieties: the original variant has to be charged using another power source. The second variant, however, is more to my liking: it’s solar-powered!


I got the solar-powered JuiceBoxx (but of course!) and I’m loving how functional it is. Given my line of work, I always bring several gadgets with me.

I don’t mean to attract attention from muggers, haha, but having several gadgets, including two tablets and a smartphone, make it easier for me to manage our different social networks. (For instance, I’m co-managing two other Instagram accounts, such as the one for our newest tech blog, Tech Envy. Go check it out; we will be holding gadget giveaways this November!)

Why I Heart JuiceBoxx Solar Charger

I like my solar charger for many reasons. Once you get your own unit, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it, too!

  • JuiceBoxx never overcharges. You can leave it plugged in overnight or soaking in the sun the live-long day, but it won’t keep more power than it can hold. That’s why it has a really long shelf life!
  • It automatically charges. No need to switch it on when you charge it. Just plug it in or leave it where there’s sunlight.
  • It can stay charged for up to an entire year. No kidding! You can charge it today and keep it in your cabinet for up to one year (or maybe more) and it will still charge your phone when you use it.
  • JuiceBoxx comes with a warranty. If for any reason your portable charger isn’t working, all you have to do is return it to Puregold or S&R.
  • It can charge your phone three times before it runs out of power. Ideally, when your JuiceBoxx is fully charged, it can charge your cellphone three times over.
  • Another way of putting it is that the JuiceBoxx can charge three different phones at the same time! It has multiple sockets, which means you can plug in your iPhone, Android phone, and tablet at the same time. But I doubt that all your gadgets will run low on power simultaneously, hehe.

JuiceBoxx solar charger

If you’re wondering where you can get it, what gadgets are compatible for charging, and how much it costs, you can visit this JuiceBoxx article for more details.

Tony Toni of Boys Night out looks sad as he holds up the two units of JuiceBoxx during the press launch. Maybe he’s recalling how his phone once ran out of battery power while he was talking to a hot chick? Smile

Fellow nomophobes, it’s time to embrace our addiction to gadgets! Get your JuiceBoxx portable charger now and never get that sense of impending doom when your phone starts warning you that it’s low on power. Finally, you won’t have to wonder when your phone will go low-batt while you’re finishing that all-important Candy Crush stage!

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