Pacquiao Makes Sign of the Cross During Bradley Match

Sunday, June 10, 2012 Stef dela Cruz 77 Comments

During the Pacquiao-Bradley match last June 10, 2012, Manny Pacquiao lost via split decision. Both lasted 12 rounds inside the ring. The decision favoring Timothy Bradley stunned the crowd and the interweb – but one thing stunned me even more: during the match, Manny Pacquiao kept making the sign of the cross – despite the fact that he is now a Born Again Christian… or is he still a Catholic?

Pacquiao sign of the crossPhoto from Fox Sports Australia

Pacquiao made the sign of the cross, a Catholic gesture, several times during his match with Bradley despite rumors that he is now a Born Again Christian.

According to Manila Times, Pacquiao is now a Born Again Christian. But according to Inquirer, Pacquiao is still Catholic – but that a Protestant priest is helping him study the bible. Recently, Manny Pacquiao has strengthened his faith after having made a few decisions in life he was not too proud of. Around the time that he promised to stay loyal to his wife, he started professing faith as a Born Again Christian. Pacquiao claimed he had new-found faith in God, quoting the bible for the media on several occasions.

CLARIFICATION: Certain factions are claiming that Manny Pacquiao is still a Catholic because some reiterate that being a Born Again Christian is not exactly a religion. Perhaps that’s the case, but there is a separate denomination under the popular name “Born Again Christian” and they are strongly against several Catholic traditions. The argument of whether or not Born Again Christians have a separate religion may be a matter of semantics – but let’s get back to the topic of this blog post for now. Smile

The real question I have in mind is, does Manny still belong to the Catholic community, or has he joined the Born Again Christian denomination? And if Manny Pacquiao is indeed a Born Again Christian (referring to the denomination), why is he making the sign of the cross? Of course, the last question is not applicable if he is still a Catholic.

During the match between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley held at Las Vegas on June 10, 2012, Manny Pacquiao kept making the sign of the cross inside the ring. Making the sign of the cross is a classic Catholic gesture, a testament to the Catholic community’s belief in the Holy Trinity.

Could Manny Pacquiao have reverted back to his former habits as a Catholic during his match with Bradley? Or was Manny Pacquiao still Catholic all along? If so, does he have plans of converting to another denomination? Was his making the sign of the cross a sign that he wants to remain Catholic? Read on for details.

Manny Loses Over Bradley; Makes A Catholic Gesture

Regardless of the unfortunate decision by the judges in favor of Bradley, Manny Pacquiao seemed to remain thankful. Bradley was quoted to have been surprised by the turnout, while Pacquiao believed he won the match. Rumors are spreading that the entire match was scripted, with Bradley fated to win for there to be a rematch later this year.

The entire arena resounded with boos of disappointment after Bradley was declared the winner. Pacquiao, hearing the split decision announced, looked disbelieving and upset. During an interview, he said that he believed he won against Bradley, but that Bradley was also a “crazy boxer”, referring to Bradley’s commendable skills.

The online community continues to root for Pacquiao despite his losing the match. This defeat officially ends his 16-match winning streak. Bradley, on the other hand, retains his unblemished boxing record.

But the question remains in my mind, what was Pacquiao thinking when he made the sign of the cross during the match with Bradley? Is he really a Born Again Christian? Is he still a Catholic, especially because he made the sign of the cross? Share your thoughts; leave a comment.

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  1. I guess old habits take an ample time to get rid off.

  2. Stef, I heard Manny a few weeks ago in a bible-sharing activity, and he said he is still Catholic and will always be, though he reads the Bible more now. He still goes to mass, pray the rosary, etc. In fact he still wore his rosary before and after his Bradley fight, as seen on TV :) Regard! Ony C.

    1. Manny didn't wear a rosary in the Bradley fight. That was the first time in 7 years that he hasn't worn a rosary coming into the ring.

  3. "...making the sign of the cross was against their CORE BELIEFS..." | "...the sign of the cross was completely against the VERY BELIEFS of the Born Again Community..."

    I beg to disagree on this one. People seem to misinterpret the teaching of Biblical Christianity as mainly going against anything Catholic which is not true.

    The core beliefs of Biblical Christianity, also popularly known as Evangelical Christianity or the tag "Born Again" is that "salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone" which implies Christianity as a solemn, eternal, irrevocable and unbreakable relationship with Christ.

    I would not be surprised that Manny Pacquiao would have still done the sign of the cross since this status of being "Born Again in Christ" does not necessarily mean a renunciation of membership to Roman Catholicism. In fact, the "Born Again" Movement cuts denominational bounds and has swept the Roman Catholic Church too in grassroots, slowly but gaining ground. I'll drop the name of Fr. Archie Guiriba as an example. I do remember my Mom telling me that in her early days as a "Born Again" Christian, she would do that out of impulse until she consciously decided to stop doing so a few years after her profession of faith.

    Evangelicals would not hesitate accepting Catholics who made this profession of faith as brothers and sisters in the faith but would always point out that this profession and personal confession is not because of Catholic doctrine but rather despite Catholic doctrine.

    The sign of the cross in its essence does not really run counter to Evangelical doctrine but rather it not being seen in most Protestants as a symbolical distinction between Reformed Protestants or Evangelicals and the Roman Catholics. Actually, the sign of the cross is there as a reminder to "love the Lord your God will all your mind (head), heart (chest), soul (left chest) and strength (right chest)" which meaning some Catholics do forget.

  4. Being a born again Christian is not based on your denomination.. it ia based on your faith.. being renewed..being born again spiritually.. accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour. that's the real meaning of being Born- Again.

    1. Amen! In every church There will be born again and none born again. That's why in matt.25:31-46 Jesus will separete the sheep and the goats.

  5. Tony Manuel GarciaJune 10, 2012 at 4:27 PM

    Sasagutin ko si Anonymous, doc, kasi di ako makapagpigil...

    Anonymous, in other words, ang mga nagsasabi ngayon na BORN AGAIN sila pero Catholic dati, ay ROMAN CATHOLIC PARIN!!!!! Tama ba? Tama naman, di ba???

    Kung ang mga former Catholic na "born again spiritually" ay nagsasabing hindi religion ang pagiging born again, eh di CATHOLIC parin sila in terms of religion! Logic lang yun...

  6. Republica ...... I'm a Born Again. IN MY COMMMUNITY WE DO NOT MAKE THE SIGN OF THE CROSSS .........

  7. Wow, so many comments in under an hour! :) Thank you, everyone, for contributing to this discussion!

    There is clearly confusion with regards to Manny Pacquiao's religion. Is he Catholic? Is he not? Has he joined a denomination that does not want to be identified as a religion (but is considered one by many)?

    The controversy surrounding Born Again Christianity as to whether it's a "religion" or not is perhaps a matter of opinion. Some people think it is, some don't. But that's not what the issue I raised here (although the discussion is of course enriched by this issue).

    Here are the two issues I have in mind:
    1. Is Manny still Catholic or has he changed denominations (Born Again Christianity)? The news we have been receiving are conflicting. Some have seen Manny Pacquiao attending Born Again sessions and congregating with Born Again pastors. But other sources (like Sir Ony, hello po! ^_^) have witnessed Pacquiao claiming he is still Catholic.
    2. If he's still Catholic, then his Catholic gestures are expected. BUT if he's already a Born Again Christian OR if he's trying to become one, why is he still making Catholic gestures?

    Anyhow, I hope that clarifies everything. My Born Again friends are also reading this and some of them are texting me - and even then don't agree with each other on whether being Born Again is a religious denomination or not. In any case, the issue of Pacquiao making the sign of the cross is something to think about, other thank Pacquiao's loss. :)

    Let's hope he wins next time! (Already, rumors are that he will because it's "the script". Haha.) Ah, the politics of boxing. :)

  8. "The argument of whether or not Born Again Christianity is a religion or not is a matter of semantics." AGREE. Yeah like people saying Nova multigrain chips aren't junk food because their healthy. To me their still junk food. Semantics!

  9. There is a self appointed Protestant spiritual adviser who is always following Pacquaio. Pacquaio can change and read the Bible even without him. That self-apponted spiritual is badluck/"malas" to the life of Pacquaio =). He should get rid of him

  10. Who is that spiritual adviser? I'm intrigued! Maybe Pacquiao is being given bad advice, regardless of the adviser's religion, so to speak.

    Let's just hope Pacquiao knows more than we think he does. I kinda want to give him the benefit of the doubt because his heart is in the right place. One thing's for sure, we're all kinda rooting for him, aren't we? :)

  11. It's probably that Pacquiao is still pretty much Catholic but that different leaders want him with them in their church, too. But now that the issue has been resolved sorta, I was wondering, why do the born agains refuse to acknowledge that they indeed have a religion?

    It's like people refusing to acknowledge their true age because "age is just a number". Even if it was the case, it doesn't dismiss the fact that you still have an age. And in terms of religion or faith or denomination or whatever, people should still acknowledge that they do have one. Otherwise, they will be considered atheists. And if they say they are "Christian" instead of saying "born again isn't a religion", it is like saying other religions aren't Christian, or it can lead to so much confusion because many other religions also believe in Christ! Just my two cents on the whole "born again isn't a religion" thing. No offense to those of this faith.

  12. Manny Pacquiao is still a Roman Catholic ...

  13. UPDATE: Pacquiao is Catholic, but a Protestant pastor is helping him study the bible. Excerpt from Inquirer:

    Bishop Dinualdo Gutierrez told reporters here that a Protestant pastor was guiding Pacquiao but the pugilist had not changed religion.
    “He told me that he is still a Catholic. He admitted that the one conducting daily bible service in his home is a Protestant pastor. So, I gave him a daily scripture guide and I directed a priest from a parish near his house to lead the conduct of a bible study,” Gutierrez said.
    He said Pacquiao even offered to host a spiritual retreat of clergymen under the Diocese of Marbel in March.

    End quote. :)

  14. *Anonymous (Comment No. 6):

    I know. I also an Evangelical. You might be surprised as to why I know Catholic doctrine... that is because in Bible school, a subject touches on that matter. Anyway, what I am saying is that the Evangelicals like us not doing the sign of the cross is a matter of distinguishing us from Catholics since it is not a necessary part of our worship. It being frowned upon in Protestant churches is not a matter of doctrine but practice.

    *Anonymous (Comment No. 8):

    The tag "Born Again" is actually a spiritual movement that cuts across denomination divide, Catholic or Protestant, especially Evangelicals. It has been associated with Evangelicals simply because the doctrine is emphasized strongly in the Evangelical faith but this is not limited to Evangelicals since this movement is making a headway among Charismatics within the Roman Catholic Church despite contrary Catholic teachings.

    *Anonymous (Comment No. 9):

    If that "malas" is a good influence to him for him to stop gambling, womanizing and drinking, I would want everyone to have that malas. By the way, he is not a "self-appointed" spiritual adviser, it is Manny that wants to be mentored by him. How could he be malas? Is he the one training Manny in boxing? Is he the one doing the scorecards? Even in his loss, he took it gracefully and accepted it speaks of a genuine victor.

    *Tony Manuel Garcia and Ming Lopez:

    Being "Born Again" is not a religion in a sense that it is doctrine as much as practice. As I have said, denominational lines are blurring nowadays. You have to remember that it was not Martin Luther who stepped out of the Roman Catholic, it was the pope who kicked him out of it.

    In essence, everyone who has been baptized in the Roman Catholic Church will always be a Roman Catholic according to Roman Catholic doctrine. Asking a priest-friend about this, he said that the sacrament of baptism is an insoluble mark of being a Catholic. A person who leaves the Roman Catholic Church and becomes a Protestant will always be a Catholic according to Catholic doctrine, and his being Protestant is a matter of personal choice rather than designation by the Roman Catholic Church.

    A person is not strip of his being Catholic but rather his communion with the Pope is just essentially impaired. In that same doctrine, a Catholic-turned Protestant can always go back to the Roman Catholic Church anytime, he just has to go into confession and ask for a so-called absolution, no need to be baptized again since his Catholic baptism is still effective.

  15. I hope Manny did not leave Mother Church since that would make him farther from Christ.  The dream was for Manny to be true to Christ by not womanizing, gambling, drinking or living a life of sin.  He merely needs to be true to his Catholic Faith.  The ONLY Church founded by God Himself is Christianity that is Orthodox and Catholic.  It has the four marks One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic.  It is based on BOTH Sacred Traditions AND Sacred Scriptures.  The Bible came from this Church and not the other way around.  Sola Scriptura and Faith Alone are convenient ideologies of men who founded their own religion less than 300 yrs or so ago.  Mother Church has been around for 2000 years since Pentecost.  Listen to and/or watch The Journey Home at EWTN where non-Catholics convert and fallen away Catholics revert back to Mother Church.

  16. it is unfortunate that millions of people do not know that the holy bible is a catholic book,w/o the cc ,there will be no bible available.the people that compiled and safeguared the bible were catholics and the first chrisitians were catholics,as well.there are so many people,will say"im a catholic,im not a christian".there are the uncatechized or poorly catechized ones.we catholics,are the original christians.when,world leaders speak of christianity,they mean the cc in is also a pity that many filipinos do not know that here in the USA ,hundreds of born again chrisitians pastors,who used to label the cc ,as unbibblical,mary worshippers,idolators and the whole anti cathoioc rhetorics,have converted themselves to the church they used to persecute.many are still in the process of converting.these men ands women were LEADERS,of their respective church,not just MEMBERS.They found out that Jesus Christ,established just one church,not gazillion and it is the CC matthew 16:18.It is not pastors that are converting,but also Biblical Scholars,Theologians,Intellectuals,Historians et al.Their convert stories can be found in YOUTUBE,Blogs,sites like,,,,to name a few .also they are available in hundreds of books e.g. ROME SWEET HOME,by dr.scott hann,once a staunch anti catholic minister,Surprised by thruth book 1 to 3,by patrick madrid,true acountsof men and women of god on what made them convert to the cc.there is return to rome ,by dr .francis beckwith,who used to be the president of evangelical theologian society of america,who has more than 20k members from baptist,pentecostal,bible only ministers.he was raised a catholic,became born again,then reverted to cc just few yrs back.every yr over a hundred thousand ,many of them born again christians,covert to the cc here in the the philippines,its the,i was a catholic,became a member of JIL of eddie villanueva in the late 8o's and returned to the cc,afterwards.YES,MANNY AND HER FAMILY are still Catholics and will always be CATHOLICS! To catholics,pls learn to defend your faith,read the BIBLE and the cathechism.Also visit Catholic .com/apolegics.there you will encounter hundreds of converts to the faith,many of them used to be anti catholics,but after yrs and decades of searching for the truth of Christianity ,they found it in the doorstep of the CC.

  17. Manny is a catholic. It was CBCP who ask him to be a bible ambassador. see here ""
    If you wonder why he do somethings like the "praise and worship" of the born-again christians, he may be in charismatic community of Catholicism.

    Charismatic community is a community of catholics for catholics and even for the non-catholics alike. It is like a support group of catholism to strengthen more the faith of the people. e.g. Bo Sachez's FEAST; ANG LIGAYA NG PANGINOON's ministries like PATHWAYS, CHRIST's YOUTH IN ACTION, LINGKOD NG PANGINOON, COUPLES FOR CHRIST, YOUTH FOR CHRIST; Bro. Archie's SHALOM; Bro.Mike Velarde's EL SHADDAI; and many more charismatic communities. They do praise and worship like the born-again christians but they are catholic.

    So with that of pac-man, he is a catholic.
    Lastly, pacman, catholic or "born-again christian" or whatever denomination or christianity he belongs to as long as under the umbrella of CHRISTIANITY, is he not a CHRISTIAN? If he is a born-again christian, he is still a CHRISTIAN. If he is a Catholic, he is still a CHRISTIAN.

  18. I'm sure, that Manny is still a Catholic and he will be as long he is a life. He has the blessing of the Spirit and this you can't remove. Manny also respect Maria, that's why he is wearing the rosary all the time.
    Manny be a good romanian catholic for ever.

  19. people, people, please. what does it matter what religion he is in? for the true Born Again Christian, being called that is just a label, the Born Again Christians believe that religion DOES NOT SAVE. Born Again Christians believe that their personal relationship with God is more important than what they are labeled as. They're name, Born Again Christians, which is from the BIBLE which says WE ALL HAVE TO BE BORN AGAIN.
    John 3:3
    Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.
    not literally of course. you would only know this if you actually read the Bible and not MERELY JUST LISTEN TO WHAT A MAN EVERY SUNDAY SAYS OR DO WHAT EVERYONE DOES AS TRADITION OR PRACTICE.

    YOU SEE, the thing is, the catholics just have a lot of practices that is not and is in conflict with what THE BIBLE SAYS.
    and if you are reading this and is just annoyed by what i'm saying i suggest you read the BIBLE first before you think of anything against this comment.


    what is sad is that people just live without reading God's word. that's THE PROBLEM TODAY. PEOPLE ARE BLINDED BY LIES.

    JOHN 3:16




  20. Dear anonymous "preacher" who made comment #19:
    All I need is Jesus, eh? So if I slap you silly now for preaching like you know what's best for everyone and then accept Jesus tomorrow, I'll be safe in heaven and find you there so that I can slap you all over again, yeah?

    By the way, stop typing in all caps. Yes, I'm talking to you, preacher from comment #19. Hitting the caps lock button does not make you any more believable. Sheesh, what a pharisee, preaching like you know it all.

  21. All theze bozos have somethin to say about ther religion. I wonder how they actully treat other people in person. To think Jesus, who their fighting for, is a man of peace. Stop preaching n concentrate on treating each other nicely because y'all missed the point Jesus is tryin to make - peace n love! Ur all so frustrating, quoting the bible like ya'll know what it means.

  22. hi, comment number 19 person here again.





    and for #21
    don't just speak. THINK and base it on Biblical truths. because KNOWING JESUS IS DIFFERENT FROM KNOWING OF JESUS. :)

    read your Bibles then probably you would be on my side after :)
    i can go on giving you a whole list of bible verses to prove every point i said if you want :)

  23. Both catholic and born again denomination is not the true church according to the Bible

  24. Anonymous on comment #20...
    i'm with you! :-)
    seriously...anonymous #19, you better shutdown.

  25. #20.... 'am with u :-)

    seriously #19 "anonymous" --- you're no more believable..

    wassup, B!! being too fanatic with in belief is dangerous!

  26. Grace to you all and peace be multiplied from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ! I'm a servant at a "born-again," "non-denominational" Christian church. I do read and study the bible and have been for many years now. Granted I was raised in the Catholic faith but stopped going to Catholic church when I personally accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Why? Because certain practices/doctrines of the Catholic faith do not line up with Christ's teachings nor many other teachings/doctrines found in the Holy Bible.

    So I ask my Catholic brothers and sisters these three simple questions: 1. Where in the bible does JESUS CHRIST teach about purgatory? 2. Where in the bible does JESUS CHRIST instruct His followers to PRAY to His mother Mary? 3. Where in the bible does JESUS CHRIST instruct His followers to PRAY to dead saints?

    Followers of Christ, please be aware, one of the greatest offenses to the Lord Jesus is the Catholic doctrine of purgatory! It is heretical to teach that there is any other way to be cleansed of sin other than Jesus' death on the cross on our behalf. If there was any other way to cleanse our souls from sin (such as purgatory), then why did Jesus have to die?!

    If you're a follower of Christ then you are a Christian. If you're a professed Catholic who believes in Jesus Christ then you're a disciple of both. But you must make a choice, are you a disciple of a man or God? Who is Jesus to you, a man who established a religion (Catholicism)/ or God in the flesh, who established a means of personally knowing your Creator?

    Jesus didn't come to establish a religion, He came to reconcile a broken relationship between God and man.

    People, don't get caught up with a title. If Manny Pacquiao is truly "born-again," he probably continues to observe Catholic practices and call himself a Catholic because those traditions are familiar and bring him comfort. Don't hate on that. The bible exhorts us to not forsake the traditions of men. If he one day decides to not refer to himself as a Catholic, don't hate on that either. He will have realized, like many of us ex-Catholics, that he is simply, a Christian, because he/she lives for Jesus Christ, not the Catholic church. It's all about Jesus! Recognize!

    Because He first loved us,
    Anonymous Pastor

  27. I am a Catholic, but very ashamed being one because of my sins for I know I have hurt Christ for not following His teachings entrusted to the Church. I have a very good exposure to other faiths. I even once attracted to the lively gatherings of christian communities outside Catholic. However, after all the clapping, and dancing and jumping and passionate preaching of over-excited preachers I would always feel empty and long for the solemnity of my Catholic faith and her traditions. The Catholic way of life if only taken seriously and faithfully is very spiritually enriching, but like me me, too many go to other faith even before discovering their own in the Church. I do not know if this is also the case of Manny or he has other agenda. I am not in the position to judge him.

  28. Hi stef, i sent you an email sa 'contact' address mo, hope you read it..

    anyway, just want to say, regardless of religion, i am a firm believer that God knows who you are.. if you believe in him and faith in him.. you are good.. heck you dont even have to show to the world that you are praying.. heck i pray on my closet

  29. Manny Pacquiao clarifies that he is still a catholic, he said "I am still a Catholic. I am a Christian Catholic"

  30. And these passages really TRUE:

    34 “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I have come to turn

    “‘a man against his father,
    a daughter against her mother,
    a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law —
    36 a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.

    Matt. 10:34-36

    GOd bless us guys. ^^

  31. Very well said Anonymous 19. Others react violently simply because of pride and ignorace...kawawa! Let them be, eventually they'll know the truth and sila na din mismo sasampal sa mga sarili nila! Hahahaha!

  32. To Jegz Diaz, and your comment matters because? May masabi lang? Ano pinaglalaban mo Mr. topless?

  33. Stef, whats the point ofvthis article really? Does it even matter whether Manny is catholic or a born again christian?

  34. People fighting because of religion. What "angels" and "saints" you all are. Yeah, with the way you're all behaving, you all deserve to go to heaven. Insert sarcasm.

  35. Any fight regarding religion is bound never to have winners. We all have different opinions. Fights like this have littered our history and guess what? Nobody has "won" yet in terms of who has the "best" religion.

    People who think they will win THIS round are foolish... hello, history repeats itself. Puro kayo away. Oo na, puro na kayo expert sa bibliya. Sana lang ang mga paguugali niyo, hindi ikakahiya ni Kristo.

  36. I got born again feb 2011, and I have renewed my mind in lots of teachings, but what is wrong with making the sign of the cross? I understand the irrelevance of saying the rosary, but I don't think there's nothing wrong with making the sign of the cross as it glorifies our Trinitarian God.

  37. i like Anonymous #36's comment. It's true, the sign of the cross was given as a distinction from the non-Roman catholics back in the early days. The doctrine of the Trinity between RCs and Evangelicals isn't different.

  38. I've been laughing a few times while reading the comments. Everybody seems to be passionately proving their point. But they're not even fighting about one topic in particular. Magkakaiba sila ng pinagaawayan hahahaha. Look at Anonymous comment #36, sino ba nagsabi na there's something wrong with making the sign of the cross? Gumagawa ka ng sarili mong topic!


    My sister and her husband is a pastor of New Life Christian Center and they are both a friend of Jeric Soriano the spiritual adviser of Pacman.

    I know the stand of New Life Church specially Jeric Soriano about making sign of the cross because most New Life pastors will said to their members that,




    Thats why no wonder that pacquiao is still making sign of the cross and did not wear the rosary.


  40. To #27: You are absolutely right in my opinion.

  41. manny and his family attend HOLY MASS every Sunday.He went to QUIAPO Church to attend service few days ago.Catholics and ex catholics should watch "the journey home program " on channel EWTN or go to their website EWTN.COM and watch previous episodes of that show.He a former The host is a former BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN Pastor ,who is now Catholic.He has been interviewing Pastors,lay men/women on what made them convert to the CC.Many of them professed that the completion of CHRISTIANITY can only be found in the CC,as other churches have only 2 sacraments and Jesus instituted 7,including the HOLY EUCHARIST.They also stated that the CC is the most biblical of all Chiritian Churches.the problems of those who hates the CC is that they just pick and choose certain passages in the BIBLE and start attacking the CC.They have been brainwashed and programmed to despise by their pastors to hate the cc,thru misinterpretations certian verses and misconception of the CC.They dont realize that BIBLE came only into existence in the 2nd century thru the CC.Before then,CHristians based their faith on Traditions.IT is a commom knowledge here in the STATES that ex-catholics are the most anti catholic church and that many Catholics know nothing or little about their faith.But ,onc ethey left ,they know everything about her and they're all negative.Whilst hundreds of uncatechized or poorly catechized catholics are deserting the church,hundreds of BIBLE LITERATE/SCHOLARS from EVANGLEICAL churches are converting to the church they used to label as idolators,unbiblical ,mary worshippers etc.They found out that these were not true and just misconceptions abouth Catholic teachings!

  42. to poster no.26 ,where is the word bible in the bible?pls show it to me and what verse.I was Catholic,became born again Christian thru Businessman Eddie Villanueva's JIL in the 90's and ultimately return to the holy mother Church,few yrs after.We used to worship at ARAULLO HIGH ,where the brainwashing begun .His wife is another businesswoman.She said in one of the interview" At first,I was discouraging him from running again to become President,but one night I was reading the Bible and God spoke and ordered me to let him run anew, as he will win this time" She stated this during the campaign period.So,God lied to her or changed HIS mind.I would like to met and ask her this question,if I will have the opportunity.

  43. Hehe mas maganda yung comment ni #21. Ang galing!. Matalino nga sa salitaan ng verses sa bibliya,ang ugali naman lahat nasa 7 capital sins. Balewala din. Banal na aso, santong kabayo. Buti pa si manny mapagKUMBABA hehe. Sino kaya dito yun ganun.. haha..

  44. To # 26. Remember what Jesus Christ said: “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.” What were the Law and the Prophets? Judaism. What is Judaism? A religion. What did Jesus specifically say he was NOT going to abolish? That’s right. A religion.

    This is made apparent not only in the words, but in the actions of Jesus Christ. Whether you believe in the sacraments or not, there is no doubt that Christ established ritual. It’s one thing to ignore Christ’s statement to “eat my body.” It’s another to ignore his command to “do this in memory of me.” Christ commanded that we have ritual. The early church followed this ritual, they obeyed his command to “do this in memory of me.” We know this because Paul says: “Is not the cup of blessing which we bless a sharing in the blood of Christ? Is not the bread which we break a sharing in the body of Christ?”

    Does the mere Christ-follower-religion-hater obey Christ’s command to eat his body and drink his blood, and to do it in memory of Him? I do not mean to ask whether they believe in the True Presence of Christ in the bread and wine, I simply mean to ask whether they follow the ritual Christ established at all? If not, it would seem that to be a Christ-follower is to ignore the commands Christ bids you follow. And there’s more of this Christ guy being ridiculously religious.

    He established a priesthood in the Apostles. If that word freaks you out, I’ll rephrase: He gave certain men very distinct roles.

    Christ gave them the power to forgive sins: ”If you forgive the sins of any, their sins have been forgiven them; if you retain the sins of any, they have been retained.” (John 20:23)

    He gave men power to make decisions concerning doctrine: ”I tell you the truth, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” (Matthew 18:18)

    He built a Church: “And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (Matthew 16:18)

    He called men to the sacrament of Baptism. These are not things available to the mere Christ-follower, unless he truly believes that whatever he binds on earth will be bound in heaven, and all the rest. So knowing that Christ so clearly established a Church, with rituals, with priests, and with sacraments, you might ask: “What if I told you Jesus came to abolish religion?” can be answered with, “What if He told you you were wrong?”

    Moreover, the idea that following rules is inherently contradictory to loving Christ flies in the face — yet again — not of religion, but of Christ. He says, “If you love me, keep my commandments.” Love of Christ requires obedience to his commands. You cannot have one without the other.

    You clearly love the Bible. This is interesting. Did Christ hand out Bibles before he ascended into Heaven? No. The Bible is the product of a religion. A religion called Catholicism.

  45. I think there's nothing wrong with that gesture (sign of the cross) even when you're a born again Christian. The bad thing here is we might be making an "idol" out of Manny, let him be what God wants him to be. The important thing is Manny should be more focused on God's approval and not the attention of man

  46. My late aunt (God rest her soul) converted to a new religion (can't remember specifically) years ago after having been a Catholic for most of her early life. But she says some habits are hard to break and yes, she still does the sign of the cross and even goes to Catholic masses.

    I guess it is based on preferences and we usually revert back to what has always brought us comfort in our most trying times. In fact, one of her final wishes before she died was to be given a Catholic burial and have her body brought to their town's church.

  47. Sorry I wanted Bradley to win what you think about me now
    like I said I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry.

  48. Manny should instead study the life of Scott Hahn (considered by many as the new age John Paul, a fervent Presbyterian minister and Professor of Theology at a major Protestant seminary who became a Roman Catholic) and Dr. Francis Beckwith (used to be the president of ETS - Evangelical Theologian Society with more than 4300 theologians under it and more than 20k members, and then converted to Roman Catholicism, while still holding the position of of being a president of ETS).

  49. i had a conversation with a pastor years ago, sabi nya.... "SABI SA AKIN NI LORD, etc etc.... " sa isip isip ko lang, "wow!!!! kausap mo nyor? " propeta ka ba? inaykupong CLAIM yan...

    at sa mga B.A na nagclclaim na puro kami rituals at wala kaming alam.... Kayo na.... kayo na ang magaling.... wag masyado i-angat mga sarili nyo ha, baka lumagapak kayo pag nahulog kayo...

  50. I wonder what's the big deal about labeling someone being "born again"? First of all, as far as I know, Pacquiao never used the term to describe his revitalized faith. Secondly, it's a misnomer of an important doctrine which is misused and abused by Christian Fundamentalists. Pacquiao was already born-again in "water and spirit" during baptism (See Jn 3:1-21). The fact that he has had received a spiritual reawakening is part of a conversion process being Christian. I just pray that Pacquiao is being guided by a good spiritual director so that he will continue to grow and mature in his Catholicism which is the original bible faith.

  51. comment yourself not by others

  52. Tama si Anonymous #39, kahit ako Christian din at Na-Born Again ni Lord. Kaming mga Christian hindi RELIGION ang pinangangalandakan namin kundi yung FAITH dahil wala namang kaligtasan sa religion, hindi ka ijujudge ng Diyos base sa grupong binilangan mo kundi kung paano ka namuhay sa mundo, kung ikaw ba nasumpungan mo si Kristo at ipinamuhay mo siya at siunnod mga mga sinasabi nya o nagpaka sarap ka lang sa makamundong gawain (kasalanan). Si Manny, hindi sa religion bumase kundi sa salita ng Diyos (Bibliya), kagaya ng katulad ko na Kristyano. Ano naman sa Catholic kung naging masaya si Manny sa Christian Groups na dun niya nakilala ang Panginoon? At ano naman sa amin kung nag sisign of the cross si Manny? Walang masama sign of the cross as long as nagiging kalugodlugod sa harap ng Diyos ang ginagawa nya.. Iisangtabi dapat ang religion dapat Magpalakasan ng Pananampalataya ang pinaka importante! Igalang natin kung saan si Manny Pacquiao ngayon..

  53. @26 (Anonymous Pastor): "born-again," "non-denominational" Christian church ... what a mouthful! The truth is that you represent yet another denominational non-denominational Protestant church, another man-made church instead of the one established by Christ. Every self-professing Christian should ask if he or she is really following the Lord Christ of the bible or just some johnny-come-lately preachers of dubious origin. Your question about purgatory is far too common and elementary. I suggest that you go to to do a search for yourself (if you really care about truth). Otherwise, PM me and we can discuss in private.

  54. giselle jane noynaySeptember 8, 2012 at 4:00 PM

    I WAS ONCE a devoted catholic BUT when i finished reading the entire new testament, i never ever read that the LORD JESUS said that there's a purgatory.He only mentioned heaven and hell.and it makes sense to me.for why did the LORD JESUS has to die for our sins if we can just be cleansed by being purged at the purgatory.i am very disappointed when i was done reading the new testament bible.why? there are many teachings on the catholic faith that is against GOD's teachings.i asked myself why the priests have been teaching us things that are contrary to the LORD'S teachings...then i concluded that they (the priests) are not really reading the bible in its entirety, only portions of it.because if they do, they would know that what has been taught for thousands of generations IS wrong. and if they are really dedicated to the LORD, they won't go against HIS teachings :< no wonder the LORD JESUS said : "Many will come to ME in that day saying: LORD , LORD have we not prophesied in YOUR name? Cast out demons in YOUR name? and in YOUR name have done many wonders?But I(LORD JESUS) will tell them in that day: "DEPART FROM ME YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS, I NEVER KNEW YOU!" you see in those verses the LORD JESUS said "many" not a few, not a small number but many will come to HIM in that day.these people "cast" out demons, did wonderful things in the LORD'S they also prophesied in the LORD JESUS's name...BUT THE LORD JESUS DID NOT RECOGNIZE THEM AS HIS OWN CHILDREN...from these characters, what is the world's point of view regarding these people? people would always refer to them as "HOLY", or "RELIGIOUS"... man, we can lie to the world regarding how clean we are or how religious we are...BUT, we CAN NEVER lie to GOD.we can say that the LORD spoke to us(what a waste!) and appoint saints(so ARE WE GOD NOW that we have the authority to make someone a saint?just like in the case of pedro calungsod?in in the old testament, GOD SAID HE HATES FALSE PROPHETS --- prophets that are appointed by you know what GOD did to them?HE PUNISHED THEM... THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES)yet, WE CAN NEVER LIE TO GOD.we can do things difficult, thinking it's the truth...just like those people who think they are doing the LORD a very great thing,yet even the LORD DOESN'T RECOGNIZE THEM EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE DOING THOSE RELIGIOUS STUFF IN HIS NAME...we can be clean in the eyes of the world.we can never ever lie to GOD WHO LOOKS deep within our hearts... DO NOT BE DECEIVED, GOD IS NOT MOCKED.FOR WHATEVER YOU SAW,THAT YOU WILL ALSO REAP...i am devoted to the LORD and HIS teachings... not to catholic priests who don't even realize that their teachings are contrary to the pitiful! they are teaching a lot of people and they themselves are lost...may the LORD JESUS CHRIST, protect me from attackers...may HE remembered how i love HIS name and HIS truth...i am a sinner saved by grace...may HE show to those people who would go against what i had written that i am correct and that they are wrong...TO THE LORD JESUS BE THE GLORY!!!HIS GLORY FOREVERMORE!!!

  55. reply to no.46.that is so true.i know of an elderly couple,who converted to born again christianity.they decided to bury all their holy statues,as it was against thier new church teaching.then,misfortunes after misfortunes happened.their business collapsed and they have to terminate all their servants ,as they couldnt pay them anymore.meanwhile,the husband was diagnosed w/ incurable he was about to die ,he requested his wife to call a catholic priest and he made his final confession to jesus christ thru the priest.he also requested for a catholic burial.i know in my family alone,when my parents started to remove our holy statues,we also encountered misfortunes after misfortunes.

  56. kung naniniwala c manny kay virgin mary at nagdadasal pa rin ng rosary then he still a catholic.

  57. We should all make the sign of the cross, it's foolishness to those who are perishing and life to those who are being saved! It's not a habit or something to look down upon, it's a confession of faith without words yet very powerful! Do it when you get up, before sleep, before driving! We will defeat the enemy no other way but the cross and new life through his resurrection! Don't be shamed, be strong!

  58. Why do some people in this blog misinterpret our Catholic faith to the point of accusing it as being non-Christian? To me, being "born again" is merely a personal experience in the life with Christ which no one can deprive even to a Catholic individual. For some former Catholics, just because they quit talking to statues, gave up smoking, etc. already make them "born again" Christians. I find this very superficial. What really matters more is changing your inner values for the glory of God. Religion is personal. If Manny accommodates a "born again" pastor and still attends Catholic Holy Mass, it is highly probable that this is just one way of intensifying his Catholic Christian experience. As a Catholic,I will not allow others step on my rights to getting to know Christ at a personal level!

  59. To Anonymous who said that Jesus Christ never preached Purgatory, what makes you say so? He cannot contradict what is stated in the Book of Maccabees which Protestants ommitted in their books constituting their Bible. The Bible is a complex literary and historical work. Not because it is not mentioned does it mean that it does not exist. Take note that the words "bible", "trinity", etc. are also not in the Bible itself but only on cover pages but they exist, don't they?

  60. #56 - have you read the book of JOB in the old testament? it will teach us that no matter what, we will worship the true God because He is God, and not mainly because He can help us in this life. sabi nga, "seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you"'s not the other way around. remain faithful to the end no matter what.

  61. kung titingin lang kayo sa mga relihiyong kinaaaniban at hindi sa pananampalataya, anong katuturan nun? kung mamahalin nyo lang ang mga kauri nyo, hindi ba taliwas sa tinuturo ni Jesus yun? wala kayong pinagka-iba sa mga Racist na Mahal lang ang mga kalahi o kaanaib... Bogus naman oh.

  62. I am a Catholic and I have no problem with other religions or denominations...what pisses me off (sorry for the language)is that every time they wanted to RECRUIT (it's the actual word)a new member, they always come up with a way to bash the catholic. What they are doing only makes my faith becomes more stronger. I was born a catholic and will die as a catholic. RESPECT and you will be RESPECTED.

  63. Catholicos Ignorantes de seguro Protestantes. In other words; Ignorant Catholic, No-Doubt you will be a Protestant tomorrow.
    Know your Faith, because to be deep in History is to CEASE to be a Protestant. John Cardinal Henry Newman

  64. I had a "born again" girlfriend for 7 years. Her dad was a pastor and her mom was a deaconess. I have been in the "born again" community circle during those years. Even before we broke up, I realized:

    Most people who claim to be "born again" Christians are a bunch of hypocrites.

    They claim to be changed but you can witness that their lives and ways are even worst than before.

    Roman Catholics can be born again too and remain Catholics after that.

  65. for my idol manny maybe bible is not enough..


    "Very truly I tell you, a time is coming and has now come when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God and those who hear will live." John 5:25

    Something to ponder everyone.

    Careful how you comment, it may be charged against you.

  67. to #63

    There is no bashing for the catholics but What The Bible Says is the truth and the Bible is very true. And we dont like to break the good fellowship because of different denominations. And we can respect. No offence but in fellow manner, How come to bash to the catholics if we say the truth based in the Bible?

    Okay if the point is the "manner" of saying the truth based in the Bible then their is hypocrisy happened.

    1 John 4:20

    If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?

    And if not proven to be hypocrite, then there is a difference between the listener's perspective view and the speaker's perspective view.

    And for the "recruit", there is no recruit happening if the person himself admitting that he is a sinner and accepting Jesus Christ as his Personal Only Savior heartily. Whoever you are, you will become the sons of God.

    John 3:16

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    John 1:12

    But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name

    And to clarify, "the sons of God" is you are now belong to God. Not belong to the group which is in the law of man because they are not God.

    I encourage to read the Bible and pray to God.
    God bless..

  68. Manny's response after losing this recent fight with Marquez should reveal to everyone if indeed he is still a Catholic or has in fact fully converted to the "born-again" faith....after being severely chastised by his mom on national TV, after receiving numerous criticisms and reactions blaming his conversion to another religion to this recent defeat, will Manny now re-asserts his previous statements of remaining a Catholic despite his associations with several Christians pastors and groups, or will he stand up to his new found faith and relationship with Christ?

  69. I saw Jinkee on TV after their arrival in NAIA she was wearing crucifix necklace. My question is are Born again christian believes in Crucifix?

  70. Manny is enjoying his life now as a born again christian... give him respect of his faith... we have the freedom of religion.... manny is enjoying his freedom. Why is it that people are troubled about his new found faith.. As what i have seen he was changed for good... for God ,for his family and for everybody. if he is happy as born again give him the happiness..... we don't interfere because we cannot save manny, we cannot guarantee our religion can save us it's between God and us.... stop blaming religion... Maybe God doesn't allow him to be the object of gambling for the whole world..... I want Manny to continue to change for good, to have a good relationship to God with his new faith and happy with family as long as he lives..... Give him the freedom to enjoy in life.... that is his life not ours... we have no right to interfere but to pray for him and have peace in God......

  71. I've been reading lots of articles about beliefs, future events, prophecies and the Bible and I get disappointed because the comments were always flooded with arguments and debates. It's not faith and knowledge that defines a's love. Knowledge puff-up but love edifies. Remember? Though I have faith to move mountains but have not love I am nothing. Though I have all knowledge and understand all prophecies but have not love I am nothing. Jesus didn't came to establish a religion or a denomination he came to establish his kingdom and his kingdom is within those people who have a heart for him and follow his principles. In his kingdom there are kingdom principles we need to adapt as a believer and follower. He came to build his church as well not a building made with human hands or structure but people who will worship God in Spirit and in truth. A people who were redeemed by the precious blood of the Lamb. Being born again is being a changed man a new creature created in Christ Jesus. We judge according to what we see and know but God looks at the heart.

  72. Christianity is not a religion! The difference is this. All religion is the attempt to get to God. Christianity is God's attempt to get to man, salvation through Jesus Christ.

  73. Christianity is not a religion! The difference is this. All religion is the attempt to get to God. Christianity is God's attempt to get to man, salvation through Jesus Christ.

  74. we do have different beliefs. but then we all beliv to the scriptures written in the now in th issu about making the "sign of the cross" is a contradict to what th bible says in exodo chapter 20, where t declares on not to us signs or symbols.. thank you ..walang basagan ng opinyon

  75. no matter what religion you are the only important thing is that you believe in GOD if you think I'm wrong I'm only ten....