Stanley Chi Endorses Home Health Care

Monday, January 30, 2012 Stef dela Cruz 2 Comments

Home Health Care has helped open the doors to better palliative care and better home-based health services in the Philippines. Stanley Chi, the comedian behind the bestseller Suplado Tips and the host of the Suplado Show on Dig Radio, is now one of the official endorsers of Home Health Care.

Stanley Chi for Home Health Care

“Going to the doctor’s clinic usually takes up an entire day’s schedule. Getting vaccines and a thorough checkup at home, on the other hand, helps save time and energy,” Stanley Chi said. “This is why I am very happy to be an ambassador of Home Health Care.”

Home Health Care also promotes Palliative Medicine, a rather controversial field of medicine that reorients physicians’ focus back on their patients’ quality of life. For instance, they are one of the participants of the 2011 Palliative Care Symposium, which helped answer the following controversial questions:

Is life to be preserved at all costs? When does medical treatment do more harm than good? In terms of life support and resuscitation, where does a physician draw the line?

After all, doctors don’t just have to save lives; they also have to make sure that one’s quality of life is preserved as much as possible. During the symposium, the audience was asked, “What quality of life is there for a 60-year-old with many diseases who undergoes dialysis thrice a week, where his life revolves around dialysis?” A thought-provoking question indeed.

For more on what was discussed in the symposium, read the article here.

Dr. Mary Jean Guno, the Managing Director of Home Health Care, appeared as a special guest on the Suplado Show. She spoke about the importance of health-seeking behavior and how some people will find it very convenient to ask a doctor to come to their homes instead of having to wait at the clinic.

Dr. Guno at the Suplado Show

Home Health Care provides checkups, lab tests, vaccinations, and many other health services in the comfort of your own home. Visit Home Health Care for more information. Truly, a doctor is now a phone call away.

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