SmartNutrition Reintroduces Healthy Food

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Sure, you want to eat healthy. Yes, you want to lose weight. Still, you can’t help but reach for the bag of Cheetos and drop by good ol’ McDonald’s when you’re craving for a burger. You are surrounded by temptation and, simply put, you are human – and you are weak. Well, SmartNutrition is here to change that.


SmartNutrition is a newbie food company that is about to change how you enjoy food. They offer healthy food that is tailored to suit your diet needs. You are sure to receive a day’s ration of food that has been computed to comply with your daily nutritional requirements. And hey, it helps that the food tastes REALLY good. (Oh, and did I mention that you will get a big discount just by reading this article? Anyway, read on for the details.)

SmartNutrition: Why They’re Different

But then again, there’s nothing new about a restaurant that serves delicious and healthy food, right? Maybe so, but SmartNutrition has a few tricks up its sleeves. Let me walk you through the whole process and you’ll see what I mean.

  • The team behind SmartNutrition is composed of a chef, a doctor, and a food engineer. The doctor (a colleague of mine) gets your comprehensive medical history and physical exam. In fact, they are one of the few owners of a skin caliper – even our own hospitals don’t have it, so they ordered the caliper from abroad! This medical assessment will help determine if you may need any special diet, such as a low glycemic index diet. The food engineer then computes for your dietary prescription, where your specific caloric allowance for protein, fat, and carbs are determined. Lastly, the chef cooks up delicious meals for you.
  • SmartNutrtition delivers food to your doorstep everyday. Yep, you got that right: it’s like having a chef deliver food right to your home every single day! They deliver the food daily, which you can put inside your fridge. Simply heat if necessary.
  • SmartNutrition does not believe in starving you. The principles they use behind their food is based on proven scientific findings. Expect to get a balanced, evidence-based meal, so to speak, every single time – and you get three major meals plus two snacks everyday! You will never feel like on a weight loss diet, but you will lose weight.

SmartNutrition Sampler

The above sampler, consisting of small portions of five different meals, is just less than 600 calories! Hard to believe, huh?

  • SmartNutrition uses only the finest ingredients. The chef, also a restaurateur, prides himself in his work – which is good, because many people who find it hard to diet are actually foodies. I’ve tasted their food, and boy, it’s definitely good!
  • SmartNutrition is there to stay with you as you diet. They don’t just want you to buy their food; they will make sure you are losing weight. Every two weeks, they reassess you and see if you have lost any weight. This also serves as a feedback mechanism that can help motivate you to stick to your diet!
  • SmartNutrition is flexible and will cater to your unique needs. For instance, if you need to go to a dinner party and sticking to your SmartNutrition diet is impossible, they can adjust your caloric requirements for the next few days to make sure you can catch up with your dieting.

Special Discount from Life and Fever!

Right now, SmartNutrition is offering their services at PhP800 daily, but if you mention that you’ve read about them on my blog, then they give you a special price of PhP700! But this is available only for a limited time, so make sure you place your orders early. They recommend a minimum of two weeks for you to start seeing results as the recommended weight loss is 1 to 2 pounds every week.

SmartNutrition believes in living a healthy life and enjoying healthy food. The weight loss that comes after is just a happy side effect. Smile Find them on Facebook and tell them you read about them on my blog to get your discount! And find me on my Facebook page as well to get more healthy updates, tips, and giveaways.

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