Cat Needs Loving Human

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

I don’t want to judge the human of a neglected cat, but I can’t help it. Deep inside, I know this beautiful cat needs a new human. I want to share with you why I think that is.

There's this restaurant I always go to. I saw a cat outside and I thought he was just beautiful. He was sweet, too, as he kept looking back at me and rubbing against me. When I touched his back, I touched bones - and that's when I realized he was probably begging for food.

cat needs better human

But who was his human? Where did he live? Why was he all skin and bones? Did he have a cruel human?

Unfortunately, my quest for answers brought up even more questions. But there is hope yet for this cat – and you just might be it.

The Sweet Cat: Get To Know Him

He had a collar, so I asked who his human was. I found out it was the restaurant owner. Funny, huh, how a restaurant doesn't have time to feed its own cat.

My boyfriend and I made a pact to visit the restaurant and feed the cat. Unfortunately, we can't sue for custody or reprimand the owner (for now). Instead, we talked to the restaurant owner.

The cat was a street cat that sauntered into the restaurant one day. He captured the hearts of everybody there, so they gave him a collar and claimed him as their own. Unfortunately, it looks like they don’t really care for him the same way a loving human with a pet cat does.

And yes, if the restaurant is willing to give up the sweet, beautiful cat, I'd be happy to find him a new home (and offer mine in the meantime). Right now, my boyfriend is headed towards the restaurant with cat food, just in case the sweet feline shows up.

If we do get the cat, is there anyone here who wants to give him a new home? He's so sweet, so don’t worry about having to care for a cat that keeps scratching you or hissing at you. He has huge, green eyes. He's a brown mackerel tabby, but his coat has the same tinge of green that you see in his eyes.

street cat

In my opinion, this cat deserves a better human, someone who won’t let him starve to death. Let’s save him, please. Contact me via Facebook if you’re interested in adopting the cat. Please make sure you’re willing to have him neutered and vaccinated, okay?

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