Mothers Day 2012

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Today is a special day: it’s Mother’s Day 2012! They say 2012 is the year when the world will meet its end – that’s rather morbid, but perhaps Mother’s Day will help tone down that scary thought. (And to those who don’t know when Mother’s Day 2012 is, it’s on May 13, 2012.)My mother

This blog post is a tribute to my mother, arguably the best mother in the world. She sold kangkong leaves after grade school, saving money every year, and sending herself to high school one year at a time. Imagine having to stop every year just to save up for the next school year! She then became a midwife, then a nurse, then a teacher, then a dean, and finally, an assistant director in a prestigious college. She has gone a long way – and I can never imagine living her life the way she did.

Mother’s Day: 2012 versus 2011

Last year, what did you to during Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day 2012 for me is much quieter, compared to last year. I actually had to host a Mother’s Day event in a mall last year; talk about stage fright!

Mother's Day

But this 2012, I’m devoting Mother’s Day to blogging about my mother. Her attributes as a mother are worth emulating. I remember her checking up on me every hour whenever I had a fever, acting like she was on duty in the hospital. She would support my endeavors, making me feel like the best daughter in the world for all my humble achievements, while making reassuring me that my failures were just stepping stones to more success.

I have never felt unloved by my mother. Having a mother like her makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world. Happy Mother’s Day, Mama, and I hope to see you again soon!

Don’t forget to greet your mother today! She has helped mold you into who you are now. She will always love you, no matter what. For Mother’s Day 2012, make your mom feel special because, yes, she is. Smile And speaking of motherhood, check out my newest “child”, my two-month-old blog, Stef dela Cruz! You can also find me on Twitter or Facebook – get in touch!

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