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Monday, April 15, 2013 Stef dela Cruz 1 Comments

I’ve never tried Chicken Charlie – at least, not before I was invited to their press launch. What a shame, really, because I raised my brow in ecstasy at least three times when I finally got to taste their food. And yes, that’s a good thing.

Chicken Charlie is celebrating its third anniversary this 2013 – and it’s doing so with a bang! Chicken Charlie is giving away a lot of freebies on their Facebook page, not to mention lowering the price of their delicious chicken wings to about a third of the original (to just PhP10 per wing, whew!) on April 20, 2013.

Stef dela Cruz at Chicken CharlieI’ve got gift certificates from Chicken Charlie – and I’m giving them away!
Read on and find out how you can win these GCs.

But I digress. Let’s rewind to the day my eyes rolled up too deep into their own sockets after I had my Chicken Charlie fix for the very first time.

Chicken Charlie Third Anniversary Press Launch

I have an embarrassing confession to make: I always thought Chicken Charlie was Korean! I assumed (again, shame on me) that because they had glazed, twice-fried chicken, they were just as Korean as their, well, Korean counterpart. (I think you know which restaurant I’m referring to.)

I stand corrected. Chicken Charlie is actually a Filipino-owned restaurant – and they’ve been in business even before the advent of the, um Korean-counterpart-that-shall-not-be-named. (I guess it begs the question, “Did the Korean restaurant imitate their recipe?” Ah, the plot thickens!)

Chicken Charlie PhilippinesThat’s me with Ifore Yu, the brains behind Chicken Charlie.

Chicken Charlie is so named because its owner, Ifore Yu (the dashing debonair right beside me in the photo above), decided to name it after his father. Aw, handsome AND sweet – I get a bad attack of the tingles!

Chicken Charlie: What’s On The Menu

During the third anniversary press launch of Chicken Charlie last April 10, 2013, I got to try their delicious offerings. And if you’re on a diet, don’t fret; their food is surprisingly light, despite being deep-fried!

Chicken Charlie's Signature BurgerWolfing down Charlie's Signature Burger was guilt-free for me!

For instance, unlike other burgers Charlie’s Signature Burger isn’t swimming in grease – which is why I was surprised by how it’s so full of flavor. Picture a simple burger bun, a slice of their signature crispy soy-garlic chicken, lettuce, and a sweet mayonnaise-based spread. It looks minimalist, but don’t let that fool you; it tastes yummier than the usual chicken fillet sandwich, at least to me!

Chicken Charlie Cheesestick DynamitesIf only I could copy the recipe for Chicken Charlie Cheesestick Dynamites, hehe!

Being a lover of everything spicy, I was especially intrigued by the Cheesestick Dynamites. I love munching on chili peppers, which was why I specifically asked for these dynamites. They’re finger chilies stuffed with mozzarella, rolled into rice wrappers, and deep-fried.

I burnt my tongue because they were still hot when I stuffed my mouth with them – neophyte mistake! But yes, they have the familiar “bite” of finger chilies that I just love. Yum!

Chicken-Charlie-wingsI could eat Chicken Charlie’s hot sweet wings everyday!
If I could get them for free, that is.

Of course, I just had to try the Chicken Charlie Wings. I chose the ones with the hot sweet sauce because my palate just loves punishment. And yes, their spicy wings are truly hot! People with sensitive palates, beware! People with masochistic tongues, you know what to order the next time you visit Chicken Charlie. Winking smile

Their soy garlic chicken is truly soy and garlic, not just sugar or caramel glaze. You will taste the distinct flavor of soy sauce and garlic in each bite, instead of feeling guilty about the spoonsful of sugar you usually get from the “other restaurant”.

I also love their pickled radish, which you can get for free. I’m a fan of everything pickled; I’m even pickling my own bottle of finger chilies in the fridge as I type this article! Chicken Charlie’s pickled radish takes away the “umay” you might get from downing too many spicy wings. Honestly, I didn’t get any taste fatigue at all, so for me, the pickled radish is more of a bonus than a necessity.

Bayani BrewBayani Brew is 100 percent Filipino iced tea!

And check out the Bayani Brew! It’s 100 percent Pinoy, made of ingredients from the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm. Bayani Brew is iced tea brewed from pandan and lemongrass; it doesn’t taste as sinfully sweet as the powdered iced tea you usually get elsewhere. And that’s a good thing for people trying to eat healthy (such as yours truly).

Chicken Charlie offers food that is relatively light compared to other fast food restaurants – and if you don’t believe me, then visit one of their branches and see for yourself! They also have free WiFi, in case you’re officially married to your gadgets. All the more reason for you to try Chicken Charlie ASAP!

Chicken Charlie Summer Giveaway

Of course, my day won’t be complete unless I share my new-found favorite restaurant with you – and what better way to do that than to give away gift certificates? If you want Chicken Charlie GCs, you can join my giveaway! I’m sharing the instructions below.

This contest now has new rules –
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Chicken Charlie Summer Giveaway

You can find Chicken Charlie all over the Philippines; right now, they have 17 branches and counting! Visit Chicken Charlie online to find a branch near you.

See the NEW and so-much-easier
Chicken Charlie Giveaway!

It’s Chicken Charlie’s third anniversary this year, so expect a lot of giveaways and discounts. Don’t miss out; follow Chicken Charlie Philippines on Facebook and Twitter! And while you’re in the mood, you might want to follow me on Facebook and Twitter, too!

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