How "Relay for Life Luminaria" Helps Cancer Patients (Sponsored Video)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

Here’s a video of Relay for Life Luminaria. Relay for Life, and organization that raises money for cancer patients, made this video. Please watch it and share with your friends if the video touches you – and it will, if you watch it! Besides, what have you got to lose, hm?

Go ahead and watch, for the sake of every cancer warrior and survivor you know. Let us never forget that they fight the battle every single minute, every day of their lives.

Let’s all join the battle against cancer. Let’s support Relay for Life and do our part. Thank you to everyone who has the heart to listen.

About Relay For Life

I took a look at Relay for Life’s site and I found out that a relay has the following components:

  • A relay is an overnight event.
  • Different teams get to stay overnight and camp around a specific track.
  • Team members are tasked to take turns to walk on the track for the entire event. It’s like a prayer petition, but done via continuous relay. It actually reminds me of the torch passing that happens during the Olympics.
  • During the relay event, participants get to have fun, share food and games, and participate in other fun activities. There will also be other fundraising activities during the relay.
  • Entire families can come and participate because this is meant to be a great family event.
  • Participants don’t have to be there 24-7. You can stay there when it’s your turn to run the track. But it’s a lot of fun, so most people prefer to camp out during the event’s duration. Besides, camping is a whole lot more fun, right?

American Cancer Society

Relay for Life is working hand in hand with American Cancer Society. Aside from providing lodging facilities for patients who can’t afford to rent space while out of town for treatments, they also provide scholarships for students who have had cancer.

Fundraising for Cancer

Participants can raise funds as a team or as individuals. There are also rewards to those who get to raise the most funds. For more information, feel free to visit Relay for Life and check out their website.

In any case, please watch the video to learn more about the Relay for Life Luminaria. It’s a ceremony that honors cancer patients who have passed away or who are still fighting to battle cancer. Each participant is given a luminaria bag. The Luminaria bag has candles in it which participants will light altogether during the event. Watch the video and check out how a Luminaria event goes. And yes, do share this post and spread the word. Red heart

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