Is Resizing Photos Important For Bloggers?

Tuesday, July 31, 2012 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

Many bloggers love posting their photos online through blog posts. Although this is not an issue (especially if you’re a photo blogger, a travel blogger, or a food blogger), uploading way too many pictures can be detrimental to your blog’s health. Big pictures equals bad Blogspot SEO! But why exactly is resizing photos important for bloggers? Here, I count the reasons.

Resizing Photos

“Oh, what lovely pictures!” This is what you’d want readers to say when they see wonderful photos of your expedition in a far-flung area in Tibet, or if they view photos of a delicious dish that you uploaded on your blog. But what you will hear them say is, “This page is loading too long… I’ll just close the window and move on.” Yikes!

Why Resizing Photos is Important for Bloggers

Bloggers who want their visitors to enjoy their blog posts must always consider their visitors’ comfort before their own. Resizing photos may be tedious, but this is important for a blogger. Below, I explain why.

  • You will piss off Google if you don’t resize your photos. Oh, Google just hates slow-loading pages. You will get demoted if you have big photo files in your blog, which is a shame if you’re blogging for profit from Google ads! It’s Mr. Google’s aim to find websites that provide optimal reader experience, which is why it punishes blogs that have unresized photos. Yes, not resizing photos is bad for Blogspot SEO!
  • You will piss off your readers if you don’t resize photos on your blog. You know this is true. How many times have you closed a window just because the page is loading way too slowly? You know what you don’t want as a reader – so you should know what your blog’s readers don’t want, too. Do them a favor and keep your loading page to a minimum. And yes, it is blogger courtesy to think of your readers’ sake before your own – it’s part of a blogger attitude check that we should have once in a while.
  • You are acting like an amateur blogger if you don’t realize how important resizing photos is. Yes, amateurs tend to upload photos in their original sizes, complete with unchanged alternate names and titles. Next time, take the effort to change the name of your photo before you upload it – and change the alternate title, too. It improves a reader’s experience when his cursor floats over your photo. If you’re still blogging like an amateur, maybe that’s why Google Panda hates your blog!

Make sure that as a blogger, you should form the wonderful habit of resizing and renaming photos before uploading them to your blog. It shows forethought, courtesy, and a little SEO, too. I hope I’ve convinced you enough to do it! In case you still need convincing, then use Google Developers PageSpeed Insights to check how fast every page on your blog loads. If it is loading too slowly, PageSpeed Insights will provide suggestions on how to kick things up a notch. Fancy, yes?

So, is resizing photos important for bloggers? Of course! Next time, think twice before uploading photos. Resize. Rename. And check if your website’s loading time is acceptable to viewers. If it takes more than 10 seconds to load, it’s taking too long – and it’s hurting your Blogspot SEO. Join me on Facebook or Google Plus for more useful and fun blogger updates. And pretty please click on the “like” and “+1” buttons – you’ll make me very happy.

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