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Tuesday, March 06, 2012 Stef dela Cruz 16 Comments

Have you heard of the name Catherine Ngo? If you are one of her male fans, you’re probably wondering to yourself, does she have a boyfriend? As it turns out, you are not alone!

Catherine Ngo

She’s been gaining many fans in the cosplay industry. Catherine Ngo just turned 18 this February 2012 and, as a way of celebrating her induction to womanhood, she has agreed to an interview. Learn more behind the sweet smile and listen to her honest-to-goodness answers. And if you want to know if she has a boyfriend, read on and find out!

Learn about Catherine Ngo and you might just get a better chance of getting noticed. Here, she answers as frankly as she can to let her fans in on her life and who she is, in cosplay and in real life. She smiled, saying, “If this interview were a website, it would be called Share.com!”

Catherine Ngo

Tell us something unique about yourself, something only your friends and family usually know.
“I don't eat cakes. I don't eat a lot of chocolate because I get tummy aches when I eat sweets!”

What do you do during your spare time?
“I love texting (I’m addicted to texting, hahaha!) I also love dancing, but only in front of my family, and when I’m alone in front of the mirror.”

Catherine NgoIt looks like our young cosplayer loves goofing around! Smile
(photo from Jumpshot Photography)

Tell us about your cosplay career.
“I started cosplaying last December 2010. At the time, others would have said I was trying too hard! Hahaha! I and my friends thought of the cosplay concept, and we did the shoot by ourselves as well. But after that, I learned and started doing better.”

What do your friends and classmates tell you about your cosplay career?
“They are proud of me. They can’t believe that I’m simple in person. They say that when they look at pictures of me in cosplay, I seem very different. Maybe it’s because I’m pretty much in character when I’m cosplaying!”

Catherine Ngo

I actually have many photographer friends who tell me that in certain angles, I look like another cosplayer, Chienna Filomeno. I remember this specific incident. I was playing games in an arcade and someone approached me. He wanted to have his picture taken with me. I was just wearing plain clothes – I was not in cosplay. After that, his friends started saying, “Chienna is more beautiful in person.” Hahaha! I’m very flattered! Sometimes, people tell me I look like Cesz Garcia.

What is your dream cosplay?
“I’m hoping to cosplay Aion, specifically the Nashal set. In other words, I prefer cosplaying fully-armored online characters.”

What are your favorite cosplays?
“My favorite cosplay so far is the one I did of the Baroness. I like it so much because a lot of my friends tell me that I’ve really succeeded in copying Ms. Cobra’s character! And when I look at myself doing that particular cosplay, I just know that I did a good job!”

Catherine NgoCatherine Ngo loves cosplaying as The Baroness – and she does it well.
(photo from RakenRawr Photography)

What in your opinion is "good cosplay"?
“Hmmm…” *Smiles mysteriously*

Catherine Ngophoto from Ross Lacbayan Photography

How do you deal with fans? Haters?
“To my fans , I love you all! Because of you, I know I’m becoming popular. Same goes for my haters. Hahaha!”

Being a cosplayer must be a lot of fun for young Catherine, what with the wonderful hairpieces, wigs, and clothes. I wonder, does she get her colored pantyhose from Alex Blake?

There you go! Now that you’ve had a dose of Catherine Ngo, maybe you’re still wondering if she’s actually available. Well, I know the answer, but… I think it’s best – and way more manly – if you ask her yourself! Winking smile

And to those who are big fans of Catherine Ngo, answer this question:

“Would you give her roses or chocolates?”

The best answer gets a fan sign from none other than Catherine Ngo herself! So, good luck and hit the comments to post your answer!

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  1. Haha, Deej. Then you should answer the question - you might win and get a fan sign from her. :)

  2. i will...my favorite ^.^

  3. cute ni mommy cath! <3

  4. Cath has definitely gone a long way. Good luck, Cath! :)

  5. Barcy, it's obvious that you didn't read about what she prefers! :) Catherine Ngo said she is allergic to chocolates. ;)

  6. I am gonna give her chocolates so that it goes straight to her tummy which is I think beneficial than roses that will wither no matter how beautiful it is. :)

  7. red rose :)

    p.s. and now everytime that i think of The Baroness, alodia and catherine's cosplay always pop-up in my mind.

  8. It's obvious that a lot of people did not read her answers in the interview! Aw, guys, do listen to her more instead of just looking at her pretty pictures. The more you listen (or, in this case, READ her answers), the more you will gain her favor. :)

  9. ilove CATHERINE NGO :) Thanks for the picture :)

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