Teaching Kids With Autism: What It Taught Me

Wednesday, July 11, 2012 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

I can imagine how challenging yet fulfilling it is to have a loved one who has autism. Perhaps the most challenging part of loving a child with autism is the fact that very few people really understand what autism is.

And yes, it is a challenge to provide the best care and education for kids with needs that are different from our own. Fortunately, there are schools that offer lessons that cater to the unique needs of children with autism. For instance, Kumon simplifies the different maths for autistic children.

Kumon Teaches Kids with Autism

Kumon has been around for quite some time. Many other schools cater to children with unique education needs, but Kumon remains one of the most trusted names in terms of special education. Every child – whether diagnosed with autism or not – carries much potential. And realising this potential is every parent’s dream for his beloved child.

In schools that offer special education or classes that address the needs of children with unique needs, the potential of every child is taken into consideration. Education is ideally holistic, dealing not only with academic education, but also with spiritual, physical, and emotional growth. Among kids with unique needs, education must be holistic as well.

Parents are tasked with the responsibility of providing the best education for their kids. Schools like Kumon make this responsibility easier to bear.


I used to teach college students in a university in my hometown. Teaching was a great undertaking for me. It was a privilege and a challenge all at the same time. I also come from a family of teachers: my grandmother, aunts, and mother are all teachers. Perhaps this explains why I came to love teaching, even if it was just a short stint for me.

In your place, is there a Kumon school? Are there any other schools that cater to the individual needs of your children? Are there special math classes for children with autism in your area? Which ones would you recommend? Have you had any experience with Kumon? Do you have a child with autism or learning disabilities? Feel free to share your anecdotes and stories with me – and get all the readers of this blog to listen to – simply by leaving a comment.

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