Neltex Celebrates National Hardware Day

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While on my way to the 16th Mega Summer Bingo Bonanza sponsored by Neltex Development Corporation to celebrate National Hardware Day, I asked myself, what good would come of hitting a pipe with all the anger you can muster? Apparently, a lot.

Stanley Chi tries Hataw Challenge

Neltex has been challenging hardware dealers and members of the media to crush their pipes using a steel hammer to prove that their PVC pipes are indeed of high quality. Called the Hataw Challenge, people were asked to vent all their pent-up frustration on a poor piece of pipe – and guess what? The pipe remains unfazed. It’s like it has magical powers or something.

Neltex Hataw Challenge: Steel Versus PVC

During the National Hardware Day festivities, everybody was asked to join, including members of the press. Three lucky winners received a Samsung Galaxy P3100. Participants simply had to follow these simple steps.

  1. Each participant was asked to fill out the registration form.
  2. And the fun starts here: each participant was allowed to beat the pipe to a bloody pulp with a steel hammer – but up to this moment, all the pipe gets is a small gash. (I have yet to see any Neltex pipe bend or break!)
  3. Interested participants were then asked to like the Neltex page.
  4. Lastly, participants were asked to upload their photos with the Palo-er signboard on Facebook!

And if you joined but didn’t win? Well, at least you got the chance to beat the crap out of a pipe without looking like you’ve lost your mind.

Neltex Mega Summer Bingo Bonanza 2013

But that’s not all. Neltex also flew in almost 5,000 dealers from all around the Philippines to join in their National Hardware Day festivities. The highlight of their day is the Mega Summer Bingo Bonanza, where four brand-spanking-new cars were given away! As if that’s enough, 150 different cellphones were raffled off, too.

Neltex event

But really, how does this whole National Hardware Day affect me? I’m not a construction worker, nor am I a hardware store owner. I didn’t have anything to gain from a lecture on pipes, right?

Wrong. If anything, learning about pipes was right on the money, especially because I’ve been canvassing for a home.

Bad Piping and Ghosts

I thought of how PVC pipes are very much like ghosts: they are supposed to exist, but you aren’t supposed to feel their presence – unless they’re bad, that is. They (the pipes, not the ghosts) exist in your walls, but up until now, you probably never gave them much thought.

Well, let’s just hope your architect used Neltex pipes on your home; otherwise, you will be thinking of this blog post the moment something starts leaking.

Apparently, bad pipes lead to leaks that can potentially destroy your walls, toilets, floors, and even electrical outlets. And really, there’s no reason for you to buy cheap, substandard pipes – and I’ve enumerated the reasons for your convenience.

  • Piping  constitutes a measly 3 percent of your total housing expenses. Seriously, are you going to scrimp on pipes that become the blood vessels of your home? (Pardon the medical reference – I’m a doctor and I can’t help it.)
  • Bad piping can ruin the remaining 97 percent of everything you’ve invested in your home. Think of toilets that won’t flush, sinks that keep leaking, and walls that seem to sweat as much as you do during summer. These problems are all because of cheap, substandard pipes.
  • Bad pipes give you wrinkles. Okay, don’t say that’s not a valid reason because it is!

Kidding aside, you should ask your contractor if your home was made using Neltex pipes. If you want your house to remain the comfortable home that it is, make sure Neltex runs inside your walls, not some cheap wannabe PVC pipe made of mostly chalk filler. You owe it to your family.

In case you missed the 16th Mega Summer Bingo Bonanza, here are a few photos to satisfy your curiosity.

16th Mega Summer Bingo Bonanza prizesBlogger tries Neltex Hataw ChallengeHataw challenge palo-er photo boothHataw ChallengeHataw photo boothlunch buffet for medialunch for mediaMy Hataw Challenge experienceNeltex Bingo Bonanza 2013Neltex boothNeltex Hataw ChallengeNeltex Mega Bingo Bonanza prizesNeltex Mega Bingo BonanzaNeltex National Hardware DayNeltex Pipes promo areaNeltex PVC Hardware DayNeltex PVC Hataw ChallengeNeltex registrationPalo-er photo challengeRaffle

Oh, and check out the article I posted on Yahoo! regarding Neltex and their National Hardware Day celebration, in case you have time.

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