Hardwood Desks in the Philippines: Where to Get Them

Wednesday, May 02, 2012 Stef dela Cruz 1 Comments

I’ve been looking for hardwood desks in the Philippines and I’ve had the most difficult time finding a good store. For starters, furniture stores in the Philippines, especially those found in malls, usually offer laminated wood furniture. But here are a few things I learned about buying hardwood desks that may make the search easier for you.

Hardwood desk

This is the hardwood desk I bought in Manila. It’s made of mahogany. I love its details and the fixtures on it! But finding it was a pain in the neck, I have to admit.

Hardwood Desks in the Philippines

Finally, my hardwood desk and bedframe arrived today! I ordered them over a month ago and they were so worth the wait. But given the rather slim pickings of hardwood furniture in the Philippines, I want to share the few things I have learned during the two years that I searched for great hardwood desks and furniture.

  • Make sure to measure the space in your home before you buy hardwood desks. Will the desk fit perfectly in that corner of your room where you want it to be? You won’t know unless you get measurements. Continue reading and find out how much you might be spending on one hardwood desk.
  • Compared to laminated and glass top desks, hardwood desks are few and far between. It took me more than a year to finally find a wonderful hardwood desk that was neither overpriced nor substandard. Most stores in the malls offer cheaper laminated wood desks that chip easily, rot, get mold, and warp over time. After just several months, you will realize that although you spent so little on laminated wood furniture, it would have been a better investment to purchase hardwood furniture instead.
  • Hardwood desks are an (expensive) investment. Yes, they can cost anywhere from PhP10,000 to PhP50,000 or even much more, but they will last longer and look classier in your home. It’s better than buying a laminated wood desk for PhP2,000, only for you to buy yet another one not long after.
  • Ask about the details of the hardwood desk you are about to buy. Was a tint or dye used? Was it properly treated? Was the wood acquired legally? God is in the details – and it helps to know these things, given how you’re about to spend a huge chunk of money on one hardwood desk.
  • Inquire about after-sales services if you do decide to purchase a hardwood desk. How much will it take for a repaint? What if the fixtures get damaged, are there replacements? How much do they charge for basic repairs? Do they provide home service? Make sure the store offers great after-sales service, in case you’ll need it in the future.
  • Go for hardwood furniture with timeless designs. Hardwood furniture with simple designs are easier to pair with the furniture you already own or might buy in the future. It’s also much easier to find vases, lamps, and other accents if the biggest pieces in your room have simple frames and designs
  • Lastly, know how to care for hardwood desks. There are many ways to clean a hardwood desk using materials already in your home, but different types of wood may require different care instructions.

Looking for hardwood desks in the Philippines is like looking for a fast food restaurant that offers low calorie options – it’s not an impossible task, but it’s going to be tricky the first time. But with some patience, you will find the perfect desk – and it’s going to be worth all the trouble.

If you want to know where I purchased my hardwood desk, email me or find me on Facebook. (I don’t want this article to sound like an advertisement, so I won’t mention names here.) And if you find a great store selling hardwood desks in the Philippines, do share your discovery by leaving a comment! Smile

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