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LimiTado is more than just a celebrity store. Aside from being the brainchild of Filipino comic Tado Jimenez, LimiTado is also a cozy nook of knickknacks. Read on and find out about the 5 things I like about the LimiTado store and why it’s the favorite hangout of coffee lovers and werewolves.

Tado Jimenez

LimiTado: Full Moon Night

LimiTado welcomes everyone, normal or otherwise, who likes good coffee, booze, statement t-shirts, and Pinoy souvenirs. It has become the neighborhood hangout, the one place people go to after getting scolded by their bosses and spouses.

Reading at LimiTado

Last Saturday, with the full moon tempting all werewolves to reveal themselves, Tado Jimenez opened LimiTado to the public. Freshly brewed coffee was free-flowing and beer came cheap. Although I liked the occasional cup of coffee and bottle of beer, what I loved the most about LimiTado was, well, the store itself.

LimiTado interior

Owing its name (and arguably its reputation) to Tado Jimenez who was a celebrity in more ways than one, the Limitado store was actually more than just a celebrity store. Its interiors reminded me of the custom-made furnishings of Cubao X. I loved how the store was a memory of home: comfy, warm, and full of books and trinkets that I’d love to have.

Read on and find out about the 5 things I like the most about LimiTado and why its doors are open to werewolves, stalkers, and freeloaders!

During the Full Moon Night at LimiTado, a tarot card reader was available to those who dared. Mentalist Justin Pinon also came to show the crowd his superpowers.Justin Pinon at LimiTado

Tado Jimenez on LimiTado

Tado Jimenez, the owner of LimiTado, revealed a few things about his store, which also happened to be his pet project. “I dream of selling colored hollow blocks here at LimiTado,” he jokes with a poker face. I get the feeling he was half-serious.

Tado Jimenez IDsOn display at the counter are different IDs that Tado Jimenez owned. His iconic glasses, coupled with his poker face and long hair, made me want to laugh out loud, if only I wasn’t too scared.

LimiTado cardsA doorway just got revamped by a curtain of laminated cards, all of which were worth
checking out. Warning: this store is definitely not for the mentally compromised.

5 Things I Like About LimiTado

Deeper into the night, more people came to check out the cute thingamajigs for sale at LimiTado. I said way too many “ooh’s” and “ah’s” while browsing at the store. And finally, I get to share with you the 5 things I like about LimiTado.

1. LimiTado is resourceful and nonconformist (just like its owner). For example, the restroom had pink walls and a blue light bulb. It begs the question, who needs an interior designer when you’ve got Tado Jimenez?

2. LimiTado will not bore me to death. There were different choice pieces inside the store that gave the story a lot of personality. The store was carefully thought of, from its interior design down to the items for sale. For instance, there is a wonderful glass water container with a brass faucet that made the counter look interesting (and it made me want to pee every five minutes).

water dispenser at LimiTado

A book of John Lennon, together with a Lennon-inspired pair of glasses, also got my attention. It gave me the impression that the store was also geared towards music. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an altar for Pepe Smith somewhere in the store.John Lennon at LimiTado

Tado Jimenez sure knew his way around vintage items! Here’s a vintage radio at the counter, and hey, it still works! Or maybe it’s a gadget enchanted by fairies - I can’t really tell.vintage radio at LimiTado

3. LimiTado was not an amateur concept. The walls were made of recycled wood, which were bleached and varnished to give the place a homey feel. The ceiling had an installation made of recycled wood as well, a nifty way of being eco-friendly.

4. LimiTado loves its patrons, whether they’re regular people or freaks of nature. Everyday, Tado Jimenez serves brewed coffee to LimiTado customers. He has a few bags of ground coffee purchased from all around the Philippines (he and his wife, Lei, love to travel). Note to freeloaders: coffee is free here (if the management likes you enough, that is), so make a beeline for LimiTado!Freshly brewed coffee at LimiTado

5. LimiTado is proud to be Pinoy. The store carries different accessories from all around the Philippines. I particularly loved the brass bangles from Banawe – I’m going back there to get a couple or so! Hopefully, it’s for free, after this blog post. Winking smileBrass bangles at LimiTado

LimiTado also carries books by famous Filipino writers. I was pleasantly surprised to find Stanley Chi’s Suplado Tips books on the shelves. Great read for underdogs, I’d say!Suplado Tips at LimiTado

LimiTado T-shirts

Tado Jimenez also sells LimiTado t-shirts, which are statement tees not available anywhere else. If you like wearing clothes that are one of a kind, then these t-shirts will be a great new addition to your closet! Stanley Chi’s IGMG shirts are also available here. C’mon, you know you want to wear t-shirts with bad words and pickup lines, yes?

LimiTado tshirts

LimiTado Store: Young But Promising

The new LimiTado store is just two weeks old, but it looks like a veteran. It is young but promising, just like a toddler who wants to be president. Now located at Kapitan Moy in Marikina, LimiTado is one of the many out-of-way stores that’s worth the cab fare.

Limitado by Tado Jimenez

Visit the LimiTado store at 3 Kapitan Moy Street, Sta. Elena, Marikina City. It’s right behind the church, so you won’t miss it. You may also email LimiTado or like LimiTado on Facebook.

And to all of Tado’s scary fans, now that you know how to contact Tado Jimenez, don’t bother cyber-stalking him. According to Tado’s wife, following him around will do you no good; he is, after all, used to all the attention. Just drop by LimiTado and buy something instead - the doors are open to everyone. And follow me, Stef dela Cruz on Facebook – I welcome stalkers, one and all.

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  1. wow this a great place, the place is oozing with personality!

  2. This is a cool place to hang out with friends.it is a combination of a coffee shop and antique,vintage store.