Samsung NX300 Camera Giveaway: Contest Alert

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 Stef dela Cruz, MD 0 Comments

If you’re an avid Instagram user, it’s time you won something for all the pictures you’ve been uploading! Since you’re all trigger-happy – at least, with your cameras – here’s your chance to make the most of your picture-taking days! Enter the Samsung NX300 contest and get the chance to win a camera until August 29, 2013!

Sorry for the late notice. I just found out today and I’m rushing like crazy to share the news with you! Samsung is now holding a contest for all gadget fans who love to take pictures. The prize is none other than a Samsung NX300 camera!

Why I Heart Samsung NX300 Camera

Tell me, how badly do you want to win a camera that looks as fabulous as this? It’s a Samsung NX300 Camera and it’s exactly what Samsung Camera is giving away on Instagram!

Samsung NX300 Camera

It’s a camera I’d love to have for many reasons. I’m sharing my pet reasons with you below.

  • Samsung NX300 Camera is a WiFi-enabled camera that you can directly link to your other gadgets. No need to remove the memory card or connect the camera to your computer via cable! Simply turn on the WiFi and you can view the pictures on your laptop, phone, or tablet.
  • This Samsung camera can capture photos at 8 to 9 frames per second. You probably don’t want to miss a photo op of your favorite basketball player making an epic shot. Or your baby is splashing happily in your pool and you don’t want the photo to be a blur of water. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to capture up to 9 frames each second, this camera won’t disappoint!
  • It has a shutter speed of 1/6000. Geez, I can’t even begin to do the division mentally. Let’s just say it clicks fast, okay?

And that’s what you get if you win the Samsung NX300 camera from the Samsung Camera contest! As if that’s not enough, Samsung is adding a DV105F camera to their giveaways on a daily basis. Yes, there’s a winner each day until the end of the contest!

Samsung Camera Giveaway

The rules are simple. Simply follow Samsung Camera on Instagram and you get one entry. Just make sure you do so by clicking on the photo below so that your entry is acknowledged by the contest app, okay?

Samsung Camera Giveaway

You also get additional entries by submitting photos, telling friends about the contest on Facebook, tweeting about it, and sharing it via email.

Samsung Contest

I hold contests a lot (and I mean a lot), so be sure to get updates on time by checking out my Facebook page. If you’re into social networks, add me up on Instagram and Twitter!

You can view the terms and conditions of the Samsung NX300 Camera Giveaway before you join. Good luck! Don’t forget to share with your friends – and don’t forget to tell them they owe you if they win, he he!

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