Why Fashion ART F*ART Gallery's 5th Anniversary Kicked Ass

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F*ART. No, it’s not the word associated with passing gas. It’s Fashion Art Gallery, owned by Happy Andrada and Viva Andrada. And it’s F*ART Gallery’s fifth anniversary this year! Woot! And if you have never heard of the Andrada sisters or of FART Gallery before, then it’s time that you did. This would be the perfect place for people who have earned design degrees to visit.

Let's go FARTher with F*ART!The tagline of the event: Let’s go FARTher with FART! Saying it out loud makes me smile!

F*ART Gallery is the brainchild of the beautiful and talented Andrada sisters, Happy Andrada and Viva Andrada. They both make beautiful dresses and accessories. Last February 4, 2012, the Andrada sisters gave a bash to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Fashion ART Gallery (better known as F*ART Gallery among family and friends).

F*ART Gallery

Fashion ART Gallery or F*ART Gallery (note the asterisk, ha ha) has three beautiful floors. The first floor is dainty and pretty, full of clothes and accessories made by the Andrada sisters. The staircase that leads to the second floor is a perennial photo op, too!

F*ART GalleryLook at those walls and the cute desk display! Loving them!

Trying on a Happy Andrada designMay I pretty please have this dress? Actually, ANY of the dresses will do me fine!
Haha! *Wishful thinking*

On the second floor landing, framed photos, newspaper clippings, and thingamajigs are hanging on the wall. These bring back memories for people who know the sisters very well, while showing newcomers how far both sisters have gone in the fashion and art world.

FART GalleryHappy and Viva’s designs have graced the cover of way too many magazines! Send a kiss

The second floor is also chockfull of dresses! And during the fifth anniversary celebration, a photo booth was available for guests. But it’s not just any photo booth: the pictures are shot in continuity for seven seconds and compiled to make a flip book! You can flip through the pages and the pictures come to life – think of it as an animation where you are the star.

Want to see the dresses from Happy Andrada’s collection at F*ART Gallery? See them all after the jump!


FART Gallery dressesVisitors checked out the many pretty dresses while drinking wine.
Free-flowing wine was served at the bar.

Happy Andrada dressesHappy Andrada designed these dresses. So pretty!

Happy Andrada dressesMore dresses! *Drool*

F*ART GalleryWedding dresses! Making a mental note.
(I can almost see my boyfriend cowering in a corner, shivering in fear! LOL)

The third floor is where events are held – and this is where the party was held. Spoken-word artists, musicians, and stand-up comedians performed for FART Gallery’s fifth anniversary.

F*ART Gallery 5th AnniversaryGuests came to give their congrats to the Andrada sisters

Raul Roco, Jr.Raul Roco, Jr. giving the audience a dose of his poems

Charms TianzonCharms Tianzon and her spoken word

Kooky TuasonThe queen (naks!) of spoken word, Kooky Tuason. Marty Tengco plays percussion.

Stanley ChiStanley Chi breaks the ice with his funny quips on Chinese-Filipino culture
(Picture courtesy of Glamour Moments)

Diwa de LeonDiwa de Leon playing his two-string instrument (is it called a hegalong?)

Happy Andrada and Viva Andrada

Now, here’s something you should know about Happy Andrada: she’s like the big-shot fashion designer that we all secretly want to be! She is going to Czech Republic this February 2012 to represent the Philippines at the Top Style Competition.

Happy AndradaHappy Andrada being interviewed during the fifth anniversary celebration of F*ART Gallery

But that’s not enough, is it? Happy Andrada is also championing Filipino fashion in the upcoming Alternative Fashion Week in London this April 2012. Oh, let’s not forget Alternative Arts and Fashion Week in Toronto, where Happy shall represent the Philippines. Bravo!

Fashion designer - uh, wuut?If I designed clothes for a living, I’d go broke! Hahaha!

Viva Andrada is not about to be bested by her internationally renowned sister, of course! Viva likes to tinker with her pen and paper occasionally. She wrote Light of Dawn, a book which she released when she was seventeen. Imagine having a book while you’re still a minor! She also wrote Survival – Your Guide to Life.

Happy Andrada and Viva AndradaHappy and Viva Andrada smiling for the cameras. Say cheese!

Happy Andrada, Viva Andrada, Stef dela CruzPosing with the Andrada sisters Happy and Viva. Cheers!

And last February 4, 2012, the Andrada sisters put together an amazing party to usher in F*ART Gallery’s fifth anniversary celebration. Check out more pictures below.

Mrs. AndradaWith the Andrada sisters’ beautiful mom. She’s so nice!
She offered me a slice of her birthday cake.

F*ART Gallery fifth anniversaryTaking pictures, losing my poise. Oopsie!

F*ART Gallery fifth anniversaryEating another plateful of hors d’oeuvres. And another. And another.

F*ART Gallery fifth anniversaryBloggers, fashion designers, artists, and many other guests came to celebrate
the fifth anniversary of FART Gallery

Fashion ART GalleryTrying my best to be kawaii by the fa├žade of F*ART Gallery – and failing miserably! Huhu!

Fashion ART Gallery

Visit Fashion ART Gallery (or F*ART Gallery) at K-1st Street corner K-D Street, Kamuning, Quezon City. You may also visit the website of F*ART Gallery for more info. Happy fifth anniversary to Happy and Viva Andrada’s FART Gallery!

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