Oktoberfest 2012 at Sofitel

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If you’ve had enough of people asking you to “wake them up when September ends”, you can always tell them to buy tickets to Oktoberfest 2012 at Sofitel. (It should stop the whining.)

The last time I’ve had my share of sausages and beer was a year ago during Sofitel’s press launch of Oktoberfest. Given my ignorance of international festivities (I need to get out more), I used to spell Oktoberfest with a “c”, not a “k” – and I had assumed that it was a portmanteau coined by some smart Filipino who wanted to market beer effectively.

Oktoberfest cookie

I stood corrected. Oktoberfest was not a term Filipinos had ownership of, nor was it just about beer. Okay, maybe it was 95 percent about the beer.


But there are better ways to celebrate beer other than drinking alone in your room with bottles of pale lager in your fridge keeping you company. You can head off to Sofitel on October 19 to 20, 2012, for instance, and enjoy beer the way it was made to be enjoyed.

Bavarian Spread at Oktoberfest 2012

Last year, in an article on Oktoberfest, I touched on what kind of food to expect from a Bavarian spread. (And no, it’s not that white, creamy filling you find inside a doughnut.)

Expect a myriad of sausages, potatoes, bread, and other Bavarian food when you go to Sofitel to celebrate Oktoberfest. And of course, expect free-flowing beer! (And you get to drink them in really huge mugs – they can hold almost a liter of beer. Whew!)

Oktoberfest 2012 at Sofitel

For those who prefer Filipino-tasting food, you won’t be disappointed with Bavarian food. They taste pretty close to home, if you ask me. I loved the Vanilla Bavarian Cream, especially with tiny slices of banana-walnut cake – try it when you go to Sofitel for Oktoberfest 2012!

Vanilla Bavarian Cream

If you’ve never really celebrated Oktoberfest in Sofitel before, then prepare to see the wait staff in traditional lederhosen and dirndls. (On a personal note, I like the corset-type lace-ups characteristic of dirndls; they emphasize the waist while boosting the chest. Attention, fashionophiles!)

Oktoberfest Sofitel Press Launch

Just to recap the food options in a Munich-style Oktoberfest, here are a few food photos that are sure to make you drool.

Oktoberfest at Sofitel

And don’t worry about having to drive home drunk. Tickets to Sofitel’s Oktoberfest also entitle you to special room rates – that’s right, you get a discount! Right after a day of merrymaking, you can head straight to your room, rest, and reboot for the second day of Oktoberfest at Sofitel… if you’re still up to it.

Oktoberfest invite

Avail of tickets from the German Club Manila via email. You may also purchase your tickets by calling them at (02) 817-3552. And if you want to avail of special room rates during the Oktoberfest at Sofitel, you can contact them through email or call at (02) 551-5555.

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