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Last night, out of sheer boredom (and thanks to So What’s News for the suggestion), I learned how to convert my handwriting to a font style. Perhaps it’s one of those things that you do because it appeals to your vanity, just like posing nonstop for tons of souvenir pictures from a photo booth. In any case, converting my handwriting to a new text font was fun, so I’m going to share with you how I did it.

As a health article writer, I use the most formal fonts before submitting my work to my editor. But that can get boring, so I use fun font styles for the rest of my work. And here’s a screenshot of my own handwriting as a new font. I know, it’s just my handwriting, but I had such a blast when I tried it! (Note: the website I mention in the screenshot is my other blog – visit me there if you have time!)

Convert handwriting to font

Before I start, please make sure you have a printer and a scanner attached to your computer. You can do away with both IF you have a tablet or an electronic pen that you can use to make digital handwriting.

Convert Your Handwriting To A New Font

Now, we can start converting your handwriting to a new font. Just follow the simple and easy steps below.

  • First, download and print this font template. After you have printed it, write down all the letters in the designated boxes – make sure you follow the lines or your font text will appear like they’re jumping all over the place. Don’t go beyond the interior grid lines, too. There’s a sample letter in each box, so it’s quite easy. You can skip filling out the lower part of the template – I did, but I still filled up some of the symbols there which I knew I used often.
  • When you’re done filling up the font template, run it through your scanner. Set the resolution of your scanner to 300dpi. Save the file in a .png or .jpg format. After scanning, you can use Photoshop or CSS to edit the contrast of your font or the straightness of lines – but you can do away with that if you’re not as obsessive-compulsive as me.
  • To convert your handwriting to a font, upload the scanned file to this website. Upload it using the “choose file” button in number 2.
  • Type in the name that you want for your handwriting font in the indicated field. Next, click on the “send file” button. Your handwriting will upload and be converted to a new font style, so just be patient.
  • When the automated conversion is done, your handwriting will appear as a new font style! Simply click on the link that appears on the new page and the new font will save to your computer. Save the file to your fonts (go to Control Panel and search for “fonts”) and you’re done!

After you convert your handwriting to a font style, don’t forget to try it out. You can open any of the programs you normally use that contain fonts (for instance, Word or Photoshop). Type away and enjoy your newest and vainest accomplishment of the day! Smile

Now that you know how to convert your handwriting to a font, tell you friends about it! You can share your custom-made font with them if you wish (but they – or your mortal enemies – might use it to fake your signature digitally, ha ha). Share your new discovery on Facebook or Twitter – it’s time to show and tell!

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