Best vs. Worst Modern Conservatory Furniture

Thursday, September 05, 2013 Stef dela Cruz, MD 0 Comments

I am thinking of buying modern conservatory furniture to help spice up my room. A few months back, I was looking for hardwood desks and I was having the hardest time! Now that I’ve found the perfect desk for my room, my quest for furniture continues!

You might be wondering what conservatory furniture is. It’s usually meant for outdoor use, but if you use it indoors, it becomes a fantastic addition to any modern home as an accent.

For instance, my mom decided to buy outdoor furniture made of recycled wood. It has a wheel design and a glass top. It’s been staying outdoors for about a year now and it hasn’t suffered much wear and tear, as you can see below.

conservatory furniture

However, choosing the correct furniture to complete the final look can be a difficult task. Before today, I never knew there was furniture ideally meant for outdoor use – and that even those meant for your garden need extra protection from the harsh outdoor elements.

Conservatory Furniture: What You Need to Know

There are many different types of furniture available on the market. These include:

  1. Cane furniture
  2. Rattan/Synthetic Rattan furniture
  3. Lounge furniture
  4. Wicker/Resin Wicker furniture
  5. Wooden furniture

There are many different things to consider when purchasing furniture for a conservatory. Think of what the room is going to be used for, how you want the final room to look like, and also how much money you have to spend on your furniture.

Whatever type of furniture is decided upon, ideally it must be protected from ultraviolet rays (UV). (Alternatively, your furniture should be sun-resistant.) The suns’ rays will make upholstery fade over time and can also damage untreated wood.

Cane Furniture

Cane furniture is one of the most popular types of furniture purchased for conservatories. It is both lightweight and strong. Chairs, sofas and tables can easily be made out of cane and are very easy to maintain. However, cane is a natural product so the color of individual furniture items can vary.

Rattan Furniture

Rattan is a similar material to cane and can be used to make lightweight and sturdy furniture. Cheap rattan can split easily so it is best to go for a more expensive kind.

Better still is synthetic rattan. It is a durable and sturdy product as well as being equally lightweight. Synthetic rattan furniture is better protected against ultraviolet (UV) rays and is totally water resistant.

Lounge Furniture

Going to a traditional sofa shop and buying lounge furniture is probably the cheapest option. However, this kind of furniture is not designed to withstand the high humidity and sunlight that specialist conservatory furniture can. Therefore, in time, the upholstery is highly likely to fade and the wood could bend out of shape.

Wicker Furniture

The weave in wicker conservatory furniture is often finer and, therefore, more appealing to the eye. However, as it is finer in detail, it can be easily damaged and strands can come loose.

Resin wicker furniture is a lot stronger and is very hard wearing. Resin wicker is a man-made material that is made to resemble wicker.

Wooden Furniture

Normal wooden furniture can be used in a conservatory, but it won’t have been treated to withstand the extremes in temperature or humidity. You could choose wooden furniture made out of softwood, such as pine or oak, but hardwood like teak is a lot better-suited to the conditions in a conservatory. Softwood furniture is the least expensive but often it is not very durable. On the other hand, hardwood furniture generally lasts a lot longer.

Whatever type of conservatory furniture you buy, it must be looked after and steps can be taken to help reduce any inevitable fading and sunlight damage. It will help a great deal if you can keep the conservatory as cool as possible.

Try your best to limit the effect that extreme temperature and humidity can have upon your furniture. Finally, try and limit any direct sunlight. This can be easily achieved using a throw over your furniture. Alternatively, have blinds put up.

I hope I find the perfect conservatory furniture to spice up my home. Living in a condominium unit isn’t satisfying my craving to design my home, but the challenge is a welcome change to my routine! I can’t wait to buy either a rattan or a wicker chair to put beside my sofa set. Wish me luck – and good luck to you, too!

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