Weird Christmas Gift Idea: IGMG Doll!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012 Stef dela Cruz 6 Comments

Do you want to cast a spell on someone you hate? Or maybe you just like weird dolls in general? Here’s one of my top ten Christmas gift ideas: the IGMG plushie doll from Stanley Chi!

The IGMG doll was designed by comedian-author Stanley Chi – yes, he’s the guy who sold over PhP2M worth of books in the past two years! With titles like Suplado Tips and Pogi Points, his books were a big hit in the Philippines.

IGMG plush doll

Hate generic Christmas gifts?
Go for the IGMG doll, affordable at PhP195!

Because of the “suplado” fever, Stanley Chi now has something different to offer: a naughty, irreverent doll that looks like a miniature version of himself! Dubbed the IGMG Doll, this plushie has the acronym “IGMG”, which stands for “I-Google mo, gago (Google it, stupid)”, emblazoned on its t-shirt.

I can just imagine how many people would want to say that out loud but can’t. It’s actually good that we don’t, but doesn’t it make us feel better to at least play out our daydreams of vengeance once in a while, even if it’s just through a war-freak doll?

Studio Kaiba Plush Dolls

If the IGMG doll is too risque for your taste, take a look at other plush dolls from Studio KAIBA. These dolls are the brainchild of Dennis Crisostomo, a Filipino illustrator for Marvel Comics. All the dolls are inspired by Philippine culture icons.

Kaiba plush dolls

Take Kotkot, for instance. He’s a red monster who will never admit he’s cuddly (although he is, yes?). Dennis based this doll on the salakot, a local hat used by Filipino farmers.

Studio Kaiba plush dolls

I have both Kotkot and the IGMG doll on my table. I like how they’re cute but rebellious! If you’re on a budget and want affordable gifts to give away this Christmas, I suggest you go for these plushie dolls.

Christmas Gift Idea: IGMG Doll

I can imagine this IGMG doll making a perfect Christmas gift for your best friend and your boyfriend – they might like the unorthodox nature of this plush doll. You might also want to give this doll to an officemate who keeps asking you stupid questions. Just make sure he’s too stupid to figure out what your Christmas gift means, okay?

IGMG doll

The IGMG doll, worth less than PhP200, makes for an affordable Christmas gift for all your friends who happen to have a sense of humor.

But why not buy the IGMG doll for yourself? It reminds you that there are times your no-nonsense attitude makes you less of a target for bullies. After all, this doll was inspired by the notoriously successful Suplado Tips book, now with a second book to uphold its legacy.

You can purchase the IGMG doll online from Stanley Chi’s online Suplado Shop. But if you’re too antique and you don’t believe in online shopping, try buying the doll from the upcoming Noel Bazaar – Stanley Chi, together with other celebrities such as Regine Velasquez and Jean Garcia, will be at their celebrity booths. (I’ll blog about that soon, so if you’re a celeb stalker, you might as well check back in a few days for juicy details.)

Oh, and watch this video from Studio KAIBA with Stanley Chi promoting plush dolls. Check out the other plush dolls created by Dennis Crisostomo! Warning: the dolls refuse to acknowledge they are cute, so do it at your own risk.

Want to purchase the IGMG doll?
Click HERE!

Join the bandwagon. Be suplado for a (good) cause. If you’ve already read Suplado Tips, which I always say is the underdog’s favorite manual for handling bullies, then it’s time you cemented your status as a suplado fan by buying Stanley Chi’s IGMG doll. It’s on my top ten list of Christmas gift ideas – and if you also hate generic, cookie-cutter presents, you just might find yourself agreeing with me !

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  1. I know! Hahaha. I'm so happy there are unconventional but super-adorable plushies here in the Philippines! ^_^

  2. Where can I buy it? So cute! :) Thanks Doc.

  3. Um... Ramona, pardon my surprise, but that info is already in the article. :)

    Hm. Maybe people aren't really reading everything. I'll edit and highlight the information. Thanks for giving me the epiphany. ^_^

  4. Wow, they are cute. My Inaanak will like this..

  5. Get one for your inaanak this Christmas, then. :)