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If you’re looking for books for young adults – especially those that you yourself can read, like Harry Potter or A Series of Unfortunate Events – then you just must try The DoppleGanger Chronicles.

The Doppleganger Chronicles

And before you tell me I spelled it wrong, nope, I didn’t – the word “DoppleGanger” in the title was a portmanteau of Dopple, the surname of the twin girls in the book, and Ganger, the surname of the boy who helped them. It was a pun as well, given how the series revolved around twins – and you know that twins are natural doppelgangers of each other.

The DoppleGanger Chronicles: Style

The book itself was interesting. Written by G.P. Taylor (a name reminiscent of authors who also used initials as part of their pseudonym, such as J.K. Rowling or C.S. Lewis – and it’s probably no coincidence that the back cover touted the book as “hotter than Potter” and the author as “the new C.S. Lewis”), the book was illustrated by three different artists.

As a result, the narration style shifted back and forth from three different styles: the usual novel text, to that of a graphic novel, to that of a storybook. It’s like the book was meant to be loved by all kinds of book lovers, whether you’re the type to love novels or pictures.

You can see from the photos below how the pages of The DoppleGanger Chronicles look like they came from three different books.

The DoppleGanger Chronicles

The book looks like a graphic novel, yes? But take a look at another photo of The DoppleGanger Chronicles below and see for yourself how the style has shifted.


All of a sudden, it’s like you’re reading a storybook. Oh, and being a morbid person myself, I so loved how most of the pages have black borders, if not almost completely black. I can just imagine how much ink the publisher used up!

And below is another picture showing you a third style of narration. It’s basically just text, but the book uses different font styles and sizes to emphasize certain words. (Reminds me of Fearless, a book I used to love as a teenager.)

DoppleGanger Chronicles

The writing style reminded me a lot of A Series of Unfortunate Events, written by the mysterious Lemony Snicket (the identity of whom wasn’t revealed until later), but with a little more inconsistency in characterization. Sometimes, a character was portrayed as completely mischievous, and in another chapter, the same character would be illustrated as someone wise and good.

The rather confusing characterization was my biggest complaint; otherwise, it was just the kind of book that a creative, morbid, bored tween or young teen might want to read. And hey, even if you are already in your thirties, give this book a try and you’ll feel a few years younger… and then wrap it up and send it as a gift to your favorite teenager. He he.

Before you buy the book, you can always download the first chapter for free. If you like it, you can buy The DoppleGanger Chronicles from Amazon for as low as $2.81 (roughly PhP100). I bought my copy from OMF Lit for a little more than PhP300. (Honestly, I thought the book was pricier, given its quality.)

DoppleGanger Chronicles: Plot

It would make for a great gift, especially if you want a tween or teen to love books that aren’t too mainstream as Harry Potter. The story about twin girls who find themselves in danger, with a boy who volunteers to help them to safety.

Expect to find gory details, like heads exploding, people about to be buried alive, and gunfire. Yep, this book is not for the faint of heart.

DISCLAIMER: the 1st book of the series is going to leave you hanging, so I recommend that you buy the 2nd and 3rd books of The DoppleGanger Chronicles, too.

I will be recommending a few more books in the coming weeks, in time for your Christmas shopping. It does help to read suggestions about Christmas gifts that are both affordable and unique, right?  Nerd smile

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Anyway, the next time you drop by your favorite bookstore, ask for a copy of The DoppleGanger Chronicles. It’s time you enjoyed some juvenile fiction instead of the erotica you’re so used to. Winking smile Speaking of books, you might want to visit next year’s Manila International Book Fair where all books are offered at discounted prices!

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