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Tuesday, March 20, 2012 Stef dela Cruz 9 Comments

A round of applause for Sumi Go, the cosplayer in the limelight this week! She gives us a lowdown on her life, both in the cosplay world and out. “I'm widely known in the cosplay scene, or even in the blogging community, as Sumi which stands for Sumirehana, my username in the j-culture community,” she explained. “I’m 21 and a fresh Marketing Management graduate from DLSU.”

But what has she learned about cosplay and about the world at large? Read on and find out as Sumi spills the beans.

Sumi Go as Forest Fairy (Original) 2011

Tell us something unique about yourself, something only your friends and family usually know.
“I'm actually allergic to seafood, chicken, and eggs, but I'm stubborn so I still eat whatever I want. I'm also a self-proclaimed jack of all trades, but sadly, master of none.”

What do you like doing during your spare time?
“I love going on food trips, watching movies, taking photographs, blogging, singing, especially on Youtube – Warning: it's mostly covers of Japanese songs – and watching anime and South Park.”

Tell us about your cosplay career.
“I can't actually call it a “career” since I've been cosplaying for fun. It was an on and off thing though, but let me share how I got started and what I do now.

Kanda Yu of DGrayman 2008

“I was an anime and gaming fan as early as I can remember, but it (cosplay) all began in 2004 when I discovered communities of anime fanatics like myself. I was an active member, attending conventions, and it was then that I saw cosplayers doing their thing onstage. I was really amazed and I told myself that I wanted to try cosplaying, too. In 2005, I finally got to save up the money I needed to make my first costume -- Ling Xiao Yu of Tekken 5. Although I didn't personally sew my costume, I was hands-on with making the accessories and shoe covers. Although my first costume looked simple, I was proud that I've somehow pulled it off. I still did some cosplay after that, but I became busy so I just opted to do cosplay photo shoots instead.

Gogo Yubari of Kill Bill 2007

“I started cosplaying only by myself and later on gained friends in the community. However, in 2008, I got in touch with my musical side and decided to shift to singing in a band. We covered Japanese anime songs. I left the band when I was about to go to college, but it was then that I started being an active fandubber/ singer on YouTube. But since YouTube became so strict with copyright infringement, I later on got disheartened to sing there and finally restarted blogging.”

Find out what award she won; read on!

What do your friends and classmates tell you about your cosplay career?
“During my time, cosplay wasn't too mainstream yet, so all my classmates and friends were very supportive and somehow proud of what I did for fun.”

Leya of Dream of Doll 2008

What is your dream cosplay?
“Hmm... I had quite a few, but something I've always wanted to cosplay Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier and perform one of her songs onstage. Call it cosplay singing, I guess.”

What are the characters you’ve already done for cosplay?
May from Guilty Gear earned me a Best Female Cosplayer Award from the 5th Philippine Toy Convention. There’s Hatsune Miku as well, which I loved to cosplay because I love singing her songs.

May of Guilty Gear 2006Sumi Go as May of Guilty Gear

Miku Hatsune of Vocaloid 2011Sumi Go as Hatsune Miku

“For reference though, here's a list of the characters I did for cosplay:
Ling Xiao Yu of Tekken 5
Ling Xiao Yu Panda of Tekken 5
May of Guilty Gear
Ultimecia of Final Fantasy 8
Leya of Dream of Doll
Gogo Yubari of Kill Bill
Songstress Rikku of Final Fantasy X-2
Azmaria of Chrono Crusade
Lenalee Lee of D.Grayman
Kanda Yu of D.Grayman
Hatsune Miku of Vocaloid
Hatsune Miku (Cantarella) of Vocaloid”

What in your opinion is "good cosplay"?
Personally, I think good cosplay is when you deliver the character spot-on. It's when the character you portray fits you, you have a good costume, and you exude the character's personality. In short, you really embody him/her/it.”

How do you deal with fans? Haters?
“I don't think I have fans, hahaha! I've been MIA for so long that people might not even remember me and my cosplays! Same goes for haters.”

Now that you're not an active cosplayer, what have you been busy with?
I've become really active in the blogosphere recently. Although I don't look the part, I'm a hefty eater and a big foodie. So guys and girls, I hope you can visit my food blog some time.

“Oh, and I'm also trying to brush up my photography. So I might be scouting for some cosplayers (or even non-cosplayers) for photoshoots soon!”

There you go, Sumi tells us – and with prolific flair – about her life in and out of the cosplay world! Answer this question and you just might get a fan sign from this lovable lady:

“Do you think Sumi Go should go back to cosplay?”

Best answer gets a special fan sign from Sumi! Hope you enjoyed this week’s cosplayer highlight, Sumi Go. She’s a blogger, too, so don’t visit to check her food blog!

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  1. Wow! Sumi! :)

    I think Sumi should really go back to cosplaying. First time I've met her was way back college. I was (well, I still am) into lolita stuff and I cosplayed lolita for a bit. As I was browsing some online shops where I could but lolita accessories, Sumi's The Purple Doll shop was one of the shops I saw which offers lolita stuff at a reasonable price. Plus, she live near my place! Haha! Her shop was my most trusted online shop and where I bought my first Multiply purchase. I'm glad I stumbled upon her food blog. Although I wish she'd cosplay again. :)

  2. Hi, Gellie! Wow, what a small world! I met Sumi because of our forum, but I never really knew her in person. However, she seemed like a really nice person, and since I was featuring cosplayers this month, I wanted to feature her, too! Glad to know you are also rooting for her. :)

  3. Sumi! Balik ka na sa pagiging cosplayer.

    Loving the fact that you used May in GG because she was THE character which I used before and I dominated against anyone :)

    While I love watching animes I'm not really the type to dress up, its my sister who is an avid cosplayer :)

    Loved this feature Stef :)

  4. Thank for this really nice feature Stef! :) I'm not sure though if I'll go back to cosplaying any time soon, but honestly, it's one of my passions so we'll see.. :D

  5. Great feature on Sumi!! :) I didn't know she's into cosplaying. I only stumbled through her food blog :) BUT YES, she definitely should try cosplaying again! She looked great with those costumes :)

  6. I am loving this blog segment of yours Stef! I am meeting hotties around the blogosphere. :)

  7. Yes! And Sumi isn't just a hottie, she's awfully smart and nice, too!

    Christia, didn't know you were also into cosplay!

  8. Wow I'm impressed with SUMI's cosplaying career.. I used to attend cosplayer events and I must have probably seen her before. I would love to see her cosplay again.. it would be exciting to see who she will portray!