How Vietura At Sofitel Manila Proved Me Wrong

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I know, it sounds like a line from a movie! It’s just that visiting Vietura at Sofitel brought back so many memories. The first time I visited Sofitel, I was still a teenager. I still remember enjoying the outdoor barbecue and acoustic band near the bay. I drank one cocktail and ended up with a free stuffed toy the size of my hand.

But I’m just woolgathering here, aren’t I? I’m sure you’re more interested in what I have to say about Vietura when I came to visit Sofitel once again. (I’ve been frequenting Sofitel for years now because of Spiral Manila, which I’ve featured before because it’s arguably the best buffet restaurant in the city, and also because I’ve attended way too many conferences, press launches, and conventions there.)

In case it’s your first time to hear about it, I don’t blame you – this health and beauty center just launched in March 2013. I didn’t know of its existence until Sofitel’s beautiful Director of e-Commerce broached the topic.

Sofitel Stef dela Cruz 2013

And like I said, I’m not someone who says no to a relaxing treatment at Vietura and a hearty lunch at Spiral Manila. But, again, I’m getting ahead of myself, so allow me to rewind and start from scratch.

Visiting Vietura at Sofitel Manila

Vietura sounds like the name of some exotic ingredient or endangered animal, doesn’t it? But it’s actually a holistic health spa that offers mostly non-invasive ways to get you pampered and prettified. Vietura, aptly named, is a portmanteau of the Latin words for life and nature.

Perhaps Vietura might sound just like any health center you see inside malls, especially the franchised ones owned by popular aesthetic doctors (I think you know which ones I’m talking about). But Vietura isn’t like that.

My Misconceptions About Vietura

If you were thinking that Vietura is another health spa or beauty center which are admittedly a dime a dozen, you’re mistaken. But then again, so was I before I went to Sofitel to indulge in their services.

I had a few misconceptions about Vietura which were snuffed out like hazardous jungle bonfires. Let me know if they’re the same ones going around in your mind right now.

  • MYTH #1: Vietura is just like any aesthetic center in Manila. Um, no, it’s not. You’ll be surprised how they treat clients as vacationers trying to make the most of their holiday, not as patients trying to avail of health or beauty procedures. If you’re currently frequenting a beauty center but you hate how it feels and smells like a hospital, you’re going to wish it had Vietura’s ambience and foresight.
  • MYTH #2: Vietura offers services that are more expensive than other clinics’ – after all, it’s located in a five-star luxury hotel. If you’re trying to save your pennies for a rainy day just like me, you’ll be pleased to know that Vietura’s prices are very competitive. I can’t tell you how I know this, but their prices are even lower than those offered by your found-in-every-corner, run-of-the-mill aesthetic center. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and visit Vietura and ask them for a price quote after they’ve recommended a holistic package for you.
  • MYTH #3: You can get the same packages offered by Vietura at other beauty spas and aesthetic clinics. You just might not, given the fact that the services offered here are packaged individually and customized according to what you need. There is no “hair removal package” or “fat reduction package”; a consultant checks you up and determines which specific services you will need – and isn’t that how doctors are supposed to treat their patients in the first place?
  • MYTH #4: You’re going to have to wait in line at Vietura and sign up at the front desk, the same way you do in other aesthetic centers. Honestly, I hate having to sign up at the front desk when I visit a beauty clinic – everybody at the waiting room would look at me, as if they were trying to figure out what I was there for. Thankfully, that’s something you won’t have to go through at Vietura. You see, you can book their services beforehand and once you arrive, you go straight to your room. If you value privacy and confidentiality, you are going to love the fact that they have a secret exit door for those who don’t want to be spotted availing of non-invasive lipo and other procedures! You can even pay inside your treatment room, instead of going back to the front desk the way other beauty centers require you to.
  • MYTH #5: You go to Vietura for the sake of vanity. I guess this is my worst misconception. Don’t get me wrong: I’m as vain as the most functional histrionic person you’ll ever meet, but my mind tends to label all beauty centers as “vanity” centers. But Vietura isn’t like that. It’s a lifestyle center more than an aesthetic one. If you’re tired and you need a massage, or if you feel like your age is catching up with you, Vietura gives you a chance to put things in perspective once again. You can get a lifestyle coach at Vietura who can help you with stress management, weight maintenance protocols, and many other modalities that will recharge you, inside and out.

And if you want to enjoy a healthy lunch at Spiral Manila after a relaxing day at Vietura, I recommend their Cuisine Delight. Here, you can  pick the healthiest food offerings and count your calories as well. Each item on the menu comes with nutrition information, perfect for foodies who want good food but don’t want to, er, die young.

Special thanks to Blessy Townes, the Director of e-Commerce of Sofitel Manila, and Naicie Coloma, the Assistant Director of Sales of Vietura, for entertaining and accommodating me that day.








In case you drop by Sofitel and decide to visit Vietura, try their blooming tea or blueberry sensation. You can see in the above photo that the flower inside the pot blooms as the tea continues to brew!

Healthy drinks, lifestyle coaching, affordable luxury: these show you how Vietura is all about holistic programs that put a primer not only on how you look, but also how you feel and live your life. If it sounds like I’m gushing, that’s because I am. I guess they won me over once again!

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