How to Customize Windows Startup Sound

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Many want to customize the Windows startup sound of their laptops to make their laptops even more personalized! Imagine having a unique Windows startup sound or a Windows Logon sound whenever you switch on your laptop. That’s something you can even do to your loved one’s laptop – it can be a pleasant surprise!

Actually, the Windows startup sound per se can’t be modified if you are currently using Windows 7. For some reason, they have disabled this property, so it looks like they want all Windows 7 laptops to make use of the same Windows startup sound. But here’s the good news: you can customize the windows log on sound!

How to Customize Windows Logon Sound

Although you can’t customize the Windows startup sound, you can customize the Windows log on sound. There are ways to customize the startup sound but it will require hacking into your own computer and using third party programs, something which I don’t recommend. So, let’s do the next best thing: let’s learn how to customize the Windows logon sound. Here are the steps.

  • To customize your Windows log on sound, go to your Control Panel. You can find this when you click on your startup menu.
  • Click on Hardware and Sound option on the window that opens. How to Customize Windows LogOn Sound
  • To change the Windows logon sound, click on “change system sounds” under the Sound option, as indicated by the red arrow below. Read on and follow the next steps.

Change Windows Startup Sound

  • Another window will open to allow you to customize Window logon sound and other sounds in your laptop. Scroll down until you spot the Windows logon option as shown below. Customize Windows Logon Sound
  • Click on the Test button to listen to your current Windows logon sound. To change that, click on the Browse button right beside the Test button. Choose any sound you want from your files. (Make sure the file is in a .wav format. To convert your sound files to .wav, whether they’re mp3 or otherwise, you can use this sound converter – it’s what I personally use.) I would like to suggest that you choose a sound that is just a few seconds long; choosing a song, for instance, will mean that the entire song will play all throughout the startup process of your laptop – and that can get annoying.

Even if you didn’t get to customize your Windows startup sound, at least you got to change the Windows logon sound on your laptop. You have to admit, that’s the next best thing!

In laptops and desktops that use the Windows 7 OS, customizing the Windows startup sound is not allowed. There are walkthroughs that teach you how to hack into your system to change the .dll file, but this can result in system errors that render your operating system paralyzed. No, we don’t want that.

However, learning how to customize Windows logon sound is just a great alternative! For my laptop, I used sound bites from Stanley Chi’s campaign. These sound bites are short enough for a logon sound. I have to say, I enjoy the surprised faces whenever I use my laptop in a public cafĂ©! The first file says “Suplado is the new sexy!” while the second file says “Pa-English-English ka pa, sipain kita diyan eh!” Choose your poison.

Suplado is the new sexy:




And enjoy learning how to customize Windows logon sound on your own! If you have other interesting walkthroughs or if you have questions, leave a comment. You might also want to learn how to add falling snow in your blog through this snow widget for Blogger guide!

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