Romancing Venus: Why You Shouldn’t Miss It

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Are you headed somewhere tomorrow after office hours? If not, here’s why you shouldn’t miss Romancing Venus, an unorthodox event on September 9, 2013 that just might make your day more interesting.

Romancing Venus

Romancing Venus highlights unique performances from poets, singers, standup comics, and magicians. They gather about every month and set up stage all across the metro, giving you a a show that you probably won’t see elsewhere.

Romancing Venus: 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss It

If you’ve never been to any of the shows held by Romancing Venus, you’ll be in for a treat! Here’s why you should make it a point to witness Romancing Venus, the performance phenomenon of the month.

1. You will see Stanley Chi perform live.

If you want to have fun and experience something new, join Romancing Venus and you’ll get to see Stanley Chi perform live! (If you don’t know him, maybe you’ll be more familiar with Suplado Tips, the brainchild of Stanley Chi – it’s the book that teaches underdogs and rejected suitors how to cope with bullies and women with a superiority complex, respectively.)

Stanley Chi of FHM

He’s also the columnist behind One Night Stan, FHM Philippines’ newest addition to their online armamentarium. He also designs the awesome Suplado Shirts! If you see IGMG (which stands for “I-Google Mo, Gago!”) shirts, you’ll see what I mean.

But that’s not the only reason you should witness Romancing Venus!

2. It’s only once in a while that you get to meet modern-day poets.

If Francisco Balagtas were alive today, he would probably be hanging out with the rest of Romancing Venus! Come and see modern-day poets reading their masterpieces out loud. Do that while drinking cocktails and hanging out with cool people and you’ll feel like a scholar.

3. At Romancing Venus, you will get your much-needed music fix.

If you want to listen to live bands but you absolutely hate dark bars and you’re allergic to cigarettes, Romancing Venus is for you. You will get your dose of live music, sans the thick cigarette smoke and the questionable ambience.

But don’t worry; just because it doesn’t feel like a rock and roll concert doesn’t mean you won’t be having as much fun! There will be musicians performing live, standup comics who share funny anecdotes about life, and magicians who will steal your jewelry without your even realizing it.

Okay, that last one’s a joke, but I’m glad you’re paying attention. Smile 

Romancing Venus: Where and When

This September, Romancing Venus will be setting up camp at iAcademy, located at 6764 Ayala Avenue, Makati. Just look for Philfirst Building. If you’re having a hard time trying to find iAcademy, you’ll see it across Ayala Triangle Gardens – you’ll recognize Ayala Triangle because of its grand dome-shaped entrance.

Romancing Venus

September 6, 2013, 6 pm
iAcademy, Philfirst Building, 6764 Ayala Avenue, Makati

As this event is by invite only, please don’t forget to email Kooky Tuason via carren dot Tuason at iacademy dot edu dot ph. Kooky happens to be Popcorn Mondays creative director and iAcademy’s PR specialist. (Speaking of hosting, have you seen me host before? I’m horrible, haha! Read about why I’m never hosting again.)

After having read these 3 reasons on why you shouldn’t miss Romancing Venus, have you decided on whether or not you’re coming? I hope you do come! Oh, and don’t forget to bring a friend – it’s much more fun when you share a new experience with someone who is equally clueless, ha ha! Winking smile

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