Rejected Student (Theindifferentmasochist) Bashes University on Tumblr

Saturday, January 21, 2012 Stef dela Cruz 6 Comments

A few days ago, I stumbled upon a screenshot of a highschool girl’s statement on Tumblr. Apparently, she was bashing the University of Santo Tomas and criticizing the four-century-old university. Here is a screenshot of theindifferentmasochist and her Tumbler statement:


It’s no surprise that this Tumblr statement by theindifferentmasochist about UST prompted almost 2000 shares on Facebook. After this screenshot was shared on Facebook, many people replied in retort.

Some bashed her physical appearance, some bashed her intelligence. Perhaps she was asking for it. Or maybe she was just a really opinionated girl who wanted to let out steam (although perhaps a little too inappropriately). But what bugs me is not what she said about UST – and take note, I am a proud graduate of the University of Santo Tomas. What bothers me is that so many people ganged up on her and decided to attack her online.

Is this really what we do to confused teenagers? Remember, an eye for an eye will make the world blind.

According to some online statements, this girl was apparently suicidal. I have yet to confirm that statement, but someone who is depressed (and perhaps very rebellious and very confused) just might release a hateful statement such as the one posted above. But, as adults, we should know better than to attack her based on how she looks, or on her intelligence. Calling her “fugly” or “retarded” or “fat” is even cheaper than theindifferentmasochist’s careless hate post against UST.

If you think that what she did is wrong and you want to share your opinion, then do so in a mature and scholarly manner. Do not make the mistake of mirroring her brashness. Otherwise, you are no different from her – after all, she also thinks she is right, and she also thinks she is just trying to voice out her opinions – just like you.

Just because you feel that you are right and theindifferentmasochist is wrong, that doesn’t make it right for you to go down to her level and bash her the way she bashed UST. No, you should know better. You should be more civilized. Let’s not be bullies online – I bet you didn’t even realize you’re being a cyberbully. By making insults that are clearly below the belt, you’ll be doing exactly what she did. Let us all be more mature and act our age, yes?

And to theindifferentmasochist on Tumblr, girl, your hatred of UST just might destroy you; I hope you learn to curb it for your own good. If you’re real, that is. (I hope this is not a fake issue produced by a bored person.)

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  1. Papansin lang yan sya. She just wants to get and catch lots of attention from doing that kind of immoral stuffs. Maybe because she cant get any attentions at home or from her friends. I do feel pity for her, if she is educated and lets say clever, she must be responsible enough on what she is doing, saying and posting. Its her opinion but she should think of what others may feel. Good luck to Ms. Matalino. As if!

  2. She's apparently twelve years old. I think she's still very young. And already she's receiving too much criticism from us adults. Don't you think it's just better to tell her in a mature way what she's done wrong? (Some adults, who claim to be better than this confused teen, are calling her fat, ugly, and stupid.) Maybe she does need more nurturing and discipline, but the harsh words she's received online are not something that us adults should be saying to confused twelve-year-olds.

  3. I agree with you Steff.. I think, this issue made me realized how untamed social internet media is. Untamed, because of how it projects itself to be a good listener and a confidant to users (most specially the young), when in fact it acts as an amplifier to the world. We are all vulnerable to this illusion and a 12 year-old,unsupervised kid is of greater risk. I think, a special emphasis on the principles of 'thinking before you click or post' should be a part of the primary and secondary education curriculum. And also.. a special segment about 'Emotional Intelligence' for all adults inside the social network. (all adults, including me) :) - "ALL WE NEED IS LOVE! LOVE IS ALL WE NEED!" - John Lennon

  4. Nicely said, Rain! The younger ones think they're safe behind their computers. I really sympathize for them - most think that the hater comments are that bad, but really, they were made by a teenager. We all know there are many disturbed and misguided kids. And yes, us adults should know better than to call her fat/ ugly/ stupid etc. Nice to know you think of it that way. :D Thanks for the visit!

  5. ba yan! mga bata nga naman ngayon nasobrahan sa freedom of speech!!! lol

  6. Hahaha! That's possibly true. But I think it's more of they have bigger platforms for ranting. When we were kids, we never had Tumblr or Twitter, so we never get into this kind of trouble. >_<