3 Things to Like about BFast Restaurant by Chef Laudico

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BFast Restaurant by Chef Laudico is one of the best restaurant concepts I’ve ever encountered. Located in the heart of Ayala Triangle Gardens, BFast offers the things about food that I enjoy the most: affordable breakfast all day, scrumptious dessert, and free WiFi in an eco-friendly restaurant.

BFast Restaurant by Chef Laudico

BFast Restaurant: My Happy Accident

Come to think of it, I came across Chef Laudico’s BFast Restaurant by accident. I was supposed to meet another blogger in Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati and I wanted to choose a restaurant with WiFi (I know, I know).

Ayala Triangle Gardens

As I strolled along the food strip, I came across BFast by Chef Laudico. A host immediately walked towards me and asked me if I wanted to dine at BFast. I took one look at the menu and I knew I was going to eat there. But I didn’t get to enjoy my first plate; read on and find out why.

1st thing to like about Chef Laudico’s BFast:
Awesome menu comes with awesome prices

Imagine my surprise when I saw the following items on the menu of BFast Restaurant: Angus tapa (cured beef), Angus corned beef, tocino (cured pork), longganisa (Filipino pork sausage), and smoked bacon. I wanted to eat them all.

And here’s the clincher: the breakfast meals served at Chef Laudico’s BFast restaurant were priced from PhP120 to PhP170! Each meal came with turmeric garlic rice, eggs served just the way you want them, salsa, and atsara (pickled green papaya).

2nd thing to like about BFast by Chef Laudico:
Earth-friendly advocacy

But before I get into the food, let me just rave about one more thing I love about BFast Restaurant. Chef Laudico sure thought of everything, but he and his team thought ahead when they made BFast restaurant a green and eco-friendly establishment.

BFast Restaurant

Chef Laudico’s BFast restaurant uses plates and tumblers from the brand Preserve, which uses recycled materials free of melamine and BPA. The entire restaurant interior was also made of recycled materials. The wood used for walls, tables, and chairs was recycled. The upholstery for cushioned seats was made of recycled denim. Even their packaging is either recyclable or compostable.

But Chef Laudico’s BFast Restaurant didn’t stop there. Their air conditioners are a lot more expensive than most other restaurants’ because they are energy-saving. The fans and even the bulbs they use were also purchased particularly because they used less electricity. I noticed that even their table napkins were made of recycled paper. A for effort, definitely!

Bravo, Chef Laudico! Bravo, BFast Restaurant! But wait until I get to the food.

3rd thing to like about BFast Restaurant by Chef Laudico: Food doesn't fail

I ordered Angus tapa, something I’ve been craving for for a long time. My plate looked amazing. The eggs were sprinkled with chopped spring onions and the rice just looked like it had my name on it. They use no MSG on their food but, as my plate proved to me, MSG was unnecessary.

Angus Tapa from BFast RestaurantTapangus (Angus Tapa)

However, the serving of Angus tapa handed to me was more fat than meat. After I’ve trimmed the fat from my tapa, I saw an entire handful of fat and just about two spoonsful of meat. I called the attention of the waiter, asking if they really served their tapa that way. I had no intention of having my plate changed, but the waiter immediately offered to refill my plate with tapa!

My second plate definitely had more meat, something I was grateful for. I loved the idea of great service in a restaurant that offered meals averaging PhP150 per plate!

For dessert, I ordered Chunky Monkey. I was surprised to have an awfully big slice of the cake at just over PhP100! It’s the kind of dessert that even those who hate sweets will appreciate. Bananas, peanut butter, nuts, chocolate, caramel, and all that cream are just the perfect ingredients to the kind of comfort food that you crave for even when you’re happy.

Chunky Monkey from BFast RestaurantChunky Monkey

Of course, the chocolate made me think twice about ordering Chunky Monkey, because recent studies have shown how chocolates may indeed cause acne breakouts, despite previous studies that say otherwise.

I felt like I was cheated, not because of anything negative about my experience at BFast Restaurant by Chef Laudico, but because I didn’t get to taste all the breakfast options I wanted! I also found out that they offered buffet breakfast during lunch, and also during dinner in the weekends. Yes, you read that right: breakfast all day, everyday!

And as a blogger, I absolutely could not emphasize this enough: I love it when restaurants offer free WiFi to their patrons. It’s their way of offering something convenient and of value, for free, as a show of appreciation.

I can’t believe I just came across this awesome restaurant by accident! I can’t wait to visit BFast Restaurant by Chef Laudico again. Hopefully, I get another plate full of fatty Angus tapa. Just kidding. Smile

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