Oktoberfest 2013 at Sofitel Manila

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Oktoberfest 2013 is a month away! Are you celebrating it at Sofitel Philippine Plaza? Lucky you! (Oh, and if you spell Oktoberfest with a “c” and you think it’s a festivity that San Miguel Brewery came up with, you really should keep reading.)

A month from now, people all over the world will be celebrating Oktoberfest, a festivity that has been going on for more than 200 years now. That means booze & bratwurst until you can’t have any more!

Oktoberfest 2013 SofitelOktoberfest 2013 media launch at Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Manila

But no, Oktoberfest is not exclusive to the local beer brand we all love. It started in Bavaria when a German prince and princess got married and invited the entire population of Munich to come celebrate with them.

Aw, that’s sweet! Just when I thought it was about getting drunk, I proved myself wrong and found out Oktoberfest started with a love story!

Oktoberfest 2013: Sofitel or Bust

I know that people will be celebrating Oktoberfest 2013 all around the metro, so why should you celebrate it at Sofitel anyway? If you’re planning on just drinking a bottle of beer, you’re right; you’re probably better off celebrating it at home with a couple of friends. But if you’re going all out this Oktoberfest and you want to drink until you drop, it would be a shame if Sofitel wasn’t at the top of your go-to list!

Here are my top 5 reasons why Oktoberfest is just awesome at Sofitel. Oh, and check out the food that comes with the Bavarian spread!

  1. If you get drunk while celebrating Oktoberfest 2013 at Sofitel, you can always fall asleep right there and then. Hey, it’s a hotel, after all! Those who avail of Oktoberfest tickets will be paying just PhP5000 for an entire night’s stay at Sofitel. That’s a bargain, considering that Sofitel is a 5-star hotel – and it’s an even bigger bargain if you’re spending the night with your friends or family!
  2. After a night of merriment at Sofitel’s Oktoberfest 2013, you just might win a roundtrip ticket to Germany! If you don’t, you still get a chance to stay in Baguio overnight. They’re also giving away DSLR cameras, iPads, laptops, jeans from Levis, and many other prizes.
  3. If you decide to stay the night during Oktoberfest 2013 at Sofitel, you get to eat their yummy breakfast buffet. Aside from the discount you get for room rates, you pay only PhP1200 for breakfast at Spirals the next day.
  4. At Sofitel, you experience an authentic Oktoberfest celebration! That means you get served beer by men wearing Bavarian trachten or by women wearing a dirndl. Those are the traditional clothes men and women in Bavaria wear, by the way.
  5. At Sofitel, it’s not just about the booze; it’s also about the food! Drinking beer is no fun without pulutan. In case you avail of Oktoberfest tickets at Sofitel, you get to choose from a wide selection of food. Their menu is more than one page long, just in case you were wondering. And yes, it’s authentic Bavarian food all the way!

Feel free to contact the German Club at (02) 817-3552 or email them at germanclub at germanclub dot ph for tickets. You can also get in touch with Sofitel Philippine Plaza via (02) 832-6988 or drop them a message at fbreservations at sofitelmanila dot com if you want to reserve rooms for Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest 2013: Bavarian Food and Booze at Sofitel

In case you’re wondering what the Bavarian spread at Sofitel will look like this Oktoberfest, here’s a preview. (Suddenly, I’m hungry – pardon me while I rummage for schublig in the freezer!)

Bavarian meat patty
Bavarian Meat Patties

German sausages
German sausages

Giant pretzel
Giant pretzel and bread

Frankfurters and schublig

Full disclosure: I’ve been a huge fan of Oktoberfest at Sofitel since 2011. I was there at Sofitel during the Oktoberfest 2012, too!


Oktoberfest 2013 at Sofitel Philippine Plaza in Manila will be on October 18 and 19. Reserve your table – the sooner you do so, the bigger your discount!

Gingerbread cookie
Gingerbread coookies

Oh, and if you do celebrate Oktoberfest 2013 at Sofitel, would you mind saving a gingerbread cookie for me, like the one you see above? I love how they taste; they remind me of Speculoos Cookie Butter, he he! Here’s to a fun October!

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