Vegans and Meat Lovers Unite for Humane Petition

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Whether you’re a vegan or a self-confessed meat lover, I’m sure you are all for humane treatment of animals. Every person has an innate kindness in him, something I hope you’re willing to show today. And believe me, what you can do is big – and what you can do, you can do without spending a single cent.

Disclaimer: If you love pork, don’t worry. I’m not asking you to quit pork!

Even if you love pork adobo or lechon, I’m sure you don’t want to torture pigs before they get served on the table. Unfortunately, that’s what happens when pork producers confine pigs in small gestation crates that immobilize them while they are used solely for breeding.

Humane Petition to Breed Pigs without Gestation Crates

Yes, pork producers can confine pigs in a small cage that’s too small for a pig to even move around. And the pigs stay there until they die. It’s not a pretty picture, especially because pork producers have other more humane options, such as allowing pigs to roam around.

If you’re a meat lover, you don’t have to buy pork from breeders who confine pigs in small cages to immobilize them for the rest of their lives. It’s just not humane.

Burger King and McDonalds have already promised not to use gestation crates for pigs. Hurray! But there’s something else you can do. If you’re a meat lover and you eat pork almost everyday, you are part of a society that can help lead to a paradigm shift. You may think you have a small voice, but your voice can be heard all over the world!

Many have heeded the call for help. Be one of them! Find out what you can do below – and don’t worry, it will take just a minute of your time. Help the pigs and read on! Pretty please?

Vegans and Meat Lovers, It’s Time to Unite!

So what if you eat pork? This petition is not for vegans alone. It’s actually meant for meat lovers who can’t do without pork (like me), because it’s us who have to purchase pork every single day!

Use your voice to spread a wonderful message, one that helps foster kindness towards animals. Signing the petition below is a big help! It tells everyone in the business that people are watching. It tells everyone else around you that you care.

It takes just a minute of your time – and you know that’s not much. It’s like investing just one minute in a cause that’s going to change how the world views animal breeding. It’s worth every second, I promise.

Click on the “take action” button below and be one of the humane voices of your community!

Humane Petition for Pigs

Don’t hesitate to share this with your animal-loving friends! Although we don’t normally have pigs for pets, they are just as wonderful as our canine and feline companions. Even if you can’t swear off pork, at least say you don’t condone inhumane breeding of pigs.

Sign the petition above and be part of a noble cause. Better yet, share this with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter! Let that be the one amazing thing you do today for the animals that roam the earth. Dog face Cat faceBlack Sheep

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