5 Blogging Facts You Might Not Know

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 Stef dela Cruz, MD 0 Comments

Almost everybody has a blog. Your friend has a blog. Your friend’s officemate has a blog. Even your friend’s officemate’s mom’s best friend’s cousin’s gym buddy has a blog. Blogging is so common that you wouldn’t believe how very few people know about the the 5 blogging facts I’m about to mention.

Whether or not you’re a blogger, you might enjoy learning about these 5 facts about blogging. Find out how many you already know!

5 Blogging Facts You Probably Don’t Know

If you’re a blogger, you probably know that headlines for blogs are very different from headlines for news. You probably know the difference between SEO and SEM. You probably know Penguin and Panda as Google updates that keep web managers awake at night, not as cute black-and-white animals.

Not Google Panda
“Okay, since all of Google’s “animals” are black and white, do I qualify?”

But I bet you didn’t know all the 5 facts about blogging which I’m about to share with you below! Read through them and tell me how many you already know. Ready? Go!

  1. The word “blog” came from the phrase “web log”. The phrase “web log” was actually shortened into “weblog” until it naturally shed its first two letters.
  2. We all owe our blogs to Jorn Barger. You might be asking, who the hell is he? He happens to be one of the first bloggers on earth – and he coined the word “weblog”.
  3. The word “weblog” was coined all the way back in 1997. That means blogs have been in existence for almost 20 years! (I was still a student when blogs came into existence. Some of you were probably not born yet when people started blogging!)
  4. People actually get fired from their day jobs because they blog. An employer of Wells Fargo got fired after saying insulting things about his colleagues on his blog. An assistant attorney general in Michigan was fired after using his blog to bash a gay student. A former Microsoft employee was fired from his new job in Google after comparing the health benefits of both companies on his blog. Obviously, blogs carry more weight than most people think – they can change your career path, literally!
  5. Companies are now setting up blogging guidelines for their employees. Yes, people talk – worse, they blog. It’s “worse” because when it’s online, it’s there for everyone to see. And even after you delete an incriminating blog post, you can’t take it back once people have blogged about your blog. That’s why companies like IBM have set up blogging policies for their employees.

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So, how many of the five facts on blogging mentioned above did you know beforehand? If you know them all, bravo! You’re a blogger who happens to be in-the-know. Your knowledge on the origins of blogging is outstanding – and I sincerely wish your blogging skills are, too!

Here’s a fun suggestion: Ask your blogger friends about the five factoids mentioned above. They probably won’t guess all five items correctly! Feel free to share this on your Facebook page just so the rest of the blogosphere learns a little more about blogging, where it came from, and where it’s going. Have fun!

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