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Thursday, May 09, 2013 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

Oh, Holly’s Coffee. You’ve always been one of my favorite coffee shops because of your coffee and free WiFi (despite the wait staff who can’t seem to smile). I’ve always assumed that because you’re located near DLSU in Taft Avenue, you’d get the “art of service” down pat quickly enough. But just when I thought your service has improved, here I am, disappointed once more. And this time, you went too far.

Holly's Coffee Philippines

I’ve always recommended the lasagna served at Holly’s Coffee because it was good. It’s the one thing I always order. But today, the lasagna I got was not what I expected – it was swimming in water.

Lasagna A La Swimming Pool?

I took one look at the plate and asked a member of the staff why the lasagna was in two centimeters of water. I asked not only because I was curious, but also because it was my way of saying, “Hey, look, your lasagna seems to have taken a bath!” in a nice way.

The wait staff said the water probably came from the tomatoes in the lasagna. (Dear chefs who are reading this, I know you’re probably having an aneurysm from that explanation.) He also said the water came from ice because the lasagna was previously frozen.

Notice how the crew member never offered to remove the water.

There was nobody else at the counter except me, so they couldn’t have been too busy to actually offer to make the food at least look presentable. Imagine a plate of lasagna that is up to its knees in what looks like pink water with red bits of upchuck. Seriously, can you eat lasagna that looks like this?

Kadiri Lasagna from Holly's Coffee

Note: The watery lasagna in the above photo was “recreated” to provide a close representation of the actual lasagna I ordered. And yes, the water in the lasagna I ordered was about the same amount, if not more.

Rudest Crew, Ever

Since the wait staff didn’t offer to at least drain the water, I asked nicely if they could transfer the lasagna to a new plate. The wait staff said yes, so I waited by the counter. And that’s exactly how I heard them talking:

Wait Staff #1: Anong nangyari? (What happened?)
Wait Staff #2: Kadiri daw. Ang arte. (She said it was disgusting. How annoyingly fussy.)

What on earth?!?

Did I hear that right? That was unfair and so rude of them. To think I was so nice to them! Unfortunately, I had to let it slide. I mean, they were tinkering with the food I was planning on eating.

I went back to my table with my lasagna. I started eating it but found it hard to slice through the pasta because the cheese on top was burnt to a crisp.

I went back to the counter and approached the wait staff. “Hey, can you please get me a knife? I’m having the hardest time slicing through the pasta,” I said. “Ang arte ko, noh?” I couldn’t help but add.

The members of the crew looked at each other, smiling uncomfortably.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that’s Holly’s Coffee. Dine at your own risk. In case you’re curious how much their service sucks, you can drop by at One Archer’s Place, Taft Avenue, Manila, right beside Brother Andrew Gonzalez Hall of DLSU. Go ahead, order the lasagna if you don’t mind the “free water”. But don’t order the cakes – they tend to taste old even if they’re not (read: freezer burn).

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